How to become a personal trainer?

How to become a personal trainer
How to become a personal trainer

How to become a personal trainer? Are you planning to choose fitness trainer as your career option? If yes, then you are required to follow certain steps to become the certified personal trainer. Being passionate about the fitness and choosing it as a career can be an amazing accomplishment in the personal trainer career growth.

There are certain people for whom just becoming a fit individual is not fit they want to take their passion to another level through helping others live fit. This objective can be only accomplished through becoming the personal or fitness trainer. Choosing fitness as a career option will not help you in following your dreams but it turns into the full-time job. Being a certified personal trainer is not only be fulfilling for you but it will also be having huge potential for growth.

Personal or fitness trainers don’t have to look after the management of hours or timings as their hours are completely flexible. With this career option, not only you can achieve your goal but also you can help others in accomplishing the goal of fitness. After you have made up your mind that you want to select fitness as a career option; you need to keep one thing in mind which is that you are to invest your time and money if you want to be successful in the field.

How to become a fitness trainer
How to become a fitness trainer

Customers always look for working with personal or fitness trainers who are not only experienced or expert but also knowledgeable. Hence, it is very important for you to follow the relevant steps so that you can become a personal trainer. The following steps will be helpful for you in getting your personal training begin on the right path:

1How to become a personal trainer? Choose a certification:

Certifications in the fitness industry are very important so after you plan on becoming a personal trainer you need to ensure that you have obtained certifications. There are several organizations and accredited programs offering the certifications in the industry of fitness. Before applying for the certification, just make sure that you have a high school diploma with you.

2Select a specialty:

Personal trainer and fitness trainer both are the same professional in the fitness industry but it entirely depends on you that how you want to take it further. You can choose both as the choice is completely based on personal preferences. There is no problem selecting both at the same time but again you need to be aware of the costs that can come with the field. So, always be careful while choosing the career option and make sure that the chosen one is suiting your goals. This is how to become a personal trainer.

3Pass certification examination:

This step is very important for becoming a personal or fitness trainer. Hence, before going on the process just ensure that you have registered for the chosen certification examination. Registration basically includes the fee and the application. Most of the certifications associated with the personal training are computer-based tests which entail multiple-choice questions (MCQs). The MCQs ranges from 120 to 150. There are four sections which are covered under the test that are exercise techniques, program planning, safety or emergency issues, client consultation, and fitness assessment.


To become a personal or fitness trainer, this is one of the major factors you need to count. So, make your decision according to your pocket and don’t go for a quick decision. The program of certifications are expensive and most of them are around $ 400-1000 so be sure before choosing the personal trainer or fitness trainer as a career option. There is the requirement of different materials for beginning the career such as textbooks, flashcards, study bundles, online portals etc.

Initially, the career chosen can be expensive but the results can be seen in a long run. It is relevant to obtain the certification because it helps in learning the skills on the legal basis and training the clients with appropriate security measures. In any case, if you don’t have enough money then you can look for a gym that can sponsor you. This is also one of the ways to become a personal trainer.

There are gyms which include programs that are on-board with the gaining of certification. If you manage to reach the appropriate situation then you may get a job and the cost of certification will be eliminated automatically. This is how to become a personal trainer.

5Look for a gym or studio:

Once you become a certified personal or fitness trainer, the next step you need to initiate is find the gym or any place for work. You need to ensure that the place selected is enough for training the clients. Another important thing that must be followed is that you won’t be able to earn a lot of cash in the beginning.

So, if you have a problem with this fact then you can go for other options like working for the settled gym corporation or working as an independent contractor of personal training. Both the options have their own perks. You just need to initiate a proper research so that later you can easily eradicate the issues that can be there. You should have the efficiency of creating schedules, becoming your own boss and working with a restricted potential for the growth of career.


After the completion of all the steps, this one again plays an important role. Because, without acquiring reputable insurance you cannot start training your clients. This step is helpful for you in protecting from any sort of liabilities. And, covering you up against the claims that can be there. This is how to become a personal trainer.

If you are working in a gym then insurance is given. But, if you are working on your own then it is compulsory to purchase insurance. Thus, before going for a personal trainer or fitness trainer business. Just remember to purchase the insurance from reliable sources so that any kind of hassle is not there in future.

7Stay active:

Before choosing personal trainer or fitness trainer. Make sure that you are fit as it can lead to putting a bad impression on the clients. You need to be active in your workplace while training the clients. Basically, what you have to follow is the rule of being fit in the gym. Clients can feel less motivated if you are not active. Hence, for removing such kind of issue keep yourself fit, healthy and active.

8Be a motivator:

Motivation in the gym is very important for the clients. A person who is healthy and wants to lose weight needs motivation. So, it is important for you to be a motivator for your clients. Without motivation, clients cannot fulfill their objective of getting fit and healthy. Thus, it is your responsibility as a personal or fitness trainer that you push your client for regular exercises. Inspiration plays a huge role in motivating the clients. Challenging the clients is an easy way out to keep them motivated for the exercise. This is how to become a personal trainer.


Personal trainer or fitness trainer is a very nice career option these days. The population in the world is getting unhealthy and unfit this is why professional growth is there in the field. You need to follow the above-discussed steps as it will help you in reaching your goals more easily. The bottom line is that personal trainer can be a tough job. But, then in the end results are all worth it.





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