How to get an hourglass figure

How to get an hourglass figure?
How to get an hourglass figure?

How to get an hourglass figure? Thinking about, what’s an hourglass figure? Let me explain. Smaller waist, bigger butt, toned thighs, and legs in total make an hourglass figure. Every woman has the dream of getting that body. Trust me, my friend, this is very difficult to achieve. You have to do a lot of workouts, a lot of strict dieting and healthier lifestyle this will give you the body of your dream.  It is really easy to say that “I can do anything to get that shape”. However, in reality, it is very difficult to achieve that shape. It needs a lot of dedication and motivation as well to touch that goal.

You cannot say that it is impossible to get that hourglass shape, it is possible with a lot of hard work. Sometimes, what happens is that we keep on doing exercises but the time when we are about to notice the results we just think that the results will never show then we just stop exercising. But, there are 99.99% chances that the results will show. Do not lose hope. Exercise daily to see effective results. Also, the only thing is not exercising but we also have to eat lots of healthy food.

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Without talking much let’s be practical. Let’s answer the question “how to get an hourglass figure?”



This is the exercise that you need to do to lose the extra fat from your body. If you are overweight, then do this 4 to 5 times a week. But if you are skinny and you are looking to get an hourglass figure then avoid the cardio part and work your core and butt. In cardio, there are exercises like jumping, running, cycling and walking that will raise your heart beat very high. This, in turn, will help you lose weight throughout the day. Because your metabolic rate will also increase by doing cardio in a day. Imagine, you will be burning calories even by sitting.This is how to get an hourglass figure.

The exercises to trim the waist:


Firstly lie on the yoga mat in such a position that your face is towards the ground. Then from that position come into such a position that your body weight is on the elbows and toes.  You have to hold this position for at least 30 seconds in the start then you can increase the difficulty level of the exercise according to your body’s requirement. You can do 3 sets of this exercise. This will help you tone up your midsection.

Plank twists:

From the above plank position, you have to move your lower body from one side to the another, in such a way that firstly your lower body will touch the right side and then it will touch the left side. You should do 20 reps of this exercise in the starting and after that, you can increase the number according to the body requirement. And, you should at least do 3 sets to see visible results. This is very effective exercise to give you that curve.

Scissor lift:

This is the workout that you have to perform in the standing position. One hand should be resting on the chair and the other hand in the air. You have to touch your hand with that side feet. You have to work out like a scissor. This exercise should be performed at least 25 times on each side with 3 sets. This is another exercise that will cut the waist size.

Side Plank:

Just like the normal plank. You have to do this plank on your side with the elbow and the side of your foot resting on the ground. Also, you have to hold this position for at least 30 seconds and then increase the time according to the body need. You have to do 3 sets of this exercise to see the effective results.

Coming to the Butt exercises:

Fire hydrants:

Lie on the ground with the face towards the ground. From this position change to such a position that your hand and your knees are resting on the ground. Now you have to lift your leg in the sidewards direction. You have to do at least 20 reps and 3 sets on each leg to see some of the effective results.  This will work on the side part of the butt.

Donkey kicks:

From your hands and knees resting on the ground start raising your legs in the upwards direction towards the ceiling. You have to perform this exercise for at least 20 times on each leg with 3 sets. This will work on the inner part of the butt. This is how to get an hourglass figure.

These were some of the exercise to give you that small waist and wider hips. However, you cannot achieve your target until you incorporate this routine into a healthy diet. So let us discuss what you should be eating:

2Fruits and vegetables:

Fruits and vegetables have healthy carbs, natural fibers, minerals, vitamins, and water. This will help you be fuller for more time. This will cut down the intake of junk from your diet. When you eat packaged food then chances are that you are going to introduce many empty carbs into your body. So cut the bad carbs from your diet and start taking good carbs in the form of fruits and vegetables in your diet.


This is the most important part that should be introduced into the diet for sure. it can be in the form of beans, oats, whole grains and sprouts. This will keep your body fuller. Because this forms a gel-like substance in the body by reacting with water. So it slows the digestion process and in turn, will help you feel fuller for a longer time period.  Start adding fiber to your diet slowly because an immediate intake of so much fiber can cause stomach ache, nausea, and diarrhea.


The intake of proteins is also very important if you are thinking of gaining muscles. You can take proteins in the form of pulses, fish, lean meat, soya bean and many other healthy protein options are there.

5This was all about the food intake. Let’s now talk about water:

70% of the body is water. So this is a very important part of the life. When you workout you sweat a lot of water from your body in the form of sweat. So you have to balance the water need of your body by hydrating the body before and after the workout.  On the daily basis, we should at least take 2 to 3 liters of water that is at least 10 to 12 glasses.

6Now let’s talk about the sleep:

As the workout is important so is the sleep. You have to at least sleep for 7 to 8 hours at night without any disturbance. This sleep will help your muscles recover your body. While working out many of the muscle tissues are broken. This has to be repaired. So, you can wake up fresh next day and repeat the same workout again. Also, this sleep helps in repairing your skin. To get a beautiful skin and body it is very important to take that beauty sleep.Also, this is the answer to how to get an hourglass figure.

7Low-fat dairy products:

You can add high protein curd, low-fat milk, and low-fat cheese or tofu into your diet. This will help you give proteins that are needed for your muscles repair and growth. also, the requirement of protein is in many functions of the body.

Also, if you hate diary then you can add some proteins to salmon, tuna, beans, lentils, and nuts. These are also a great way to add the proteins to your diet. These are the food items if taken in moderate quantity are the solution on how to get an hourglass figure.


If you are a party animal and lot to drink a lot in parties or on regular basis, then you cannot achieve that goal of getting an hourglass body. Because the intake of alcohol increases the stress levels. The increase in the stress level will cause an increase in the fat percentage. So when the stress increases the fat will automatically increase. Instead, you can drink juice if you love to drink liquids. Also, do not drink soft drinks because they are also a source of empty carbs. All the drinks that start with the word like diet, for example, diet coke, will make you gain a lot of weight. So think before you drink.


To conclude, the above were some of my tips on how to get an hourglass figure. if you are born with the hourglass body naturally then it is really a gift. For example, if you are gaining the weight mostly on your butt and chest then you are born with the hourglass figure. if you are overweight, there is no problem. You can easily shed that extra kilo with motivation, dedication, and focus. when you will start a diet, try to stick to eat. Because fitness is a religion. Once you have started following it you have to continue practicing it for your lifetime. I hope you will incorporate these tips into your daily life.






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