How to Be a Gentleman: Ways to Win Her Over with Your Charm

to be a gentleman

Time flees itself with a speed and hence nobody can catch time. Although one must try to win her lovers heart with a good will. A goodwill and desire to lose the weight comes from the positive vibes around you which forces you to be a nice person in the world.

Some men are born with the gentleman gene whereas some don’t possess the same genes in them. Thus being a gentleman is an art and everyone can become a gentleman through his or her acts and performances which he or she places in front of others.

Why one should try to be a Gentleman?

Gentlemen only know that how he can charm women while serving their women well. Women-only dreams about a man who could open doors for him, pull out your chair and even walk around to the other side of the car to help you out are not merely kind gestures. These are some small moments that show the lengths that whether a man is willing to go behind you or not. It is the sign of good relationship or Gentleman Person.

A gentleman is bold enough to tackle all the problematic solutions himself. Being a gentleman does not mean that you are wimpy or oversensitive about your life. A gentleman is not weak or less macho. In fact, being a gentleman gives you the power to place your leg up. A gentleman is a polite and honorable man which courage you to move ahead in life. These are the characteristics which make a gentleman more hand holding and a courageous man. A gentleman is only the one who is able to sense the proper site of right or wrong things. He only knows that how to tolerate and respect everyone on this earth. Becoming a gentleman do affect your parts of life also.

Ways to become a gentleman

A change in your perception, sitting, eating or viewing life can make you walk towards a successful life which is led by some gentleman. Everyone has the ability to be a gentleman inside them. One has to know what to do in order to become a perfect gentleman. And the urge to be a gentleman should be from within rather than acting to be a gentleman. A gentleman is not just polite but he is also sincere and genuine which a woman wants in a man. Thus here are some ways by which you can win over your girls

  1. Notice When the Moment Strikes: – Everyone waits for that perfect when a girl should say them” oh what a gentleman! It is the perfect moment for which a boy waits. Well, you can bring that moment again. Hence once you listen to this words once, you become used to listen to these words. You even do various efforts such as offering an umbrella to a girl when it’s raining and she is lacking umbrella with her. This makes you a perfect gentleman. You can also help someone who is struggling to load their car. So being a gentleman is all about helping others when they are in need and make yourself proud to be a gentleman.
  2. Put All your Efforts to Achieve Something: – Being a gentleman doesn’t mean about helping others but it is also about loving something in such a way that you make some extra efforts to achieve it. These efforts are always made from heart hence if you have decided to get a perfect body then you will do that from your own will in a lesser time and perfect efforts. On the other hand, if you are also going to meet your close friend who is coming from Canada then you may want to put in some extra efforts. You will definitely bring flowers for your friend and a wine or scotch offered to him will also make him crazy. He will like the way through which you will welcome him. Thus these extra efforts are not a sign of showoff but it’s simply showing your intentions and thoughts.
  3. Keeping Some Things Private: – A man can appear a gentleman from far behind while gazing at his behavior. If he goes off to tell every secret of his life to all then he loses that title of gentleman. Thus if he is keeping some secrets and revealing only some of his happenings in his life then it means that he has grown up to face the challenges of life. But here the question arises that what sort of things you should not share. The things which you can’t share with your mom should not be shared with anyone else. Telling your friends that you are seeing a girl for your marriage should be a big NO No. as at this point of time your friends can make fun about you. Hence you should only utter those words from your mouth that should not leave other people questionable.
  4. Have Patience: – Gentleman seems to be buzzy and they are always in rush. Whatever is the case they should possess some signs of patience. When rushing through a crowd they should not go in-between haphazardly instead they should use some words such as excuse me and they should wait for their turn. You should act like a charming, confident and classy person who should not come in words of others. All of your circumstances should be handled in a way a gentleman handle. The same goes for dating. If your girlfriend wants to meet your parents, don’t rush in fact wait to see her reactions. Going haphazardly to kiss your girlfriend or for any other desire can make you impatient. However, a decent gentleman knows that a right lady is a worthy and the wait.
  5. Respect Women and Elderly: – Always remember that respect is a big thing with comes from within. It can make the value of a person double in your heart. Thus if you want to know that how to be a gentleman then learn to respect others. One should respect both the elders and youngsters to shine as a gentleman. Without respect for others, all the other things don’t even matter. Knowing that everyone deserves to be valued is a big part of being a gentleman.
  6. Be Honest: – Honesty is the best policy if you want to succeed in life. Hence, a gentleman never lies and it is as simple as that. The policy of honesty should be adopted by a gentleman.
  7. Grabbing Some Manners: – Manners are the golden pearls which everyone seeks in you. Saying please and thank you doesn’t cost anything. So be polite and courteous to all the service workers, employees, elderly and children to make a special place in their heart.
  8. Be Open Minded: – Everyone has a right to place their opinions ahead in front of others so make sure that you keep an open mind about others opinion too. At times you may get disagreed with others but you should not judge them for their thoughts or beliefs and should not get into heated arguments.
  9. Read Signals: – A gentleman is aware of the surroundings. He may know about the things prior to before their happenings. If your girlfriend is not saying you anything then you should read signals on her face that what she actually wants. You should know whether she is comfortable with her life or not? If she does not, then plan to take her on a long drive. Thus it’s a wonderful trait to know that what basically the other people want to convey through his body language.
  10. Make the First Move: – Your first move should be bold and endearing. It should not be aggressive or pushy. The first move shows that you are a risk taker but you can also read the situation. Thus the way you take your first move shows your confidence and initiative.
  11. Be Understanding: – A spectacular listener is a part of a gentleman. It doesn’t mean that you have to reply to each answer while being silent but it means that absorbing other people saying so that you can give an appropriate and thoughtful response. Being emotional and sympathetic to other people’s situation can also make you a perfect person.
  12. Always Offer: – A gentleman loves her beloved deeply and in return do not expect something from her. He always offers to pay all the bills after shopping. In fact, he also pays bills after a romantic dinner. He never put his steps back while lending hands or helping in the way he can.

Thus working on the above-mentioned things can turn you on. These things can turn your activities and can help you grow. Eventually, by following these points, you will no longer be wondering that how to be a gentleman.


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