Foods and Fruits for Pregnancy

Foods and Fruits for Pregnancy

Foods and Fruits for Pregnancy, Pregnancy, the word itself is so positive in one’s life. It’s a dream come true in a Family and to a couple.

When we get to know that we are expecting we enjoy the different world. We try to take the extra care of our self which is of course needed. When we talk about care, the very first thing comes is food consumption. As soon as our family comes to know we are pregnant, whether its mom or mom in law, aunt, or sisters or any family member everyone has to say the same thing, eat more. Of course it’s a positive concern for us and for the coming bundle of joy. It’s an Indian culture which is fallowed from decades that if someone is pregnant, we should start eating for two. But it’s just a myth. What I would advise is rather eating for two,make sure you eat for yourself and make sure it’s a healthy diet.

Healthy diet is going to help you in pregnancy. Choose your food and Fruits properly. Make sure you eat fresh food and fruits. This is going to help you to be healthy and energetic for your whole period of pregnancy. It is very important to consume nutrient fruits and foods for great health of the mother and baby.Correct food and fruits are very necessary during the nine month of pregnancy, it plays a vital role in growth and development of baby.Consuming lots of fruits during pregnancy helps in performing developmental testing. Always try to have fruits which are rich in vitamins, fiber and minerals.

Nutrients help to built stronger immune system in babies. As every one knows Vitamin  C is good for bones. It also helpto absorb iron, which is very important during pregnancy. There are many vegetables which contain iron and it’s very important to have iron rich vegetable and fruit during pregnancy as it is the key mineral. Folic acid again one of the most important things to intake during pregnancy as it helps to secure from any defects to brain and spinal cord. Fiber rich fruits help in constipation, as constipation is very common in pregnant women’s. While pregnancy due to the carrying the heavy weight, leg cramps are very common so to lesser the cramp it is important to intake enough potassium. Now we will elaborate and get through some important fruits to be taken during pregnancy.

Apple :

As it is one of the common and favorite foods universally. Apple is one such food which is consumed by everyone in the world. From toddler to older everyone have apples. It’s a well-known saying, an apple a day keeps Doctor away. It is necessary for immunity and strength of the baby. As apples are rich in vitamins A,E and Zinc. It is very essential for mother and babies growth.

Banana :

Again one of the common fruit in India. Many of us don’t like to have bananas, But it is very rich in fiber. Fiber is very necessary during pregnancy, as it helps to prevent from constipation. It also contain, folate, vitamin C,B6, potassium and magnesium. Doctors recommend having at least one banana a day.

Guava :

It is a seasonal fruit, so not highly recommended like apples and banana. But if you get to eat it please do not avoid it. As it contains vitamin C,E.Guava helps in digesting food. It also helps to strengthen baby’s nervous system.

Pomegranates :

The small granules help in increasing the blood. It contains calcium, folate, iron, protein and vitamin C. It is fully loaded fruit. At least have one pomegranate in two days.

Dairy Products :

It is highly important to consume milk during pregnancy. As it is high in calcium which helps the bone to develop.Dairy products like milk, cottage cheese,Yogurt, cheese etc  are high in protein and calcium. As this helps in growing of the fetus.

Legumes :

They consist of fiber, Protein, iron, folate, calcium. To have a bowl of lentil consist a fully loaded power pack meal. You can have legumes in different form of preparation such as in lentils, peas, beans, chickpeas, soybeans, peanuts. Consuming legumes prevents baby from infectious diseases in future.

Eggs :

Doctor recommends having eggs during pregnancy as it contains most of the required nutrient you need during pregnancy. Eggs contain high protein and fat. It contains choline which is important for brain development of the baby.

Fish :

It contains cod-liver oil. This oil is rich in omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. This is important for brain and eye development of baby. It also has vitamin D. cod liver oil helps in growing baby’s weight and helps to lower down the risk of diseases.


Leafy Vegetables

Leafy vegetables :

Leafy vegetables, They contain fiber,vitamin C, K, A, Calcium, iron, folate and potassium. Spinach is one of the best sources of high iron. Leafy vegetables contain plant compounds which are best for immune system. Intake of leafy vegetables helps to prevent from constipation.

Dried fruits :

It is again one of the best power pack meal during pregnancy. It is important to have dried fruits during pregnancy as it contains nutrients required during pregnancy. It has fiber,potassium, vitamins, minerals, folate, iron. Dates are rich in fiber, potassium, iron. Dried fruits contain natural sugar so it is the best substitute for sweets and chocolates.

So when you make your pregnancy diet chart keep all the above health related points in mind. Eating healthy during will help you and your baby’s growth. It is common to gain weight in pregnancy, than why not healthy weight gains. So take care of yourself and your food.

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