How to deal with difficult situations?

How to deal with difficult situation
How to deal with difficult situation

Life is a journey that has both sides for everyone it can be dark and light. ‘Someone has said life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent is how you respond to it “. Every day cannot be same as your happy day, you may lose your job, or you may lose someone you love the most, your house, your health on the very next moment, life is all about unfolded surprises. Here in this article we are sharing some of the amazing thoughts on – How to deal with difficult situations.

Difficulties will occur on our way at different stages. In our difficult times it is easy for us to blame ourselves, or the other for the mishappening, while we are in the situation we forget to work on how to get rid of this bad times. working through the bad situations will not only help you at the moment but it will also make you wiser and stronger for the next phase of life. It is in our hand to let yourself in that situation or to help yourself to come out of that odd situation. If you will be not helping yourself no one can help you to come out of that situation as it is said in “Shrimad Bhagwat Gita ” Man is your friend and you are your enemy”.

We will be sharing the tips with you to make yourself calm while you are in your bad times. Let us work on the practices that need to be done when you find yourselves in difficult situations, it can be from physical exercise to release the stress level, from laughing unnecessarily to increase the happy hormones, going for a trip to make yourself busy or doing anything that gives you joy.

Here are the tips for you :

1Never give-up on yourselves:

When we are dealing with the bad times it is easy for us to give up easily, that should be stopped from now onwards. Not making any efforts to come out of the box is also giving up on oneself that will harm you in longer terms if continuing this practice.

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2Accepting whatever comes to your way:

Accepting bad can be really difficult but if we can readily accept the good that comes in our way why not bad as well. We should practice being stable in every emotion of life either is can be of happiness or gloominess.

3Making yourself strong:

We need to make our self-strong enough to deal with the difficulties of the life. Always remember only you can save yourselves as this is the fight with your selves. if you will win you will be king to defeat yourself bad that is not good for you. You need to work hard to make yourself strong.

4Seek to calm:

It is easy for us to give up on good and get into emotions of anger, frustration, greed, anxiety, and jealous. It is important to realize that these emotions are not good for us and work on this and build yourself strong and calm. This can be achieved by the following practices.

By doing meditation you can achieve the peace of mind and retain yourself calm.

5Take time out of difficult situations:

Let it be your work environment or anything that disturbs you.

6Finding Humor to cope up with difficulties :

One should practice to find humor in difficult times , you are not a fool to do so , it will give you bit if relaxation in these situation . Just laugh out loud without any worries .

Close your eyes and take a deep breath in to release the stress level. It will also help you in rejuvenating yourself.

Listening to a song and dancing on it and let yourself enjoy the moment.

7Planning for an outing :

While on is dealing with difficulties, it is not easy to get rid of that easily, but taking cut out from that will help you. Go on planning a trip that takes you far away from all these troubles.

Lighting an incense or candle, feel the aroma and use your senses let yourself get into that.

8Focusing on the lessons life:

In your journey, you will meet a lot of people some will encourage you and some will discourage you if you lose your job or your relationship was not a success, that doesn’t end up the life. You need to focus on the life that life must go on whatever comes to your way.

9Get support:

The moment you find yourself alone is to reach the people or friends you are close to them, if you are dumped by them, do not get disappointed, there are people willing to help you, to accompany to get out of this difficult times. Talk to them and get away from the loneliness.

10Understanding that fear of change can hold us back:

Always remember change is the natures rule, many difficult situations arise if we will continue on hanging ourselves. Change can be positive when it involves growth it can be tough to go through as well. We need to understand that change is perishable.

You can do five jumping jacks and get out of your own way.

You can go shopping or find a bookstore to find leisure for yourself.

11Giving respect to others:

People will accomplish the things you do for them and they will also remember the behave you have towards them when you are going through the bad phase so always make sure you are not disrespecting anyone. Life is not easy this happens you need to become strong.

12Remove “Fair” from your dictionary:

Feeling outraged about life’s injustice won’t’ change the things that happen to you. Just go on and let the life come whatever it has decided for you .whether it is good or bad.

Visualize yourself in the exotic world without any fear or worries.

Close your eyes and remember eating your favorite delight that gives you bunch of happiness.

13Writing it down:

Write down whatever fears you or makes you feel discomfort writing is a way of expressing yourself that will give you relief .while doing this practice do not worry about the grammar or artistic aspect. This is only for you. Although writing about the bad experience can be painful for you at present, but you will develop the practice after time.

14Staying positive:

Half the fight can be won by developing a positive attitude. Just keep yourself positive whatever comes to you. Thinking about the positive side of the life will encourage you. People with negative thought and behavior will develop an unhealthy lifestyle.

15Getting appropriate sleep:

It may seem you waste time, but researchers find out that the people with the practice of having enough sleep succeed in life. It reduces the risk of depression and anxiety, decreased risk of heart disease and cancer, good memory, stable weight etc. For getting good sleep set  a regular bedtime and make you sleep a bed heaven.

16Eat well:

It is said the kind of food we have is the kind of thoughts we develop. So it is important for us to have adequate food. In an unhappy mood, good food can helps to control the stress level. It boosts energy, Lowers the rate of developing diseases, provides fuel to the brain for the thought process. To overcome the difficult situations it is advised don not skip your meals, always snack well to maintain the level of energy you have and at the same time do not over diet.

17Helping others:

There are numerous ways to help others and get the sense of gratifying yourselves. You can do so by becoming a volunteer, by making someone feel special, by helping your spouse in making breakfast for you.

18Staying active:

Exercise matters for your mood as well. It helps in releasing the stress level, tension, and anger stimulates feel-good hormone. At least 30 minutes of aerobic activity five days a week and at least 20 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity like jogging or bike riding. Cooling down by moving for about ten minutes to warm up. Drinking an appropriate amount of water for sweating.

19A shift in thinking:

How you see the problem is how it affects you that will lead you how you will tackle the problem. It is required to shift your mind from negativity or excessive worries. This can be achieved by thinking on the good aspects of life. Looking at the tough times to learn from it.

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