12 Jobs that you can work from home

12 Jobs that you can work from home
12 Jobs that you can work from home

Employment landscape has gone through dramatic changes in the recent years with less number of jobs and high number of job seekers. Getting high-paid jobs is never easy and one has to face a lot of hurdles to get a lucrative job. Thanks to highly qualified people these days, one has to beat a large number of competitors to grab a job. A work from home job is the best option when one is not able to grab a good opportunity. Also if you have some constraint that prevents you from doing a full-time job.

Plenty of online work opportunities exist these days and one must not waste their earning potential even if they are unemployed or not able to commute to a job.

Through this blog, we will familiarize you with some of the best work from home jobs that you can utilize to your benefit and earn some bucks in your free times.

Jobs that you can work from Home

We will now go through some of the best work from home opportunities:

1Become a Freelance Writer

With plenty of content being generated and posted online every day, the demand for freelance writers is very high. Freelance writers earn handsome perks for every single project they work on.

You just need to register yourself on online portals such as ODesk, People Per Hour, Freelancer, Guru, etc and take some tests that provides your profile a ranking. You need to know little amount of bidding to get projects from clients. As a freelancer, you may be required to write business reviews, write-ups targeting certain topics, etc. 

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2YouTube Videos

YouTube has emerged as one of the most paying platforms as it provides instant stardom. All you need to do is to record videos and upload them online. You need to select a specific category and record videos targeting a specific niche. The category of videos that usually get paid are the ones that provide solution, address issues, are entertainment-centered, informative videos, etc.

For instance, you can upload videos targeting troubleshooting, providing technical solutions, education-based, fun/humorous based, recipe-based, documentaries, etc. You need to create your YouTube channel and get good number of subscribers to earn money.

3Virtual Assistant

Businesses often require professionals who could work remotely and offer services such as preparing business documents such as excel sheets and PPTs, getting connected with clients and investors, taking follow up on orders, remote troubleshooting, maintaining blogs and websites, performing market research to help the company decide its product pricing, etc. Companies require a virtual assistant when they cannot justify a full-time employee for the work or rely only on remote assistance.

4Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring is one of the highly paying jobs these days. You just need to register on online tutoring portals specifying the subjects you can teach, your academics and experience you possess, classes you can teach, etc. The portals provide you clients on the basis of your experience level. All you need to do is to teach courses, resolve student queries and assess student performance through the online mode. This is a great platform for earning lucrative perks.

5Become a Consultant

You can also earn by selling your knowledge to people online. People seek advice on diverse matters such as career, legal issues, astrological advice, technical matters, health matters, investment matters, etc.

For earning money through consultancy services, you just need to advertise your services through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc and post content regularly targeting your potential audience. You must also add contact and messaging facility on your page. You can advertise your services in your competitor’s posts by posting your page URL in the comments section and also integrate with other brands and cross promote each others’ services.

6Web Design and Development

In case you possess technical skills on website design and development, you can earn very lucrative perks through the web. You can bid for website design and development projects on freelance portals and provide design and development services for handsome bucks. This field requires good technical knowhow, building a good reputation and keeping your prices affordable for constantly getting projects.

7Affiliate Marketing

This involves advertising and selling products of other firms such as e-commerce companies. You just need to sign up with e-commerce firms and market their products/services on your website and social media channels. The companies pay you commission for every sale generated by you.

8Domain Trader

Buying and selling domains is one of the most profitable work from home job that involves purchasing popular/expired domains from registrars at low prices and selling them to clients at extremely large prices. Earning through renting a domain for a specific time duration is also a good option.

9Try Google AdSense Network

Earning from AdSense requires you to have your own website and having huge website traffic. You need to build your website and get traffic on website through some tricks and tactics. You need to register on Google AdSense network and Google manages the placement and management of ads. This involves displaying image, text or video ads of businesses on your website and you get paid on the basis of number of ad clicks on your website.

10Share Trader

You can become an online share trader that will involve purchasing shares of companies that you perceive are doing great and selling them later at high profits when you observe an increase in value of shares.

11Digital Marketing Specialist

Almost every business these days require digital marketing for revenue generation. Digital marketing involves numerous services such as E-mail marketing, Google AdWords specialist, SEO services, Pay per click, Social Media Marketing, Analytics manager and many more.

If you possess the skills relevant to any of these roles, you can offer any of these services via the online mode and earn handsome perks. Companies consistently look for professionals who could provide these services remotely. You can join this field to earn lucrative bucks. 

12Sell Your products online

You can register with e-commerce portals like Etsy, Zazzle and others and sell your custom-made products, handmade items, art works and other products. These platforms charge a small fee per product listed on their platform. You can connect with a logistics partner and send your products once you receive orders from customers. This is another option for earning handsome perks.

We hope that this blog will surely familiarize you. With some of the best work from home jobs that offer lucrative returns.

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