27 Ways To Become A Successful Entrepreneur

how to become a successful entrepreneur
how to become successful entrepreneur

In this world where every one of us is looking for a job and career under someone. You can become a successful entrepreneur, if you have a different mindset to work on your own and independent without the dominance of any other person. In other words, you want to have your own wings so you can take an independent flight then this is the article for you.

For the first, it may be little risky to invest a huge amount on a very newly established business without the support of anybody. However, this risk may also lead you to live a life of your dreams independently. I am going to cover 27 ways to become a successful Entrepreneur that will help you build your career independently.


The first and the foremost point is keep challenging yourself. In Entrepreneurship, you will not be scolded or told anything by your boss. You are your own boss, so nobody will challenge you from time to time. In this way you have to challenge yourself, so you are not left behind by your competitors in the market.

For example, if you are going to the gym, you are daily lifting 10 kg weight, one day will come when you will feel lifting the 10 kg weight easy. At that time, you have to challenge yourself by increasing the weight to 15 kg. In this way, you are challenging yourself. In the same way, you have to challenge yourself in the daily life.


Be passionate about what you are doing. Do not do what you like. Only do that thing which you like. If you are good at making and selling eatable then you can make a huge amount of money in that as well. No work is big or small. You will be passionate about the thing that you like from the heart and that you enjoy doing.

And if you are not passionate then you will not have the motivation to do work when you are tired or stressed. So take your decision wisely. I don’t say that do not choose a business that is in demand. But think before you choose anything.

3A risk is the part of life:

Being humans, it is our mind that we do not want to take a risk in our lives. But being an entrepreneur, it will be a part of your life to take risks. It is your prime responsibility to know which risks should be taken and what risks should not be taken. An entrepreneur should have the state of mind to judge that if that risk is worthy or not. This is one of the best way to become a successful entrepreneur.

4Believe in yourself:

You have to believe in what you are and what skills you have. In most of the cases, you have to follow the intuition that you have in order to make a decision. First, try to trust in yourself while making any decision. People always love to follow the people that are self-confident and self-believers. On some point of life, you will have to take an advice from a mentor of yours, which is absolutely fine. But do not completely rely on someone else. Try to believe in yourself first.


An entrepreneur should be fearless. He should be openly taking challenges without fear. If you are led by fear then there are the chances that you will not be able to listen to your intuition and you will not be able to judge a situation and make a right move. Try finding ways to reduce the fear. For example, the more you see shows like crime petrol the more will you fear crime. You can reduce the fear by changing the view or what you see.

6Try to see your goals:

If you are able to see your goal then one day or the others your efforts will lead you towards it. Seeing your goals means that you can see them not only with the closed eyes but also with the open eyes.  For example, your goal is, “I will become an entrepreneur that will cater all the clients in their digital marketing requirements”. This is the clear seeing your goal without a second thought.

7Hiring great people:

Hiring is the most important part of Entrepreneurship. in order to gain more success in your work. I am not saying that hire the people that know how to do a job but hire the people who are full of character, whom you can give respect as well. Always remember, you can easily teach someone skills, but you cannot teach a character that is a thing we build from our surroundings, family, and friends with whom we have spent the life.

8Stop talking and start acting:

A successful entrepreneur is not the one that will discuss the things with the team members, will talk about the funds and the failures. But it is the one that will start taking actions from the present moment itself. The one who will speak less and act more.

9Spend time:

There is nothing that comes overnight. We have to spend a lot and lot of time in working towards our goals. There will be failures in your way. You will not get the success very easily because the success comes only with the hard work. If you take a close look at the early lives of your favorite Bollywood stars or the people that are very successful in their lives have spent a lot of time and have faced lot of failures in order to get the position on which they are right now. This is one of the way to become a successful Entrepreneur.

10Plan before starting :

Try to plan your finances before you start the business and try to stick to it. Some people spent a lot and lot of money on their business, without earning back that much. Risk is the part of entrepreneurship. You cannot run a business without risk. So to have a plan before is the best way to manage your financial risks.

11Try to find your customer first:

Many time it happens that we will start making a product and we don’t know to whom we are selling it to. Try to find a customer first and then start planning and investing. A successful entrepreneur will know who their customer is and will invest and work towards the needs of the customer accordingly.


Do not avoid the complaints that your customers make. Sometimes it happens that the people are interested in your product and service and when you avoid the complaints they have, then at that point of time you will left with no customers at all. You have to listen to their complaints, because the client know what kind of product they want. You should listen to them in order to remove any flaws in your business or any kind of weaknesses.

13Meeting the expectations:

In order to run a successful business, try to make delivery on time or before time. Meet the expectations of the client. If you are not meeting the expectations of your client then it is most likely that you will lose them. Successful entrepreneurs will not only meet the expectations but will exceed them. The more you will meet the client expectations, the more will be your clients, the more will be your market reputation. In turn, the more will your business grow. This is one of the way to become a successful Entrepreneur.

14Learn from the mistakes of others:

If you have plenty of time after work, you will obviously want to spend it doing some recreational activities. However, I will suggest you to learn the biographies of some successful entrepreneurs, so you can learn from the mistakes that they have made during their struggle time and do not repeat them again in your lives. There is always something to learn from the mistakes that others have already done. It sounds like little boring but this is the one of the way you can become a successful entrepreneur.


The key of successful business is a good network. Try not to avoid other people, try to do a small chat with the people that come in contact with you. If you have slight interactions with others then there are more chances that you might get your next client in them or you might get a business partner who could help you with different resources. Making new friends will help you increase your business circle, in turn will build up a network. So making new contact and building a network itself is a good habit, you never know a new opportunity is on its way.

16Delivering is much better then selling:

Who doesn’t like online shopping and getting a free delivery product? Everyone, am I right? No one likes to go to a shop and then buy. Everyone will prefer the home-delivery option. Try to give away products for free and when the people start liking your product then you deliver them the best product. According to the researchers, giving free trials and products helps increase the business.

17You can use a calendar or even you can use your phone:

Make a habit of marking the dates on the calendar or set reminders on the phone. Once everything is on the calendar then you will know that at that date you are going to meet someone or you are going to do some work. So you do not give an appointment for the same day to another person. Also there are less chances of making excuses because you already know the tasks that needs to be done at that particular date. So no chances of any silly excuses.

18Be healthy:

To lead a successful business does not mean that you have to spoil your health. Just take out sometime for your body as well so you can enjoy the wealth. You must have heard the saying, “No health no wealth”. If you do not have a healthy body then there are lesser the chances of you to enjoy the wealth because you will send half of the money in medicines or at the doctor itself.

So try to incorporate some yoga moves , or even you can try using the stairs instead of the lift or you can even have a separate schedule on the calendar for your gym class. So guys , do not ignore your health while running after money.

19Keep your focus on a single thing:

Try not to do several things at the same time. Because studies have shown that the people who are multitasking are less likely to achieve their goals . Because in this way you will end up achieving nothing at all if you are not focused on a particular thing. For example, you can list the tasks on your phone before sleeping that you will performing the next day. You will try to complete all the tasks one by one.

Also try to give yourself work that you can complete in the following day not more than that. try to finish the work by doing one at a time. This way you will be more focused and you will do your work more appropriately and more efficiently.

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Break is really important for a human being. If you always work and work , there are less chances of you to exhaust shortly. Because being a human you need rest. Try to figure out when your body needs healing and when require a off from your work and then manage accordingly.

Also, do not forget to give your employees holidays as well because they are also human beings and they also need some time to heal and recover their mind and body after so much work. Also if you will discuss the reason for the holiday or break with the staff then there are more chances of them to respect you more than before. This is the one of the way to become a successful entrepreneur.

21Ask questions:

Don’t hesitate. It is often good to ask questions from your staff and take advice from your mentors. If you are ready to learn from the staff and your mindset is such that you want to learn from your surroundings and take advice, then the time is no far when you will see yourself as a successful entrepreneur.

It is often seen that the people who ask more questions and the people who always want to learn something from the surroundings are successful in their long lives. Don’t think that you are the CEO and it will not look good if you will ask questions. Please try to avoid such kind of mindsets.

22Learn from your failures:

You cannot achieve something without failure and if the failure is not the path of your life then my friend mind it, you are not on the right track. It is said , “to achieve something big in your life you have to face many stones in form of failures”. Do not feel weak with such failures rather than try to learn from your failures and do not make the same mistake again and this spirit of keep going on despite of failures in your life will definitely make you a successful entrepreneur in your coming life.


Find your an inspiration whether it is in the form of a book or whether it is in the form of a movie that inspires you or a person . Get one! Because inspirations help you to stay motivated in the long run. If you are not inspired then there are chances that you will easily give up in your life. If the magic of inspiration just slips from your mind, then go again to the same place or to the book or anything that makes you feel inspired, to get back the magic.

Being an entrepreneur you have to be creative and more ideas should strike your mind. If you are not inspired in turn not motivated then there are less chances of you to get new ideas in your mind and soon your mind will be exhausted.

24Helping others:

By helping others you can build up a positive network. It is not that you will get the help in return today or tomorrow. Maybe in the future, you will surely get the help back. Because if you will help someone in their problem there are chances that someday this act of kindness will pay you back.

Do not make such excuses like, “I do not have time because I run my own business” or “I have some much to do I can’t get time to help others”. You can always invest some part of your time in helping out others because this small help of today will always help you out build a supportive and faithful network around you.

25Do not lose hope:

Keep up the good work, no matter what the people will say you just have to keep doing the good work. There nothing in this world that comes easy and if you will manage this phase of your life. Trust me my friend, you will not fail in your life. Life is full of difficulties , the one that handles every such situation with smile on their face will surely lead a successful life. Perseverance if incorporated with hard work will help you become a successful entrepreneur soon.

26Problem solving:

It is always good to break the big problem into small parts if you want to solve them. No need to worry if you are not able to solve the problem for the first time, many of us can’t . It is always good to make it in to small parts. In this way, if you solve the small part of a big problem, the more are the chances that you will not lose hope by the time you will get the solution for it. If you are doing this with hard work, then the chances will increase that you are soon going to become the best entrepreneur in very short time.

27Risk management:

Earlier , I have talked about that we should take risks without fear in entrepreneurship. But managing your risks is also very important. There is several points in the entrepreneurship when you will have to look at the company situation before taking any risk. For example, you are in the early phase of your entrepreneurship where you do not have many things to lose.

But in the later phase it is not about yourself it is about the whole company. Not only your family but the family of the employees that work under you. So it is not about the risk but it is about the time the risk has to be taken. So try to manage the risk according to the time. This last way out of 27 ways to become a successful entrepreneur in your life.


Let’s take a brief recap. It is not always that the success will come in one night. It can take up to one year, month or even more than that.

The above are the 27 ways to become a successful Entrepreneur which includes hard work and to continue the work no matter what people say, managing your risk , taking care of your health, passion, learning to take challenges in life , find an inspiration , take breaks, try to find a customer and work accordingly, learn from your failures, help others, solve problem by breaking them, do not loose hope, make a network, learn from your mistakes, keep your focus on one single thing, give yourself sometime, Taking actions more, hiring people with good characters and many other. Hope you will find this article beneficial for your future goals.

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