How to Find True Love | Some Lessons Which you Need to Learn

true love

Aren’t you looking for a true love and romance which could open the window of a healthy future & healthy life? Yes, everyone is looking for such an amazing true love. You all want to have love in your lives. And finding love is not so easy as everyone thinks. Sometimes our selection may also go wrong in finding a true love. A wrong selection can make us suffer for the whole life so one has to be conscious while taking major decisions of his life. For most of the people, their first love is like everything whom they can’t ever forget. Sometimes the quest for finding a romantic love doubles our urge for seeing a perfect life partner too. Although romantic love is a primitive and powerful urge. But it is also considered as more than a simple feeling or emotion which can’t be neglected. Hence love is what the ancient Greeks called the madness of the gods. But in today’s generation love has become a natural addiction and a physiological drive like hunger and thirst. Finding a true love is an overarching goal. Yet love is elusive and it seems to slip through our grasp. The safest part of the whole scenario is that there are no surefire methods for discovering your true love.  Certain elements need to be in place before love happens. You need to have a loving and open relationship with yourself. You should first understand yourself that what you actually need and what you desire from your mate. Focusing on solving the mysteries can open the door for true love to find out.

Embrace Yourself

The first and utmost step in the journey towards true love is to learn to love yourself exactly the way you are. Certainly, everyone has certain things that should be improved about themselves, but try looking at yourself as a friend could change your personality. You should recognize yourself as a wonderful, worthwhile, lovable person and be kind to yourself as you work to reach your targeting goals. With positive affirmations, you can even write a few positive statements about yourself. And every morning tries to repeat those statements while looking at yourself in the mirror. Over time you will come to believe them.

Try to give a little time to yourself if you’re young say 18 to 22 years and yet you have not fallen in love then it’s not too late. Although this case happens with those people who are least interested in finding the love you still can make love. In case you are older enough and have fully enjoyed in the past while keeping several relationships then it’s high time to pay a close attention to one of your past relationships.

  1. Face Past Relationship Difficulties

Instead of placing your past relationships behind examine them objectively. Take an honest assessment that what caused your relationship to break down. We’re there any communication issues?  Mistrust or dependency? What made you and your partner bring out the worst in each other? Make sure to look for issues that seemed to repeat themselves across multiple relationships and then take a critical look at their likely causes. If are having a relationship based on anxieties, then there is a tendency to become jealous or trouble communicating your needs. So facing your negative relationship tendencies is the first step toward ensuring that they do not repeat themselves. While searching for a true love, keep your eyes open for the signs of old patterns returning and be prepared to do the hard work necessary to nip the old memories.

  1.  Forgive Your EXes

Forgiving your ex is a better idea as it can make you emotionally strong. This idea will give you a spirit to move forward. Depending on the circumstances you might want to talk directly with your ex but make sure to avoid this act as talking directly to him might make you feel emotional and restless to be drawn in emotions. So it’s better to convey your feelings through letters and if you can’t approach to rest of your ex’s then make sure to forgive others in your mind. Whether your conversation is real or imaginary take responsibility for your own part that what actually happened between you both. Don’t dare to open yourself up to further pain.  You can even forget someone without reporting a friendship. Enclosing your another relation can worsen up the things.

  1. Identify Your Ideal Breakers

All have prepared a mental image of their partner mate, but holding out for someone who doesn’t match your ideal could mean that you are compromising with the situation. Hence, dug out 2 minutes from your precious busy schedule and write a detailed description of exactly who should be your perfect true love. Start seeking the qualities that are must in your partner.

  1. Learn to Say Yes

Having the faith to say yes open various opportunities around you. You feel that you are close to real love.  If a friend is inviting you on a trip then remain fully connected with him. An active and dynamic life will not only make you meet your real love but it will also ensure that you are interested in spending some more time with your love.

  1. Be Authentic

To find real love, you must first emphasize your true self. You need someone who could love you through your moments of imperfection, you must be willing to do that for someone else. One has to be real with himself so that he could become ready for someone else’s authenticity. Get to know yourself, love yourself and learn to act and speak authentically.

This there is no magical formula for finding your true love. Instead, focus on creating an excellent relationship with yourself, start for giving your past and learn what you require in a partner. While depicting these qualities in your partner you will land in a wonderful position to have full faith in choosing a true soul mate.

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