How to become a vegetarian when you love meat?

How to become a vegetarian when you love meat
How to become a vegetarian when you love meat

How to become a vegetarian when you love meat? Are you mesmerized by the vegetarian recipes revolving all around internet? Do you want to become a vegetarian? Are you finding this task difficult? Then you have reached the right place!

I know it is very difficult to leave such thing that you have been eating since your childhood. But if you will look at the positive effects of this then you can definitely do it!  I know most of the people around the globe are suffering from the heart diseases, high cholesterol level, obesity and much more diseases just because of their overweight.  And, this overweight can be reduced by leaving the meat. Yes, you heard it right! This problem can be reduced by the avoiding meat.

You should first write it down the reason you want to stops eating meat. Is it because you are overweight? Is it because you just want to try a new vegan diet? First ask yourself the reason then get started.

Without much talking let us begin with the tips.

1How to become a vegetarian when you love meat? Mindset:

Having the right kind of mindset before starting up with a new thing is very important. You need to prepare yourself. Take a pen and a paper and write down the goals that you want to achieve after becoming a vegan. Whether you want to get a particular weight or a particular size, you should write it all. There can be a number of other reasons as well like saving the environment or eating less toxic food or reducing the horrific treatment of the animals by stop eating meat. Remember the people that inspire you. You can also put the person’s picture on the wall that inspires you. This is the number one way that can help you in your vegan journey.


Think of a vegan! Now that you have set your mind to become a vegan. Now it comes to the shopping part. You can to go to the grocery store and mind it, you are no more a flesh eater, so go to the vegetarian section. Go get the foods that are healthy for you, do not grab the junk food in form or frozen fries. You need to check the nutrition label first before buying anything. Do not just think if the packet has the healthy label so it is healthy.  You have to check the number of proteins, carbohydrates and fats that are included in the packet.  There should be at least 5 gram of proteins if your goal is also to build muscles at the same time.


As nowadays the vegan trend is going viral, so you can find a number of good vegan recipes online. You can visit this website to find some good vegan recipes. Also, you can visit the YouTube channels like Fablunch, Sam Ozkural and much more to find good vegan recipes. Honestly, these are mine personal favourites. So, you no need to worry about the recipes.

4Try one at a time:

It becomes really difficult to give tips on how to become a vegetarian when you love meat. But, I am trying my best to give you the best tips from my own personal experience. Feeling nervous to cook purely vegan food for the first time? Actually, you can try one recipe at one time. To become a complete vegan chef you need to first start slowly. You can cook one recipe in one week.  Soon, a day will come when you will have 5 to 10 recipes of your own. There are people that only have 7 to 8 recipes and they cook that only on the regular basis. So, if you have 5 to 10 then you can easily start up with your vegan journey.


There is another way to get vegan. You can continue using the recipes that you were using before when you were eating meat. You can replace meat with soya chunks which gives the similar kind of taste as before. For example, if you love chilli chicken, then you can replace the chicken with soy, tofu or paneer. There is number of alternatives to the meat. You can go get the replacements from the grocery stores. You can easily find them, as many people have become vegan these days.

6Junk food:

Do not think that know that you have become vegan. You can eat up all that junk food from the market. No, you will still put on that extra kilo by eating vegan junk. If your goal is to hit a certain goal then you can easily achieve that by switching to a vegan diet. But there is no scope of adding all that junk food to your diet. You can take nutrition from a variety of vegan products like soy milk, plant-based food or in the form of whole grains, low fat-diary and much more. This is a great tip that is why I have included it on the list of how to become a vegetarian when you love meat.

7Snacking options:

There is number of snacking options. You can eat up cut fruits and vegetable. Also, there are other snacking options like the roasted almonds and cashews, puffed quinoa, granola bars, soy yoghurt, hummus with veggies, roasted oats with peanuts and much more. You can have plenty of these. You can take them to work, eat them up at home or even you can eat that stuff on the way. As nowadays, the healthy vegan snacking options are increasing so much. The reason behind this is most of the people have changed their lifestyle to healthy and vegan.


To recap, we have shared the above list on how to become a vegetarian when you love meat. I know that it is not very easy to become vegan when you are eating non-vegetarian food since your childhood. You have to change your diet slowly and steadily. Nothing can be changed in the blink of the eye. It takes the time it takes efforts to make something happen.



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