How to control anger? 20 tips to calm down fast

how to control anger
how to control anger

Do you get angry often? Are you short-tempered? Don’t you get angry when your kids trouble you or when your boss scolds you or when you have a fight with your husband or any of your friends? Every one of us gets angry while dealing with the daily situations but there is one thing we all want to do which is to control anger. Most of the situations often come daily like some of us get scolded by our boss on a daily basis, so it makes you angry often but you have to control anger.

Don’t you just want to control anger that just disturbs you every now and then and which may lead to several health diseases? I know your answer. So let me give you some tips that worked for me and may help you as well in your daily life to cope up with your daily anger, or let me just say your control anger pills.


According to the studies, it has proved that the people who do daily yoga or meditation are less prone to anger and even by chance if anger comes they have the ability to calm down fast and are often not short tempered. So, try to incorporate some meditation exercises like the few I know are “Bhramari”, “Udgeet” or you can also simply close your eyes and simply inhale and exhale the air out. This is how you can control anger easily.

2Detect the cause of your anger:

Try making the list of the people or the activities that make you angry often. So you are prepared for the situations. I do not guarantee that this will help you calm down easily. But at least some prevention’s are better than cure. As this anger that comes most often to you will be faced with a prepared you just like a soldier. This anger leads to so many heart diseases, so better to calm down and care about your heart when you see such situations or conditions in front of you. This is one of the best way to control anger.

3Walking an aid:

A walk is an aid to the person’s overall health. Also, it aids you when you are angry and not in a mood to listen to anyone. Just take a break and go out for a walk, when you come across any of the situation that will ultimately make angry. As anger is the greatest enemy of a person. Go for a walk for at least 5 minutes and you will definitely feel the difference. The fresh air that will pass into your lungs will make you fresh and relax and in turn, you will calm down despite you being so angry few minutes ago.

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4Reverse counting:

This is my personal trick that I often use to calm myself in anger situations. Just close your eyes, do a reverse counting from 20 to 0 and after sometimes you will feel you are calmed down. If you are really more than angry, then try to increase the number to 30 or maybe 40 that is all that depends on you and the situation you are currently dealing with. So try to do this exercise at least once you will feel the difference.

5Laughter a medicine:

Yes, it is a free medicine which can control anger to a great extent. A medicine that you need not to borrow or buy from a person or shop. That is the talent you already have to yourself. Whenever you feel this is the situation where you will be angry try to remember the happy or funny times of your life. Even if you are angry itself you can practice this at that time as well. For example, if you are angry at home, you can try printing your digital photograph and put it on your family member’s pillow or you can also try doing a funny dance together.

6Try to move on:

Try not to just stick with the situation, and remain like an angry bird. Try to find the solution for the problem, if the anger is due to some problem you are facing. By moving on and finding a solution will give you some smile. Once you will get the solution I am sure that you will get the complete happiness as well.

7Look at the second’s hand on watch :

If you are angry often do not forget to get yourself a wristwatch. Imagine you are angry, not angry, very angry. Start staring at your watch. Set a timer for two minutes, keep looking at it continuously and with every tick and tock your anger is flowing away and you are calming down slowly and steadily. Trust me this will definitely help you, just try it once for a better and cool you.

8Forgiveness an act of kindness:

Don’t you want to forgive your loved ones? In many of our relationships, we always have a fight with people that will include our parents, relatives and friends. Just let the fight stop here only. Just imagine the thought of forgiving them. Isn’t that simply beautiful? Will make you smile as well. Just email, Whats app or text them. Maybe this message of yours can help you be happy the rest of your life. So a very simple act of kindness will always make you happy. And, even the thought itself is so beautiful that it will give you a smile on your beautiful faces, leading to calm and healthy you.

9Comparing yourself with your kids:

It is sometimes good to compare yourself to someone be it your kids only. When you are angry with your parents and don’t talk to them. Compare yourself with your children, how would you feel if they behave the same with you. Try to think that your parents will always think good of you. And this thought will automatically calm you down and will force you text or call them. Control anger not for yourself but for your closed ones.

10Habit to write a letter:

Try writing some letters to your ex-boss who always scolded you, your friends, with whom you had a very bad fight, to the several political bodies who has imposed such heavy taxes on you. This will not only calm your mind but will also give you the satisfaction or the feeling of fulfillment.

11Feel of someone gossiping:

What if you see someone that is gossiping about you. Would you be angry at this particular point of life? Yes everybody will be. But what if we try to change our thinking itself. Why not try to think that everybody in this world is gossiping about some other person at the back? This will help you calm down and will also give you some sort of satisfaction that at least you are not the only person who is being talked about at his or her back.

12Start talking about it:

If you will start talking about your anger, trust me this will help you a lot. Be it your friends, family or relatives try to talk about the thing that is making you angry. Even you can also talk to yourself. Do one thing stand in front of the mirror and try to talk to yourself about what is making you angry. Another way is to stand at a very lonely place, that can be your room and try to speak as loud as possible. This will definitely help you release that anger and will lead you to a calm you.


When you are angry, get a cycle and go for a ride. Give yourself a break of half an hour. This will make the oxygen flowing into your blood and lunges and will relax your mind. As your brain needs oxygen, you can go on a bike ride and it will lead to giving you a soothing and calming effect. Also, it is very good for your health and will also help you in your weight loss journey. You think this is a beneficial way that with cycling you will get a better mind and a better body.

14What immediate thought should come to the mind? :

Try to think like this, is this a thing on which I should waste my energy? Is this the correct person for which I should waste so much of my energy and risk my life? Is it the correct situation for which I should put my heart at risk? These are some of the immediate questions that should strike one’s mind when anger strikes you. So that you can manage your stress levels accordingly and try to be calm.

15Try to understand others:

Sometimes things are not meant to point out you. For example, if your boss is sharing his points and you think that he or she is pin-pointing you. In this way, you will never understand his or her point of view. You will take this thing in a negative way and again lead yourself to anger. So my tip is to understand others first, so before making any mindset try to listen to the other person first. This will definitely going to make you less angry and can also lead to calmness and happiness.

16Try not to blame others:

Try to accept you’re your mistake and try not to blame others. Don’t you have the courage to accept your mistake? Is it always other person’s mistake? If you get that courage to accept your mistake trust me at that point of life you will definitely go to be a happy person. As you are no longer the part of that stupid blaming games.

17Speaking without thinking :

Don’t do this at any cost. Who knows what words of your can hurt other and will ultimately lead to some cold fights and anger. It is always better to think before you speak in this way your mind has the time to think and your mouth has the direct connection to your nervous system and if you will think automatically you will speak something that suits the situation and not end up uttering some words that will work as “ghee in fire”. From the golden days, “Think before you speak” has always been beneficial advice of our ancestors, which will ultimately lead to a happy life.

18Don’t be loud:

There are many situations that come up in our lives in which we end up being loud and we shout a lot. Try to avoid shouting or being loud and try to be polite and try to find and solution by talking to the other person and you will definitely end up getting a solution for the problem you are facing. Just try to breathe for few seconds and lower your voice if you are already at the peak of your voice. This will also help you to be happy and calm.

19Look inside yourself first:

We always try to find fault is other, try to introspect first and figure out that at that particular time or fight that it might be your own mistake. So try to pinpoint yourself first before pointing to somebody else. In this, if it is your own mistake you will try to find the solution that will improve that situation and will definitely lead to your happiness and your calmness.

20Try to understand that anger will only lead to loss:

At this point, I will describe that when you are repeatedly facing the same situation and you, again and again, becoming angry at a particular point or situation. Then try to repeat these words to yourself and say that “I will not be angry no matter what happens. I will try to be calm because I don’t want to lose my life. I want to be happy”. Try to say these words again and again until the time you are completely calmed down and control anger.


So, these are the 20 tips that I personally use to control anger. Please try to practice these in your daily lives to get some effective results. I assure you, that you will definitely see a change in your life and will get benefits out of it. I really hope as it has helped me to improve my life and health it will help you as well.

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