How to get size zero in 2 weeks?

get size zero 2 weeks

How to get size zero in 2 weeks? Tell me, girls, don’t you want to fit in that “S” size outfit? I think all of us want to fit in that outfit. I know most of us dream of getting that size zero figure but we are unable to achieve that because of the lack of the guidance.  Most of the girls desire to get that size zero mark on their body. And, it is obvious that slim girl will look more attractive than a fat girl.

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What exactly is a size zero body?

Size zero body refers to when you have the bust size of 31 inches, the waist is of size 23 inches and the hip size is 32 inches. Now how to get this type of figure? To get this type of figure you will require a lot of hard work to be done from your end.

At first, you might not see the results, but trust me you will see results as the time will pass. To achieve this type of figure you might have to restrict your calories insanely, that might include only 700 calories per day. You should take the consultation of a nutritionist before starting any of the diets.

1How to get size zero in 2 weeks?

2Size zero diet plan:You have to restrict the calorie intake:

To get that lean size zero body, you have to restrict your diet. You should only take 700 calories in a day. Also, you have to do the exercise for 2 hours a day to burn twice the amount of calories consumed.

3Fluid intake:

You should take more of water and liquids. In liquids, you should not include any carbonated drink. You can include coconut water, soups and detox water into your diet. Now you might be thinking of what is detox water? The detox water is the simple filtered water with some infused fruits in it. If you find the normal water boring then you can enhance the taste by adding some fruits to it.

4Eat more of the green leafy vegetables:

As the vegetables have lots of minerals, proteins, vitamins and other nutrients that are required by the body, you should increase their intake. You can add spinach or kale to your diet, that will increase help you to maintain the body balance.

5Whole grain foods:

You can include the whole grain foods like, wheat, oats, barley, daliya and others into your diet that will help you to satisfy the body’s need.This is another great diet which is easily available in market and is the perfect solution to how to get size zero in 2 weeks.

6Eat chapattis ignore rice:

Rice is not much benefit to provide your body with the essential minerals. Also, it will not keep your body full for a long time. Whereas, a whole grain chapatti has a lot of fibres and proteins in it which will keep your body fuller for longer time.


Soups are a great way to keep your body full and also include the vitamins and minerals at the same time in your diet. You can add cabbage, tomato, carrot and spinach soups into your diet.

These were some of the healthy diet options to get that size zero body. Now we are going to discuss the exercises that will help you to achieve the size zero body.

8Exercises to get size zero in 2 weeks:Running:

Running is a great cardio and a great way to drop those extra kilos from your body. Your body’s metabolism will increase if we practice this exercise in the morning.  If you will do a jog for around one hour or half an hour in the morning you will kick start your digestive system.  All the fat storage around our body are mostly because of the poor digestive system and if this digestive system is improved when the overall body fat percentage will also decrease.


This is a great way to reduce the fat around your body and is also a great exercise to work those hip muscles. Also, it helps to give you that round booty. If you are thinking to get that size zero body then you have to think of adding the squats into your exercise routine that will help you to cut the fat around the abs and the thigh section.


These are the group of exercises that are great to increase the muscles flexibility and are awesome to increase the muscle strength. These exercises will help you to reduce the body fat without losing the muscles. This is one of the great ways to get that size zero lean figure.


These are a very great way to target that stubborn abdominal area fat. You just have to lie straight on the ground with your knees bent and your hands should be under the neck area. Now you have to move your head upwards towards the knees each time you perform a crunch. In order to lose the lower area stubborn belly fat, you have to at least do 100 of these per days.

12Russian twists:

These are the great exercises that really target the midsection and will help you to trim it. While keeping your hip and the bust size same and reducing the mid-section you can create that size zero body look.


This is another great way to lose those extra inches instantly. Cycling target the abs, legs and the overall body fat. It is a great cardio workout that will increase the heart rate and will help you to increase the leg muscles size. And, if you are thinking of losing the weight in short span then you should definitely include cycling into your daily exercise routine.


Yoga is a very great way to increase the body flexibility, to reduce the overall body fat and to stabilize the mind. It will help you to burn the fat around all your body parts and will also give you that peace of mind as well. Also, yoga can be performed in a pre-heated room to raise the body temperature and to lose more fat in a short period of time. So, this is a great way to get that size zero figure. This is another great exercise that is the perfect solution to how to get size zero in 2 weeks.


This is a great dance form that will help you to burn those extra calories from your body and to give you that size zero figure. This is a great exercise that targets different areas of the body if it is performed in a right way. It helps to lower the calorie level in the body by burning lots of calories during its practice. Zumba classes are great to kick start your weight loss journey and also they are helpful in reducing the overall stress level of the body. This is last exercisethat is the perfect solution to how to get size zero in 2 weeks.

So these were some of the exercises that will definitely help you to get that size zero body. These exercises are one of the great solutions to the question of how to get size zero in 2 weeks.


To recap, we have given the solution on how to get size zero in two weeks. These tips and tricks are helpful and are pre-tested before sharing. The above diet and the exercise are specially designed to give any person a size zero body. And, they will surely help you to achieve your dream body. I hope you find this article helpful.



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