How To Prepare For An Interview?

how to prepare for an interview

Job interviews are always stressful regardless of the number of interviews you might have attended and your level of experience. Job interviews play a vital role in deciding your future life path. After all, you just get a single opportunity to prove to a potential employer why you deserve to be hired and that you are the right fit for the job. So it is really essential for every job seeker that they should prepare for an interview diligently.

It is therefore imperative to prepare yourself prior to attending any job interview. With the competition increasing day by day, you have to beat a great number of well-qualified candidates to earn a job. Therefore, it is vital to be well prepared prior to attend an interview.

In this blog, we will highlight top interview questions that you must prepare prior to attending any job interview.

1Be Selective about what you are going to wear for the job interview

The outfit that you wear for a job interview reflects a lot about your personality and your preparation for the interview. For selecting your outfit, you need to analyze the nature of the job.

It is always advisable to dress up formally for any job interview since that reflects a good impression of yours on the mind of the interviewer. Make sure that your outfit is clean and properly ironed. Make sure that you pair up your outfit with accessories and shoes that look graceful with it. Wearing a wristwatch always leaves a good impression of yours. For girls, carrying a handbag matching your dress makes you look professional. It is always good to try your outfit and shoes beforehand so as to assure that they fit you properly and are not too tight or loose for your body.

2Research the company

Researching the company is a very important part of your preparation for the interview. Majority of candidates omit this activity and land up in trouble during the interview. In order to assure that you go well prepared, you must go through the company’s

website, portfolio and other pages to gather information about the company. Read the services and products the company deals in, their editorials and annual reports to gather detailed information about the company. It is always good to go through the company’s establishment details, ongoing projects, and future plans to acquire a good idea about the firm. Through this activity, you will also be able to analyze whether the company and company’s culture are a good fit for you.

This information can be utilized to demonstrate your knowledge about the company during the interview.

Your reason for quitting your last job: This is a question that’s a part of every interview irrespective of the job profile. Undoubtedly, the reason for exiting your previous job is not good, perhaps, you must not have left your previous job otherwise. The manner you answer this question is most important since this is one of the questions that can be the decider of your future. You must address this question carefully, otherwise, it might leave your impression as an unreliable employee on the employer. You must not provide a negative feedback of your old employer/company in the

interview and instead, provide a valid yet strong reason that proves your point. You can utilize this question as an opportunity to reflect your drive and ambition for the future. You can answer this question in the manner such as “You are looking for a growth opportunity” or “You are looking for a role that provides an opportunity to learn new things” or “You are looking for a role that offers new challenges”.

3Study your resume and make sure you know everything about it

Your resume reflects everything about you as a whole – your experience, qualifications, achievements and hobbies and the employer uses it to get acquainted with you. Your work experience and skill set are the major points on which questions are usually put on. The interviewer can pick up anything from your resume and ask you to elaborate on it. Therefore, it is vital to have enough knowledge of everything that you have on your resume – your previous work profiles, skillset, achievements, etc.

4Salary Expectations

This is a tricky question and requires a careful answer. Quoting a number ‘too high’ may bring you completely out of the running for the job. On the other hand, a number ‘too low’ might get you hired but at a paltry wage. Therefore, in order to address this question correctly.

you should perform research to find out the market price as per the profile and the level of experience you have. This approximate number will help you quote an appropriate range during the interview. Salary expectation also varies according to the size/level of the company. A high profile might be in

the position to offer a better range of the same profile and level of experience. Again, for this, you need to research the company beforehand that will help you quote a salary range. Avoid turning down an opportunity in case they offer you something low than your expectations – you must analyze

other factors such as company’s reputation, benefits for employees, growth opportunities, learning opportunities, etc.

5Keep up your confidence level

Confidence is something that works even if other factors are not in your favor. You must keep your confidence level high over the course of interview since it reflects your overall personality. Do not get embarrassed even if you do not know the answer to any question and try to answer every question confidently.

6Remain updated with new technologies

With technology advancing rapidly, new techniques and mechanisms are coming to the market with every passing day. Therefore, it is vital to gather knowledge about new mechanisms and technologies regularly in order to keep yourself updated with the evolving trends.

Having knowledge of new techniques and technologies is vital since interviewer usually puts up questions on new techniques/technologies.

7Prepare Copies of Important Documents

While you prepare for an interview it is really important that you draft a perfect resume. Resume/CV is the most important in your list of documents that you need to carry for the interview. Make sure to prepare your CV well in advance and make sure to list things accordingly on the CV. Do a little bit of research to see the order in which you should list your credentials on the CV. Also, get copies of other documents that need to be carried to the interview such as a photograph, educational & experience documents, etc in order to assure that you are organized for the interview well in advance and are not left in chaos on the interview day.

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8Reach the Interview Venue well in time

Punctuality in the interview is one of the deciding factors in your hiring for a job. Reaching the interview venue late leaves a bad impression of yours and may become a factor for your rejection. Therefore, make sure to reach the venue well in time.

9Practice Interview Etiquettes

Body language plays a vital role in your selection to any job. You must greet the interview panel politely, have a firm handshake and make eye contact with everyone on the interview panel. Speak politely and enthusiastically during the interview and look interested.

Therefore, reflecting good etiquettes in an interview is a factor which definitely works in your favor.

We are sure that going through this article will definitely help you in getting prepared for a job interview.

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