How to convince your parents to go on a trip?  

How to convince your parents to go on a trip
How to convince your parents to go on a trip

I really want to go on a trip to Nashik, Maharashtra. This is the trip that I and my friends are planning to go from months. So I will be discussing the ways to convince your parents so they may let you enjoy the trip of your dreams. One of the ways to convince your parents is to first make an organized plan and calculate the total cost of the trip and the distance or the time this trip may take. Also once you are done with the planning and stuff, sit with your parents and try to speak your heart out and let them know why you want to go for this trip and how important this is to you and who knows they might allow you to go to the trip of your dreams.

Let me share the step by step approach to go on the trip of your dreams :


Now,  how to plan ?  You might be thinking about this.  Let me talk about this first.


The first and the most important thing is the location. Where you are going do you know about this?  If you know then search it on the map first so at the time of convincing your parents you can actually let them know where exactly the place is. For instance, I am going to Nashik, so I know the place location it is four hours away from Mumbai travelling via bus where I will be landing first and also Nashik is near Pune. So in this way, I can easily describe the location to my parents and so can you.  Actually, you can also show the location to them via google maps, sounds good, isn’t it?

Think about how long the trip will be:

You just have to think about when will the trip start and will it going to be ended.  Just pick up the calendar and start marking the dates on it and try to calculate the exact date when you will be home according to the per your per day plan.

Planning day by day:

Pick up a notebook and write down the dates with the plan falling on that particular date.  So while explaining it to your parents it becomes easy for you and as well as for them to understand. For instance, I am going to Trimbakeshwar temple on the very first day after reaching Nashik and after that, we will be going to Someshwar Temple and followed by Pinnacle mall on the next day and so on. So, you can also make a list accordingly to convince your parents to let you go on a trip.


Take a note of the transportation you will be using. For example, I will be taking a flight to Mumbai first as there is no airport in Nashik. After that, we will be travelling via bus to Nashik. So you can also take a note of all the transportation you will be taking to reach your dream location, so you can calculate the total cost in the end.

Find out the places to stay:

Please note down the places you will choose to stay while you will be travelling.   For example, the hotel s you will be choosing. So you can find out the cost effectively. Also, the hotels should be good, by this I mean reputed hotels. Please don’t choose a wrong place to stay just because it is cheap. That will be my advice to you to convince your parents for a trip.

The cost of the journey:

By this time, you should have got the idea of the estimated cost of the journey as you have written down the places you are going to travel and the transportation you will using and the also the places you will be using to stay while you are travelling. So you can easily explain to your parents and can convince them.

Make a travel document:

Please make a travel document of all the things we have discussed above.  You can either write it or type it. Just try to work in an organized manner so to achieve the best results.

2Talking to your parents:

This is the most crucial part of my content and so will be important to you while you will be talking to your parents. Confront your parents as soon as possible so that you can convince them and make preparations accordingly.

Introduce your friends:

Introducing your friends that might be joining you while your trip, especially your parents don’t know them. If they already know your friends invite them for the lunch or dinner so your parents get to know them well.

A  good time to talk:

Don’t just start talking about the trip any time that might give them a shock. Check the mood of your dad or your mom and then start to talk.  Try to find some alone space to talk to them in private.  They might be more comfortable and more chances there will be for them to get agree.

Introducing the idea of the trip:

When your parents are sitting with you for example while evening tea, you can just start talking about the trip and convince them for the outing and tell them how eagerly you were waiting for this.

Importance of the trip:

Tell your parents about the benefits this trip will give you. For example, As I want to travel to Nashik, I told my parents that the holy places there are worth seeing and I learn lot more about the Hindu culture.   So you can just tell the benefits, as I have just told you.

Show them the document:

You must show them the document you have made which contains the date to day plan and the transportation and hotels you will be staying and the total cost this will cost. So in this way, your parents will know what this trip actually means to you while seeing your interest in it.

Ask the opinion of your parents:

Let your parents take there own time to think about this and then ask for there opinions. If your parents still don’t agree to try to make some compromises, which is my next point


Ways to save money:

This might include shortening your trip or might include telling your parents that the money will be divided among your friends and the portion you will be paying. If you have saved money in the past that might also help try offering that . You can also tell them that you can postpone the trip so can save the money in the meantime .

Staying safe:

Convince your parents that you will be safe while travelling that you will stay in reputed hotels and also you will stick with your friends and you will not separate from them.


Tell your parents that you will be close to your phone, whenever they will call you. If they are more worried , tell them you will be calling them twice in a day . Isn’t it a good idea?

Taking someone along with:

If your parents are extremely worried and still in doubt to let you go on the trip. Ask them to send a little older friend or sibling with you, who is more responsible or on whom your parents have complete trust. In this way they will definitely take a chance to let you go.

Change your parents mind about the destination:

Your parents might feel that the place is suitable for you to visit. If someone in your known has earlier visited the place, share their experience with them. Also, show some of the videos related to the place, so your parents find the place more suitable for you. If they haven’t found the place suitable yet.  And at the end, if your parents still find this unsuitable, then you might have to change your plan to something else.

Talking about the plan with your friends and parents:

Let your friends and parents sit together after they are convinced and let them know any changes you have made to your plan till now. So In this way, your parents might feel better and feel more comfortable in sending you on the trip of your dreams.


In the last I want to add something, above are the points that had convinced my parents and they have allowed me to go to such a beautiful location  Nasik that is approximately 1528.9 km away from Chandigarh via road. I really wish whomsoever, reading this article might find it helpful and let their parents get convinced.

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