10 Benefits of Fasting You Should Know

Benefits of Fasting You Should Know
Benefits of Fasting You Should Know

Fasting is a practice that has permeated every culture, religion and history for spiritual as well as health reasons. Many people associate fasting with religion. However, intermittent fasting has emerged as one of the top trends in fitness industry these days. Fasting implies abstinence from food and water for short or long time spans. Majority of people lack awareness about the health benefits of fasting.

Fasting is commonly referred to as ‘miracle cure’ owing to the never ending list of physical conditions improved by fasting. Fasting serves as a marvelous antidote for our usual over-indulgences. Studies reveal that the rate and frequency of fasting has reduced dramatically over the past few decades. Hectic schedules, busy lifestyles and high craving for foods are factors that have made fasting an uncommon trend among the adults these days.

Fasting provides incredible benefits for all those who are crazy to attain perfect body physiques. Through this blog, we will familiarize you with the incredible benefits associated with fasting.

Top 10 Benefits of Fasting:

We will now explore the top benefits associated with fasting that will completely amaze and leave you surprised:

1Improves Insulin Sensitivity/Lowers the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes:

Fasting leads the body to secrete less insulin since the body does not get consistent doses of sugar. Thereby leading to increased insulin sensitivity as compared to those who do not fast. People with high insulin resistance are more prone to develop Type 2 Diabetes due to high blood sugar levels. Fasting significantly helps reduces insulin resistance thereby promoting impressive reduction in blood sugar levels. Also providing protection against developing Type 2 Diabetes. 

2Speeding up Metabolism:

Intermittent fasting provides a rest to your digestive system thereby boosting your metabolism to burn through calories with more efficiency. Intermittent fasts help regulate digestion and promote healthy bowel function thereby enhancing your metabolic function.

3Increases Resistance to Oxidative Stress:

Oxidative stress is a factor that contributes to aging and chronic diseases. Oxidative stress involves free radical related damage that contributes to premature aging. Studies reveal that intermittent fasting enhances the body’s resistance to oxidative stress.

4Reduces Inflammation:

Unhealthy diet is a consistent source of free radicals and foods that increase inflammation. Fasting promotes better hormonal balance and helps fight inflammation.

5Helps Curb Hunger:

Fasting helps in regulating the hormones in your body thereby help experiencing what true hunger is. You can consider fasting as a reset button since the longer you fast. The more your body regulates itself to secrete the correct hormones to allow you experience real hunger. 

6Promotes Weight Loss and Reduces Belly Fat:

Fasting highly serves effective in promoting weight loss and specifically fat loss. Fasting definitely serves as one of the simplest and surest means to combat obesity.  Studies reveal that intermittent fasting allows the body to burn through fat cells with more effectiveness as compared to regular dieting.

Fasting helps to cut down body weight by facilitating burning of fat for energy in the absence of sugar and food. Fasting promotes substantial weight loss by enhancing hormone function. Reduced insulin levels, higher growth hormone levels and increased levels of norepinephrine resulting from fasting. All of these contribute to breakdown of body fat for its utilization as energy thereby promoting weight loss. Fasting is utilized by majority of people as a means to substantially reduce body fat percentage.

7Promotes Longevity:

Believe it or not, eating habits impact your lifespan. Several studies have revealed that fasting increased the lifespan of people in certain cultures. This is certainly one of the most important benefits of fasting as it allows you extend your lifespan. Research into fasting for longevity in rats revealed that fasting extended their lifespan.

Though increased lifespan through fasting has not been proved for humans, intermittent fasting has gained popularity amongst the crowd. Since it promotes healthier aging and health outcomes. Fasting promotes healthier and longer lifespan by boosting up metabolism.

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8Improves Brain Function and Mental Clarity:

Fasting has been observed to enhance brain function by boosting the synthesis of a protein known as brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). This protein leads to activation of brain stem cells to result in conversion into new neurons. That triggers several other chemicals that promotes brain function.

Studies reveal that this protein also safeguards your brain cells from changes associated with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Fasting leads to enhanced mental well-being, clarity, enhanced blood circulation and promotes a feeling of rejuvenation.

9Improves Immune System:

Intermittent fasting tremendously contributes to building immunity or strengthening the immune system. By reducing free radical damage, regulating inflammatory conditions in the body and starving off cancer cell formation. Intermittent fasting helps to keep body free from illnesses. By decreasing inflammation that increases the resistance to common illnesses.

10Promotes Skin Cleansing and Prevents Acne:

Fasting helps remove toxins and waste specifically damaged and dysfunctional cells. Fasting contributes to improvements in skin health by speeding up the waste removal process and prevents acne.

11Helps Improve Eating Patterns:

With the availability of diverse foods these days, people have developed numerous eating disorders like binge eating. Fasting also serves as a useful activity for those who encounter difficulty in establishing correct eating patterns owing to hectic schedules. Intermittent fasting helps you decide your eating patterns and establish control on excessive eating. By consuming all calories in one sitting and going without a meal for the rest of the time.

12Improves Cardiovascular Health:

As everyone knows, heart attacks and strokes are worldwide killers. Fasting serves highly effective in improving cardiovascular function by improving blood pressure, cholesterol levels, LDL, blood triglycerides, inflammatory markers. Also many other factors that contribute to heart attacks. 

13Serves Effective in Preventing Cancer and Helps Mitigate Side Effects of Standard Treatments:

Cancer is a highly dangerous disease affecting millions of people worldwide. Fasting has proved to have numerous metabolic benefits within the body that contribute to a reduced risk of cancer. Though the effect of fasting on preventing cancer in human beings is still not confirmed in human beings. Research in animals provides evidence on how fasting helps prevent cancer. Studies reveal that fasting promotes positive effects in patients undertaking chemotherapy by reducing side effects of chemotherapy.

14Promotes Cell Repair Processes:

With aging, rogue cells can proliferate throughout the body and when gone unchecked lead to progressive diseases. Fasting induces cell repair and recycle by initiating a cellular waste removal process referred to as ‘autophagy’. Which involves self-digestion at the cellular level. Fasting boosts the destruction of dysfunctional cells and tissues through selective protection.

15Promotes Increase in Growth Hormone Levels:

Fasting helps in substantially increasing the growth hormone levels resulting in numerous health benefits. Such as reduced recovery time from injuries, better lean muscle growth and promotes greater fat burn.

16Promotes Maintenance of Lean Muscle Tissue while Dieting:

The problem generally encountered with weight loss is that muscle tissue usually gets lost. Fasting promotes maintenance of lean muscle tissues by ensuring lesser muscle loss when compared to a typical calorie restriction diet.

17Improves Body Composition and Fitness:

Fasting contributes to better body composition and fitness in numerous ways primarily through its effects on hormones and fat metabolism.

18Promotes Healthier Collagen in Skin:

Fasting substantially contributes to improving skin appearance and reduce aging by lowering blood sugar levels. That increases the strength and resilience of skin’s collagen structure.

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