20 Ways You Can Earn Money Online

earn money online

The world has gone completely digital nowadays and numerous techniques have emerged through which anyone can earn money online. Though online jobs cannot replace a full-time job, however, one can utilize the online platform for part-time money earning.

Many of you might be wondering how the Internet platform can be used for earning perks. Through this blog, we will familiarize you with some of the best practices through which you can earn money online.

Earning through the online platform is one of the most trending practices these days since it has emerged as a way to earn without much investment and headache. It provides you the medium to earn the entire profit as opposed to a job where you work for company’s profit. All you need for starting an online job is a laptop/PC, stable internet connection, and good English skills. Every generation, be it teenagers or adults can earn through the online medium subject to the condition that one should possess the relevant skills. Dedication and consistency are factors that a person must ensure if he/she is really serious about to earn money online.

Through this blog, we will educate you with some of the top online jobs that you can use to your advantage to become an online learner.

Let us now go through the comprehensive list of methods for earning money through online platform:


You will be surprised to know that millions of people across the globe are earning through the YouTube channel. The only work involved here is that you need to record/shoot videos and upload them to the YouTube channel. Type of videos that can help you earn good amount is entertainment and funny videos, videos providing solutions and help to a particular niche such as students, housewives, tech geeks, etc. Videos can be made in numerous fields such as modeling, education-based, gadget-based, cooking-based, dance, and singing, humor-based, instruction-based such as installation and configuration of some device, etc.

All you need to ensure is that the video contains correct, relevant and engaging content. You also need to ensure that you do not compromise on the quality of a video. Further, you need to promote your video on other social media channels to grab enough popularity and become eligible for monetary gains.

2Online Surveys

There are numerous companies that organize online surveys. Surveys are another effective means of earning online as one just needs to express their opinions and feedback for earning money. One has to answer certain questions by just selecting from a drop-down menu. Surveys can last from a few minutes to half an hour.

List of best survey websites

3Online Tutoring

Tutoring is one of the best options for earning money online. This requires teaching students via the online mode. This requires teaching course and resolving students’ queries via the online mode. All you require for online tutoring is a webcam and Internet connection. You can also teach through Skype or Google Hangouts. You can search Google for finding students or institutes that require online teachers but make sure to check their background before joining this practice.

4Earning from AdSense and Other Ad Network

AdSense and other ad networks are one of the best options for online earning. The main pre-requisite for exploiting AdSense and other ad networks is to have your website. All you need to do is to spend money purchasing a good domain name and web hosting. The rest of the work involves website development and some tricks to bring traffic to your website. This allows displaying text, image or video ads on website pages and earning money when visitors click on ads. To generate money through Google AdSense, you need to ensure enough traffic on your site. You just need to create a free AdSense account and Google holds responsibility for controlling and managing ads.

5Earn with Affiliate Marketing

The term ‘affiliate marketing’ denotes selling and promoting products of others. Affiliate marketing has emerged as one of the best ways of online money generation due to the high growth of online shopping. You can become affiliate professional of top e-commerce firms such as Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, etc. All you need to do is to sign up with e-commerce firms, promote their products on your website and social media. The firms pay you the commission for all sales generated by you and you can make money online fast.

List of Affiliate Marketing websites

6Freelancing/Writing work

Believe it or not, freelancing has emerged as one of the best online earning options these days. The online pre-requisite for this job is rich vocabulary and excellent English written skills. There are several freelance portals such as Guru, Freelancer, Upwork, etc. where clients and companies provide writing projects for the handsome amount. All you need to do is to register yourself with these portals and take a few tests to increase your profile ranking. You also need to know the certain level of bidding in order to get projects from the client. A little knowledge of bidding and you start to earn money online. The only pre-requisite for this work is that you must possess the appropriate skill to be able to meet client requirements. Freelancing also involves writing reviews for products, companies, institutions, etc.

7Web Designing and Development

Freelancing portals also offer web designing and development projects, graphics designing, logo designing projects, etc wherein all you need is some basic training in website designing and development, graphic designing, etc. To be able to earn money online through website development, you need to undergo professional training in languages and web designing courses.

8Domain Trading

Domain trading is one of the most profitable businesses nowadays. You should start this business only after gathering detailed knowledge about it. The catch here involves purchasing popular/expired domains from domain registrars for less price and selling it later at much higher prices to needy companies/clients. The major skill involved in this business is identifying great domains that are not yet booked and domains that companies might like to purchase in future. Purchasing popular/good domains can work in your favor since you can quote a price of your choice to a company wishing to purchase that domain. You also have the option to rent your website/domain for a specific duration to earn money online provided that your website has good traffic. You also have the option of auctioning your domains to get your desired price.

You can start from here: Sedo, Namecheap, Godaddy

9Website Flipping

This involves building a website and working on the website for a few months to earn money. A website can then be auctioned on some platforms in order to get immense payback from the websites. All you need to know is website designing knowledge and tricks to bring traffic to the website. But we would suggest you not to sell your website instead earn money online by running ads on it.

10Providing Consultancy

You can become a consultant and sell your knowledge and advice. You can provide consultancy in various fields such as career, Vastu, astrologer, technical and health. You can also provide paid personality development training, English speaking training, etc. This requires promoting your business through social media platforms, YouTube, etc that will help you get clients.

11Online Share Trading

This is one of the most lucrative online business, however, you must have deep knowledge about this field before you think about joining it. This business will involve trading of shares. You can purchase shares of companies which you think are doing good. At a later stage, you can sell shares at good profits when you observe an increase in the value of the shares. This is a highly profitable business but is also loss-prone, therefore, pick this with caution.

12Starting Your Blog

Blogging as a career option as steadily picked up in India. You can create your own blog using sites such as WordPress or Tumblr or create a self-hosted blog. You need to know that earning through blog requires ample time, effort and patience. You need to get enough visitors to your blog for it to stand out among competitors for displaying paid ads, affiliate marketing, and sponsored content.

13Use Social Media

Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc have emerged as excellent mediums for earning online. You can create your professional page/account on these platforms and advertise your services through it. You can select a specific service such as astrology, event management, choreography, education-based, modeling, tutoring, photography, etc and keep posting regularly on your page/account. You can post videos and images for getting more traffic on your page and getting business.

You can interlink your accounts across all social media platforms such that content posted on one platform automatically gets shared on other platforms. Make sure to add your website link and contact number on your profiles that will help generate more business. Another option with social media is engaging with the community by expressing yourselves through entertaining and humorous videos, dance videos, videos specific to your niche, etc. This will help you develop a strong fan base with time and you can start earning money online through sponsored posts once you garner enough popularity on social networks.


Every business nowadays relies on SEO for getting a good ranking on Google and firms pay an immense amount to people who provide SEO services. You can learn basics of SEO through some professional course and can get projects via Upwork, Guru and other freelance portals. You can earn a very lucrative amount by offering SEO services to your clients.

15Open your own Digital Store

The popularity of E-commerce websites is increasing day by day and set up your own digital store comes up with the whole lot of responsibilities. These include purchasing the domain, web hosting, and website development. Setting up your own e-commerce website requires deciding on numerous factors such as products/merchandise to sell, procuring products, marketing and generating traffic on the website, building sales funnel, lead generation, e-mail, and social media marketing, deciding price range and discounts, e-commerce software, customer service, etc.

This is not completely an online based earning job since you will need to hire the delivery team, marketing team, customer support team, procurement team, and accounts team. This platform serves as an excellent way of money generation after your e-commerce platforms get enough recognition and popularity from the community.

16Seller on Fiverr and Cafe Press

You can use some sites such as Fiverr and Cafe Press for earning money online. You can visit the Fiverr website and select what type of service you can perform. You can then become a seller on Fiverr and create your gig where you can advertise what type of services you can provide for a particular amount. You can start earning money online once your gig is finalized by a client. Cafe Press is another platform that permits the creation of digital designs that can be sold on the platform. This site helps you earn a commission on everything that sells.

17Selling items on Etsy and Zazzle

These websites are great platforms for selling handmade items, customizable products, art and digital products. These websites charge a small listing fee per item and take a commission of every sale. These are undoubtedly the best platforms for promoting and selling your handmade products.

18Data Entry and Typing Works

There are certain companies that provide work to earn money online and offline data entry and typing works while offering bucks as per your work. These are easy works that can be done in leisure time, however, do check the background of the company before joining any such work.

19Mechanical Turk

This requires performing some Human Intelligence Tasks for earning online money. You can stick to it in free time for earning a small amount of money.

20Selling photos online

You can click high-quality pictures of nature, places, dishes, animals, environment, accessories, items, etc and sell them to earn money online. Certain sites such as iStockPhoto and PhotoBucket where you can sell your photos at your desired prices if your pictures get selected by clients.

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