How to be happy in life?

how to be happy in life
how to be happy in life

Thinking about, “How to stay happy each and every moment of your life”? Many people want to know the answer to this question “how to be happy in life ?”. As happiness is the key to healthy and successful you. The only thing that is not bought from a store or shop, it is just free of cost and will give you so many benefits. The only thing you have to do is use some of your facial muscles to smile.

1How to be happy in life?

My friend, no need to worry we are here to give you some tips on how you can be happy not for a particular moment but for your entire life. Just go through the below tips and see how that will help you be a happy person for the rest of your life.

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2Start meditating now:

Meditation is not just closing your eyes and breathing deeply. This will entirely cleanse your soul and will give you the feel of relaxation. No other thing will help you more than incorporating meditation with yoga. You can do some of the yoga moves and stretch like “Surya Namaskar”, “Chakar Asana” and etc. You can find a lot more yoga tutorials on the internet. Your 5 minutes in the morning can give you a relaxed rest of the day.

Think about it you will be less short-tempered, you will be relaxed no matter what the situation is. Because studies have proved that combining meditation with yoga asanas are keeping people much happier than they were before. Try to indulge yourself in some yoga moves with meditation and see how your life will change.

3Live your present:

If we will think that “I don’t have a car” or “I don’t have a bike”, “I can never be happy without these things and these are my necessities” then that is wrong. Try to live in your present, have positive thoughts like what if I don’t have a car I have a bike with me I can still go on a bike. Or let’s say try to think that I don’t have a bike but what’s so sad about that I have my cycle, I can go by that as well. Try not to make yourself depressed by thinking of the things that you don’t have. Be thankful to God for what you have in the present and this will help you lead a happy life.

4Sleep is really important:

Have you ever thought and tried to relate that the night at which you don’t sleep the next day you are more frustrated and angrier than your regular days? Scientists have proved that there is hippocampus system that is located near the brain’s central region and it plays an important role in processing the positive thoughts. When we have not taken our beauty sleep, the negative thoughts are more likely to strike our mind comparing to the times we had our proper 8 hours of beauty sleep. There was an experiment performed by the scientists and they asked the college students who didn’t have their sleep to remember the list of words. And guess what happened? They were able to remember the negative words in the list more than the positive one.

5Try helping the needy:

When you buy a new car, new home or even a new laptop. You will be happy for some time. Let’s just say some days. But when it comes to the lifetime, are you happy for the rest of the life with the same new car. One day the new car will become old and you will again be sad. The happiness that remains for the life is the one comes from helping others. Think about it, when you will buy food for a person who has not eaten food days, will it not give you happiness for the rest of your life because you have performed an act of kindness. Will you not be happy, when you will go to an orphanage and share pizzas with them, who have never tasted that in their whole life? These are some little act of kindness that can give you happiness for the lifetime.

6Try to be more conscious:

“Live in the present moment”. Focus on what is going on and try to stabilize your mind in the present situation, rather than distracting it to other things. For example, you had a very bad fight with your mother, and you are currently at the office. You have reached the office doing the work what you daily do and still, your mind is at your home, still thinking about the same fight last night.

To avoid this, focus on the current activities that are happening in the present in this way you will be happier. This practice is called “mindfulness”. In this, you will be more in your present than your past. Just forget what happened what happened last night, it’s a new day, live it to the full.

7Thinking about good future is not bad:

The heart will go to the place where the brain will take and not the feet. When we think of winning a lottery, we don’t think how happy we will be at that moment, we only think about the things we can buy with that money, there might be some fund that we also thought to give in charity. So we should give the priority to the thoughts and things that will make us happier.


Earlier, we have talked about doing yoga and meditation is good. However , you can also achieve the life-long happiness by going to a gym or even walking. Have you heard someone saying that I am sad after the gym? Or after walking I am sad. The words that we often listen are “I feel so light and happy after the workout”, “I feel that I have dropped the 1 to 2 kilos now only”.

These are some of the happy statement that we hear from you guys when you hit the gym or even if you had a walk. Even if you do not want to go to a gym try to do some exercise moves by simply following a you-tube channel. Or even you can go for bicycling, jog or a light walk. Each and everything will make you a better and a happier person.

9Success key:

This happiness is also a key to success. You might be thinking how this is possible? Think about a situation you are very sad , and you hit your office in the same mood. What will happen? You will show lesser interest in work. In turn, you will do less work as compared to regular happy days. Hence, leading to your lesser throughput. And if this happens continuously then one day will come when you will be fired from the company. So start saying to yourself “I will remain happy because I want to be successful in life”. Or you can also remember my above given example if you still feel that you can’t really be happy.

10Start writing:

The things or the actions that make you happy and that which make you sad , write them all on a paper and try to delete the bad thoughts from your mind one by one as you will cross them out from that paper and only start to think about the things that make you happy. Think about the new car you have just bought, the laptop that your dad just bought for you or you can also think that God has given you a new beautiful day to be alive . This will give you immense happiness and you will no longer be sad and depressed.

11Speak to your friends and family:

If you are angry or not happy about a particular thing or there is something that is bothering you from every now and then try to speak about this to your family or friends, they will help you out get out of it. Also you can try shouting out loudly in a lonely place if you are angry also you do the mirror practice. Talk in the mirror to yourself that is it the right thing on which I should waste my energy. This will give some sort of relaxation and will also lead to happiness which is missing in our day to day life.


Above are the ten points that have made my life happy. Let me just give you a quick summary. Say yes to Yoga and meditation it will help you be a happy person. Also, do not forget to incorporate some exercise moves into your daily routine. This will help you be a happier person. Try to live in present, sleep well, try helping out others, be more conscious or mindful, think about your good future, start writing the good and the bad, try speaking out. Also, in the end, don’t forget that happiness is the key to success and healthy you.

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