Difference between liking and loving someone

Difference between liking and loving someone
Difference between liking and loving someone

I know this is the common question that will arise in a person’s mind. Sometimes a time comes in life when you are unable to judge if you really like or love someone.  The difference between liking and loving someone is as minute as a thread. Sometimes we mistake liking for loving and loving for liking. Love is that unconditional feeling that every mother has for his child and every child has for his mother. For example, if you want to express your feeling for your mother than you will not say that “I like my mother the most” instead you will say “I love my mother the most”. The difference is a word but it makes a lot of difference.

When you see a person, you cannot say that you love that person. You will say that I like her or I like him. For example, you have joined your new college and there is this girl that you saw on the first day. What will you say about the girl to your friends while explaining your feelings? You will simply say I have seen a girl in my college and I have started liking her. So the difference is really small. Are you understanding it? In simple, words the loving is the advanced version of liking. The more you start to talk to the person that you like the most your love will grow for that person.

You will never notice when your likeness will turn in to love. You might have seen many couples that were just friends in the beginning of the college. After the time passes, they become lovers, so this way their likeness turned in love. This love further grows and one stage comes in a person’s life when he or she is unable to live without his or her loved ones. And they also make the decision to marry the same person.  So this what we can call as true love.

Nowadays people are not even loyal to their partners. There are many fake people in this world that you should be aware of them.  There are people that will make you feel that they love you no matter what happens. But in the end, they are ones that will back-stab you.  So it is very important to know the real difference between liking, loving and on the top of that, it is very important to know if the love is fake or it is real.

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There are some of the signs that can help you realize if the person loves you likes you.  I am going to discuss the topic of Difference between the liking and loving someone in detail in the coming paragraph.

What is the difference between liking and loving someone?Caring:

The difference can easily be a judge if the other person likes you or love you. Caring is one of the points that will help you judge this. For example, if a person is taking you on a date and he is not even bothered about taking care of you.  If someone is making bad comments on your dress while you are walking on the road with your date and your date is not as bothered about it than you can easily make yourself clear about the other person’s feelings towards you. The chances are that the person is only liking you and not loving you.

Because love is such an unconditional thing that if you have to choose between saving yourself or your loved ones from death. Then you will save your loved ones first.  Think about your parents love towards you, no matter whatever the situation is your parents will not stop loving you. So the love is what we can call is between you and your parents and the love is between you and your kids. This what we called as true love.  This is one of the ways by which you can easily see if a person loves you or likes you.

You are totally changed:

You are no longer you. It simply means love has the power to change anything.  I have seen love spreading its magic in my real life. Let me share a live example with you. In my college days, I had a friend who got into relationship with a very bad boy of our college. It did not take so long and after few months the boy was changed to a decent lad. Now they are happily married. This is the example of true love that I have shared my own life experience.

Suppose if the person might not be loving that girl in the beginning instead liking. Then I don’t think we might have seen such a huge difference in the guy’s personality in few months. So this is another way to check if your relationship is limited to likeness or not. This is one of the difference between liking and loving someone.

Madness for each other:

If you are only liking a person than that pinch of madness will be missing. The madness of enjoying each and every moment with one another. When a person is in love he is totally mad at the other person. When you are with the other person, you do not feel hunger, thirst or any of those sensations. Your sense stop working and you only want to look at your love and enjoy those moments with him or her.

When you are with each other the boring movie becomes interesting. this is the power of love that will make each moment so special. In love, people will forget their own birthday but will never forget their relationship anniversary. They are ready to leave any of their favorite things when they are in love.  The thing that matters to them the most is their love. Which is unfortunately not the case in likeness. This is a simple yet effective way to judge if the other person is really in love with you or it is only the liking. The liking that can soon diminish.This is another difference between liking and loving someone.

Giving each other pet names:

This is another sign of love which is a difference between liking and loving someone. When you start giving someone names or start calling him or her with sweet names. It is obvious that you will not give the pet names like “Baby”, “darling”, etc. to the person you only like. Likeness can also occur if you only like the looks of a person. But love happens when you love the looks and the nature of the person at the same time. You like the way they walk, the way they talk, the way they sit and every other thing they do.

Liking each other’s smell:

According to a study, it is proved that when the people are in deep love with each other they love each other’s smell. They are so much fond of each other that they can recognize each other with the smell. According to an experiment, one old couple was blind-folded and one new couple was blindfolded. And when the experiment started the old couple easily recognized each other whereas the new couple that recently met were not able to recognize each other. So this experiment also gave the clarification on difference between liking and loving someone.

Making every moment special:

When a person is in deep love with you he will try to make every possible effort to make all the moments special for you. From planning a surprise party to giving you surprise gifts every other day. The person that loves you will try to find out every possible thing that will give you happiness.  If you like cartoon they will be happy to become a cartoon for you to see that precious smile on your face. This is another thing that will help you find the difference between liking and loving someone.

Remembering your likeness:

The person that loves you will remember everything that you might have done during your first date. Like the food you ordered and the place, you liked the most. And then when you will go on the second date they will pre-order the things of your choice. And, they will be happy to take you to that place which you might have liked the most in your first meet. They will remember your birthday and will surprise you with the number of gifts and the surprise birthday party. This is the specialty that will only be there for your lover. And if the person only likes you then this character will not be shown by him.

The above are some of the points that will help you realize if a certain person really loves you or likes you.  Remember that the love and likeness has a very thin line between them. It can also happen that your likeness can sometimes change in to love. The above article will help you identify that little difference between linking and loving someone. I have discussed all the points above to explain the difference. I hope you will find this article helpful.



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