10 Clear Signs That You Are Friend Zoned By A Girl

10 Clear Signs That You Are Friend Zoned By A Girl
10 Clear Signs That You Are Friend Zoned By A Girl

10 Clear Signs That You Are Friend Zoned By A Girl. There’s no denying the fact that almost every guy in this world experiences a situation wherein they have a crush on someone and they haven’t reciprocated the feeling. Guys usually keep doing many things for their crush in the hope that someday their crush will fall for them, however, do not have the realization that they have probably landed a place known as ‘Friend Zone’. While a majority of guys deny  that they have been ‘Friendzoned’ or pretend that they could never be in one, the reality lies in the fact that they have gone through the disheartening and terrible ‘Friend Zoned’ feeling at least once in their lives.

Majority of guys fail to identify that they have been ‘Friend Zoned’ simply because they are unaware of the signs.

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While some guys are fortunate enough to receive a clear ‘No’ from their crush, others are ‘clever enough’ and never convey their real feelings and keep using the guy for their benefits.

For all those facing a dilemma whether they have been ‘Friend Zoned’, we have brought forth this blog that will share the list of ’10 Clear Signs that you are Friend Zoned by a girl’.

110 clear signs that you are friend zoned by a girl: She Talks with You About Other Guys:

You are in a tough situation in case you do not get the hint here. It cannot be a coincidence that she talks excitedly about other guys. The terrible thing about being in a friend zone by a girl is that you will have to hear about all other guys she is interested in. You are probably ‘too deep’ in a friend zone in case she keeps telling you about how amazing others guys are and gives hints about dating others.

You can get to know that you are being ‘friend zoned’ if the girl you have a crush on discusses other guys most of the time and never drops a hint of being interested in you.

2She Only Agrees to See You in Public and Says ‘No’ to Intimate or Physical Contact:

One of the clear signs of being ‘friend zoned’ by a girl is that she will only agree to meet you at public places such as a ‘malls’, ‘restaurants’, ‘movies’, ‘shopping’, ‘clubs’, etc and will never agree to see you alone at intimate or private places. In case the girl you like pulls herself away every time you attempt to touch her casually or doesn’t really reciprocate when you touch her, it is a clear and loud sign of being friend zoned by a girl since she is doing everything to prevent your relationship from progressing to the extreme stage.

3She Keeps Inquiring You about Other Women:

This can be a tricky one since it can imply more than one thing. Either it could mean that she wants to know about the type of women you are interested in or she simply wants to size up their competition and discover what you have in your mind about other potential options. The downside with this is that it might mean that she is dropping hints to see other girls and leave her. This point comes third on the list of 10 Clear Signs That You Are Friend Zoned By A Girl.

4She Has Never Really Let Her Guard Down Even After a Few Drinks:

One of the clear signs of being friend zoned by a girl is that she never really makes a move even after both of you hang out and have a couple of drinks together. You may stay in the hope that your girl may lose some of her inhibitions after drinking a few glasses of wine and become intimate or reach out to touch you. However, if she doesn’t allow anything to happen or doesn’t get intimate even after getting down a few drinks, you must move on since nothing’s going to happen even later on.

5She Automatically Brings Other People with Her whenever you Invite Her:

Another clear sign of being friend zoned by a girl is that she brings her friends along whenever you invite her to hang out. This can be a coincidence in case it happens only once but the alarm bells are ringing in case she frequently brings her friends along. This might indicate that she is a bit afraid hanging out with you alone.

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6 She Only Returns Phone Calls When She Requires Something:

A clear sign of being friend zoned by a girl is that she does not return calls for having normal conversations and calls and messages you when she wants a favor from you. In case your girl crush does this every time and never calls or messages you ‘without a reason’, the alarm bells are ringing and you must move on.

7There is Absence of Flirty Vibe between You or She Doesn’t Give any Signs:

Girls usually give some signs in case they have some feelings for someone though the signs may not be ‘too obvious’ but signs will be still present. In case your girl does not show up any signs or there is no exchange of flirty texts between you, it simply implies that she has no feelings for you and you are being friend zoned.

8You Hang Out Often But its’ never really a Date:

Well, there’s a big difference between an ‘actual date’ and a ‘friendly dining experience’, but, you must have the skill to identify whether your meeting was a date or just a friendly hang out. Take her to a fancy restaurant and treat it like a date – if your girl feels weird about it and doesn’t show up a sign, you must wake up since you are definitely being friend zoned by the girl.

9She Does Not Reply to your Messages Instantly:

This is another good point that lies under the list of 10 Clear Signs That You Are Friend Zoned By A Girl. Girls are very passionate about the one they love and remain excited to receive messages and calls from their love. An interesting thing to observe is that girls eagerly wait to receive texts and calls from their love interest and usually reply instantly to their love interest’s messages and calls. In case your crush does not reply to your messages in a short time, takes your texts for granted and replies, but, after a long time, it is a clear indication that she only considers you a friend and you are friend zoned by a girl.

10She Never Takes You Seriously When You Compliment Her:

Another visible sign of being friend zoned is that your love interest generally brushes off your compliments with a laugh and doesn’t really take some seriously or thinks that you are just passing compliments because you are her friend. Further, if the girl does not blush whenever you pass any compliment, its’ a clear indication that the girl only considers you a friend and you are being friend zoned by the girl.

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11She Constantly Keeps Saying that She Wishes that Guys out there were more like you:

Girls usually like unique guys and if your girl has ever said that she admires guys like you, the alarm bells are definitely ringing since it conveys the message that she is interested in someone else and this is a clear indication that you are being friend zoned by a girl.


We hope that this article will definitely familiarize you with the list of 10 clear signs that you are friend zoned by a girl.







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