9 most common relationship problems that can lead to Breakups

9 most common relationship problems that can lead to Breakups
9 most common relationship problems that can lead to Breakups

9 most common relationship problems that can lead to Breakups. All of us have been the part of a relationship. Relationships are formed easily by liking someone and then approaching them. And, if the other person’s answer is yes then your love story begins. But, more than the beginning or the end, the journey is difficult. During this journey, we face a lot of trouble. I will also not say that these troubles are easy to face. But, the solution is not to give up. And, in this article, we will be sharing the 9 most common relationship problems that can lead to breakups. So, without much talking let’s jump into the article.

19 most common relationship problems that can lead to breakups – Communication:

Communication is the most common problem that is the cause of most of the breakup of most of the people. Mostly what happens is we do not openly communicate with our partners. We do not tell our partners our problems. For example, I do not like the habits of my partner, then I will not share them with him. And, with this what happens is we will have troubles in future. So, it is better to tell the other person on the face that you do not like some of the habits of the other person. This can help them to work on their habits and behaviours towards you.

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2Arguments :

Passing arguments to your partner is second on the list of 9 most common relationship problems that can lead to breakups. Your partner gives unnecessary arguments to you. There are most of the times when your partner is either frustrated with the job or any other thing. And this frustration leads to unnecessary arguments. Your partner will start passing arguments towards you, which will make you angry too. And, this will, in turn, make you frustrated and will automatically turn in to fight. So it is better to keep your frustrations away from your relationship.

3Your partner does not openly speak to you:

He does not speak about his friends. He does not share what is happening in his office. He doesn’t even tell you why his mood is off. If this is happening in your relationship, then there is absolutely something that he is hiding from you. and, trust me, friends, this is one of the signs of an extramarital affair as well. So make it a habit that you tell all your daily activities, about your friends, your likes and dislikes with your friend.  That is why it lies between the 9 most common relationship problems that can lead to breakups.

You are not sexual satisfied:

You might have lots of sexual desires but your partner does not show the same towards you then this can also be one of the 9 most common relationship problems that can lead to breakups.  There might be the case that your spouse has no interest in showing the sexual pleasure and you have lots of sexual desires, then day might come you have no more interest in your partner. Fulfilling the sexual desires is one of the keys to a long-term relationship.

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4Narcissist behaviour:

I hate people with narcissist behaviour. Then only want people to praise them. And in a relationship, if your partner is narcissist then surely your life is gonna be hell. Imagine, someone who ignores you and is always praising his looks and wisdom. NO NO NO! So do not let the narcissism come in between your relation. If you are a person that has this problem and you are in a serious relationship. Then change yourself before you lose your love.


You do not want to let your partner spend some time away from you. The only reason behind this type of behaviour is that you are insecure about your partner. This insecurity might sometime has a bad effect on your partner. He might think that you have been with him for so long and you still do not trust him.  So, our prime motive should be to avoid this kind of insecurities from coming your way. This is also of the 9 most common relationship problem that can lead to breakups. We do not want this thing to happen so you should avoid these type of things to come into your relationship.

6Attention towards you:

There are sometimes when we feel that our partner is ignoring us. But, there may be a possibility that they might be really busy in their work. You will never feel lonely if your partner gives times to you, he pays attention to what you say. So we should always try to pay attention to our partner and make them feel that they are so special to you. Let them know how important is their presence in your life. This will make your relationship bond even more strong.

7Disliking their friends:

You might not like the kind of people your partner is in touch with. You might not want to share your love with someone. But, this is another bad sign that can ultimately lead to breakups. You should instead try to know your lover’s friend and try to form a bond with them as well. Disliking someone will not give you anything except stress and negativity. Be positive and try to love and respect each and every element of this world. This will help you feel so much better than before. This is last on my list of 9 most common relationship problems that can lead to breakups.


I know that these problems are common in relationships but it becomes our prime duty to overtake them to make your relationship stronger. In this article, we have shared the 9 common relationship problems that can lead to breakups. If you love your partner then you will never want to break up with them. This does not require so much hard work but a little bit of change can help you to improve your relationship. I hope these tips will help you make your relationship better.






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