Depression in Women

Depression in Women

Depression in Women, Depression is one of the diseased that initially cannot be discovered but when it begins to take place in an individual then it becomes really important that it should be taken care of appropriately as otherwise, it can be actually very hazardous. As women have to play a lot of roles in their lives then it is identified that mostly, women suffer from the issue of depression. They are mothers, wives, employees, friends, healers and the list is never-ending. The intricacies of these roles are something that can lead to causing a lot of thick and thin all over their life.

It is seen that certain changes of mood take place because of the events that are there in life such as getting in an argument with the friend or maybe because of the hormonal imbalances like pregnancy, periods and what not. In general, after the certain period of time, these emotions are anticipated to level out and they don’t sense any kind of dumps anymore. But then if you are a woman who is suffering from depression then your downs are something which wouldn’t go away even after a small number of days and might interrupt in your day to day activities and the relationships.

This is a cycle which is identified as debilitating one and can take place because of countless cases. The symptoms of depression in a woman can last for days, months, or years and maybe an occurrence that is one-time. According to the researches, it is identified that depression in women is something that influences them more than men. There are very fewer chances that men suffer from depression but in women, there can be a reason and sometimes they can remain unidentified. There are many factors which lead to depression in women which include the hormones that are reproductive, a woman who is differing responses to stress and the pressures that are social and are unique as well to the experiences of woman’s life.

Types of Depression :

There are different forms of depression in women that can be there and all of them are listed below for the enhanced comprehension:

Major Depression :

It is identified to be one of the severe forms of depression where a woman can lose her capability to discover pleasure in the activities that she used to enjoy. Additionally, it influences the ability of a woman for work, sleep, eats and remains normal in an efficient manner and generally leads to the impact that is negative whether it is about the interpersonal relationships or social. It is also referred to as the major depressive disorder where a woman tends to lose her real identity and can face a lot of problems that she may find can never be resolved. It even leads to creating a lot of issues like self-esteem.

Depression in Women

Postpartum Depression :

This is also considered as one of the special forms of depression that happens mostly after the baby is born. It is mostly denoted as the baby blues. The most usual symptoms of the depression can be noticed in the birth month while in certain women it takes places when they are still pregnant.

Persistent Depressive Disorder :

It is identified as the form of depressions that is mild and is interlinked with the stretched depressed mood which can last for many years. There are major episodes of depression that is more severe forms of depression that can still take place at the time of persistent depressive disorder.

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder :

This is a form of depression that can cause in most of the women because of their menstrual cycle. In this kind of depression, there are several factors such as mood swings, negative thoughts, anxiety and what not. It takes place in women prior to the beginning of menstruation and disperses when it begins. The symptoms of this depression form are severe enough for negatively influencing the relationships that are interpersonal and interfere with regular actions.

Causes of Depression :

There are many causes of depression in women and it is important to consider them if a woman is identified with depression as then they prove to be useful. Some of the major causes follow:

Biology and Hormones :

If we talk in biological terms then depression is something that runs in the families. There are scientific shreds of evidence that certain makeups associated with the genetics are exposed to the depression and on the other hand, some of them remain completely unaffected. However, there are factors which are interlinked with the environment for interacting with the predispositions linked to genes. It happens because you probably can be more exposed to the depression because of the genes, family health and the relationships that are social can enhance resilience.

There are other factors as well which enhances the probabilities of depression in women such as hormonal. Problems with the fertility, pregnancy, menopause and other women issues are something which upsurges the probabilities of depression in women more than men.

Psychological Causes :

Women are more exposed to the depression than man. It is identified that when a woman is mentally distressed then there are chances that she suffers from the depression diseases. This problem is mostly seen when a woman goes through the breakup or failure of the relationship. They fail to accept the reality and they cannot handle the pressure due to which they have to face the issue like depression. Such things distress them mentally so much that they cannot help themselves. It becomes very problematic for them and they end up facing a depression thing. Psychologically when depression happens in a woman then there are chances that she can have negative thoughts like suicide attempts so it is important that the proper treatment should be given after it is identified. f

Social Causes :

It is also one of the causes because coping up with the skills, relationship choices and lifestyle selections influences women in a very different manner than men. As a woman, you are most probably exposed to face the issue of depression from the problems that are associated with the relationship, issues with the work-life balances, monetary issues and the stressful event and comprising the loss of dear one.

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