How to impress a girl?

How to impress a girl
How to impress a girl

How to impress a girl? Are you interested in a girl? Do you like her? Are you finding the ways to impress her? So you have reached the right place. It seems to be simple, however, it is the toughest task to accomplish. The girls are often unpredictable. We cannot judge a girl easily. She might be thinking something else and performing something else.

So it becomes very difficult for the boy to judge if the girl really likes him or not. I will be sharing all the steps that will help you impress a girl but another tip that I would like to give to you guys is that never force a girl to like you.

Fortunately, if you have performed all the steps yet the girl does not fell in love with you. Then the chances are that she does not have the kind of love feeling for you. She might not be interested in you or she might like or love someone else. Liking a person is good and you are free to love or like anyone in this whole universe.

But, expecting the same feeling from the other person is not good. You cannot let anyone love you. So stop here only if you are in one-sided love with a girl. Though, you can try just give it a try once.

Relationships formed by mutual understanding are always good. If you love a person one-sidedly then you will end up with nothing. You will make the person irritate at the same time you will lose all the good feelings the other person has for you. Instead, you can utilize, this time in impressing another girl that is also equally interested in you. Without much more talks, let’s jump straight into the article of how to impress a girl.

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1Being a gentleman:

Being a gentleman is the most thing. Girls do not like boys that keep on staring at you. Girls do not like guys that are too-touchy. They do not like guys that abusing a lot. These are not the qualities of a good person or a gentleman.

Instead, girls prefer the boys that are innocent about their feelings. Also, the boys that do not force a girl to like them. Instead, they will wait for the moment of life when the girl might start liking him.  This is one of the qualities that every girl looks in a guy. That many of the guys do not have in them.

You can try these following ways to impress her instead:

  1. Open the door for her: A gentleman will always open the door for the girl, instead of seating in the car first. He will first open the car door for a girl, to make her feel comfortable.
  2. Unexpected flower: Giving an unexpected flower to the girl will impress her so much. You can impress her by giving flowers to her at different moments. This will let her feel so special.
  3. Pull the chair: Pulling the chair for the girl while going on a date with her. This is one of the qualities of a gentleman.
  4. Avoid abusing: Avoid abusing or swearing in front of a girl. always talk intelligent, so to make her feel that you are a really knowledgeable person with whom she is dating.
  5. Learn to cook: A girl is always looking for a boy that can cook. Because she always wants a person that can not only participate in the money making process of the house but can also participate in some of the home-making tasks as well. So guys stop everything right now! Learn some cooking.

These are some of the points that a girl always want to have in her guy. If you will follow these points the girl will surely show interest in you.


This another important factor that should be kept in mind while you are searching on how to impress a girl. For example, if you are sitting with a girl that you like and you are constantly talking about all the rubbish stuff that she is not at all interested in listening.

On the other hand, when she is telling something about her life to you, then you are ignoring her. Or you keep on interrupting her. This show that you are very least interest in what she is talking. This, in turn, will make your bad image in front of her.

In order to avoid making your bad image in front of her or spoiling your character in front of her. Try not to be more focused on your thing rather than be attentive while listening to what she speaks. This is the quality that is highly liked by all of my female friends in person.

3Dressing up:

This another common factor that will help you in impressing your lady love. A girl will never ever date a shabby looking person. The person that does not know how to dress up. To impress her try to dress up like a gentleman.

You can do this by wearing a suit, tie, watch and other accessories. You can also wear a mild deodorant. That will act like a cherry on top of the cake. I know the question of “how to impress a girl?” is not very simple to answer. But, being a girl I will try to give you every possible solution regarding the same.

4Asking questions will let you know her in a better way:

Stop staring at her! Start asking some relevant questions from her. This will know that despite her looks that you like, what kind of person she is inside. If she deserves all your love and attention or not. The questions should not be vulgar. You have to use a refined approach to impress her. That will let her think more about you. The question you can ask can be like:

  1. a) What are your hobbies?
  2. b) What is your dream in life?
  3. c) What would you prefer more being loved or having a lot of bank balance?

d)What is the location that you want to visit the most?

  1. e) What will your dream date be like?
  2. f) Who is your best friend?
  3. g) What is the thing that you are scared of the most?

The above are some of the questions that you can ask her, which will let you have some idea about her. Some idea about her likings and interests, that will let you judge her. That what kind of person she really is.

5Compliment her:

Girls like being complimented about their things. You can praise her eyes, her smile, her hair, her dress, her style and any other thing that you like in her. But do not overdo the compliments section. By telling her again and again that her dress is so pretty or any other statement like that. Think if some is repeating the same statement again and again then how would you feel being in the same situation where she is right now.

Also, compliment the things that you can think that you have the explanation for. Do not praise the dress if you do not know about the cloth material or the designer name. You should always think twice while speaking anything in front of a girl. Because a girl will always ask the reason why you are speaking that stuff for her. This is how to impress a girl.

6Do not show-off your wealth:

You should not act too materialistic in front of a person that you are going to start a new beginning. If you are buying too expensive things like Jewelry, designer clothes and stuff to the girl in the start only then there might be chances that you are spending right things on the wrong person. If a girl starts being with you for the sake of the gifts you buy for her, then he is only interested in those gifts only not you.

Impressing does not mean show off your wealth in front of her. Rather, try to be the person that you actually are in front of her. Showing your true feelings for her will make her feel that you truly love her. I am not telling you to act poorly in front of her, but show your wealth at that time when you are really into a serious relationship. Before that, you should avoid doing all those materialistic things for her.This is how to impress a girl.

7Her friends are also important:

If you like a girl too much then you will even have to take care of her friends. Impressing her can also be impressing her friends too. Because in this case the person mostly wants to hear about what her close friends think about you. So the mission is not only to impress her but also her girl’s gang too.


To conclude, above are some of the points that every guy should follow. Because this gives all the answers to how to impress a girl. Impressing a girl will initially be difficult. But once if you will get your true love, then you will really feel that all your hard work has paid. I hope you will find this article helpful in your life.


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