How to impress a boy?

How to impress a boy
How to impress a boy

How to impress a boy? Have you been thinking of how to impress a boy, you like? If yes, then you should know some important facts about the aspect. Let’s begin with the very basic thing. There are two kinds of women in the world. The first type of women is those men find attractive and pretty and the other kind of women are those who are not only attractive but have the capability of impressing men. If you are searching for the question how to impress a boy then it is also clearly representing that you want the answer for how to get a boyfriend?

If you want to impress a boy then you must learn the best way. You should know to grab his attention without even talking to him. Try to get his phone number and start chatting with him but always make sure that you are not sounding desperate. You need to learn the appropriate ticks for impressing a boy on chat and making him interested in you.

Regular chatting will automatically attract him towards you and will make you run in his mind. The best thing you can do is to be yourself, do not try to behave as if you are someone else; just be natural. Try to be little sophisticated if you want to impress a boy or crush.  If you want more details on how to impress a boy then follow the below tips:

1How to impress a boy?Be confident:

2Keep smiling:

A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks so if you laugh a lot then trust me he is going to impress by you naturally. As per the surveys, it is identified that boys like the girl who smile and laugh a lot. They don’t like the girl who is not enjoyable and are always complaining about their life issues.

They always prefer the company which is loveable and fun. You can make him laugh through cracking jokes as it is not important that only boys can do that. Hence, if you know that how to impress a boy then this is also the great trick that you can keep in mind.

3Be yourself:

Another trick on how to impress a boy is that the let your uniqueness shines. Boys love a girl with original nature and they always love to be with the girl who has the courage of being different. So, if you want to impress your crush than make sure you are not showing off the things which you are not. Show him the real you and try to be yourself completely as it will not sparkle your confidence but will also represent that you are comfortable around him. Don’t try to follow other girls or don’t try to copy anyone because then it will not be appreciated by him. In a simple term, if you are simple then be like that because it will attract him towards you.

4Don’t talk about life issues:

It is very important that you should understand this aspect because boys hate those girls who keep on discussing the life issues. You can impress a boy very quickly if you are normal with him even after having so many problems. You can discuss your identity and background but if you are going very deep about your problems and family then it can piss him off. So, just try to make a nice bond with home first and when you know that this is the appropriate time you can discuss all the problems so that you can have a solution from him. This trick should be kept in mind if you really want to impress your crush.

5Healthy flirting:

6Find out common topics you can talk about:

Discussing common topics is a nice advantage for keeping the conversation continues. For instance, if he has an interest in the sports then you can ask him about the favorite sports and a sportsperson he likes. You can discuss the other sports and can gain knowledge for yourself as well. You shouldn’t focus on your interests while talking to him instead you must try to talk about the recent updates and discuss. Thus, this is also one of the tips for how to impress a boy.

7Don’t boast about your achievements:

You should keep notice of this tip as well if you are trying to impress a boy. Boys don’t like women who keep on boasting about their achievements. Even if you have achieved a high level of success but in front of your partners you should not brag about it. Bragging can lead to destroying all your plans so keep in mind before saying something which is linked to your success or achievements. It puts a bad impression on the boys and hence can affect the beginning of your love life which is not even started yet.

8Don’t let him know about your feelings:

This is one mistake every girl make while impressing a boy. If you will show your feelings to him then it becomes obvious for him to understand that you like him and he will not show any interest. You should let him take the first step as it will help you in ensuring the long-term association with him. You need to understand that boys approach girls who don’t show their feelings to him and let him guess that what actually is going on. This trick for sure will help you in reaching out to the person whom you like the most.


Show him that you are more than that of the pretty face. Undoubtedly, he will like you because you are pretty but let me tell you the fact here which is that boys like girls who are intelligent. Interesting and intellectual ladies attract men very easily so if you are looking for how to impress a boy then find this quality in you. Most of the men look for more than just a pretty face. Every person has their level of knowledge so if you will educate him about something specific then naturally he will fascinate by you and will be attracted towards you.

10Don’t be judgmental:

Boys hate girls who judge at a time so you need to ensure that you are not behaving like a pushover. If you do not like something then keep it to yourself. You should not be making it obvious because then it will reduce the chances further. Maybe the guy you like has a passion for something and there are chances that your likes don’t match to him but then adjusting is the part of life. You should learn to adjust and accept your partner the way he is.


Impressing a boy can be very uncomfortable for a girl because there are so many judgments associated with it. If you like a boy and you are not feeling comfortable to say this to him then you should follow certain tips and tricks which are given above. They will help you out in coming out of the critical situation. Just remember that you are not being desperate and make yourself feel calm. You don’t have to hassle while meeting for the first time because then it can spoil the whole plan and will lead to nothing.

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