Keys to a Healthy Diet

Keys to a Healthy Diet

Keys to a Healthy Diet, Going on a healthy diet from an unhealthy diet is really difficult. When I started my healthy journey, I was really afraid. But I didn’t jump in to really healthy on all the days of my first week of healthy dieting. Firstly, I started my journey from eating three days healthy in a week. After a month, I started eating 4 days healthy. Then I slowly increased the number of healthy days of eating. Now, currently I have one cheat day and rest are my healthy eating days. So let me share some of my keys to a healthy diet.

Do not just stick to one fruit or veggie :

If you like eating bananas then do not eat only bananas try some different fruits as well.  Do not only eat french beans is you like them. Try doing some mix and match of different veggies and then make a combined dish. You can make a stir-fried vegetable. With fruits, you can make juices or smoothies.

Think about in depth, one fruit will give you certain benefit, whereas the other fruit has certain different properties. So, you cannot only rely on one food. Mixing different fruits and vegetable will help you fight many diseases and will reduce the exposure to pesticides or any toxic substance that make be present in a particular food.

Portions :

Yes, you can eat that whole bowl of salad. But if you are at a restaurant do not order something in really big size like an extra large pizza. You might be on your cheat day but do not overdo it. Also, always keep check of the label that is at the back of a product. Mostly the small packages have two to three servings within it. So, if you are eating the whole of the package then you make be taking some of the extra calories.

Key to a Healthy Diet

More of the whole grains :

At least you should consider adding half of the whole grains in your grains collections. Remember that the whole grains are a great source of fibre and nutrients. Look at the label and check if there is written 100% whole grain or something similar. if that is not written then check if the whole grain is the first on the list of the ingredients.

Limit the use of sugar :

Do not use the white sugar that is made from processing. As an alternative, you can use the jaggery sugar or honey or some of the natural sweetener. Also, you can avoid using the white salt that we normally use in our house. In the alternative, we can use the pink Himalayan salt or the sea salt. They are the better and healthy options. But remember, not to overdo anything. The consumption of the alternates should also be controlled. So this was the final, yet interesting tip.

Conclusion :

We have shared the keys to a healthy diet. I hope you would have enjoyed reading this blog. Incorporate them into our lives and feel the difference.

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