Latest digital marketing trends of 2018

latest digital marketing trends of 2018
latest digital marketing trends of 2018

Latest digital marketing trends of 2018. Digital marketing is the hottest topic these days. We all know that the thing that is more famous than the traditional marketing is the online marketing. We can sit at one corner of our house and we can do our internet marketing work.

On the contrary part, the traditional marketing included going from one place to another and then doing marketing. It included from putting banner ads to visiting different places for business or from advertising your business on a radio to Television. However, as the social media nowadays is so popular that it has become really easy to spread your business to each corner of the world without many physical efforts.

So, now without much talking let’s just talk about the latest online marketing trends of 2018.

1Latest digital marketing trends of 2018: Mobile:

Mobile is the most common mean by which most of the users will visit your website. As the mobiles and tablets are the handy devices, people often find these things more convenient to use. And also, according to a survey, a mobile is generally found in a diameter of 2 to 3 meter.  Almost 3/4th of the world is engaged on their mobile phones on different social media platform and on various platforms. And, to make your website mobile friendly will be of great benefit with an online marketing point of view.

And according to the latest digital marketing trends of 2018, most of the websites are giving the option of chat to their customers. This will be helpful for the customers as there queries will be easily handled.  In this latest online marketing trends of 2018, your website should be mobile friendly. Also, your mobile strategy should include sending messages to the customers frequently. For example, if your website is related to food then you should send messages to your customers on weekly basis with different offers in it. This can be a great strategy, as most of the users are using their phones regularly.


Chatbots is the technology that will be an update for most of the companies. And if you don’t know much about this tool then think about a thing that can answer the general queries and also other questions from your customers.  Chatbots are usually used to entertain your customer’s questions automatically without the involvement of the real human.

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If you want to see the example of this then you should see the Facebook or any others websites chatbot by initiating a chat with them. This the latest digital marketing techniques that are proven to engage at least 80% of the audience. If you have 1000 customers to be served then at least 800 to 900 customers will be answered. This will engage most of the customers at one time. And also, this process is better than the email process.


The traffic that is earned by the SEO results is the best way to boost up your business. While ranking a website it looks at so many factors like the Facebook reviews, Google reviews, Yelp reviews and many more.  And if the website has bad rating then why would Google rank it on top?

As the reviews are the things that are essential not only for the SEO part but also it is very essential to convert the traffic into sales. And also according to a survey, almost 90% of the people check the reviews before buying something online. So, the reviews are one of the latest digital marketing trends of 2018 that should be kept in mind. Be sure that you have a great plan to get those reviews. You can do this by giving great customer services to them by answering the user’s questions immediately.


Videos the hot and latest digital marketing trends of 2018. This is another great way to improve your sales rate. A survey showed that the sales rate increased by 80% by using video on the websites.

The traffic that was introduced by the SEO will stay and will be converted into sales. To promote your business started recording videos on the monthly basis to be uploaded to your websites or on Facebook or on Youtube. Also, you will see a drastic change in your daily visitor’s number. Also, keep this thing in mind that your video should be of high quality and should cover some real-life circumstances so to make a connection with your audience. This is another great online marketing technique.

5Media Content:

One of the latest digital marketing trends of 2018 that will never fade out is the Media content. If you are running a media company then what are the sources from which you get your content. Is it the TV or the newspaper or radio.

As the content that you will show in the form of podcasts, videos, written work will be the most important thing that will be the cause of getting traffic to your websites. Also, while posting the videos you have to be realistic and you do not need to copy the content in order to come up. You will have to be unique in order to rank higher in the google search.


The stories format is the latest way that the people are using to share their daily experiences. In order to promote your business, you can also put some of your live stores about your work and business in order to grow your business. Instagram, Snapchat and even youtube have their section to post stories under the reels section. Also, Whatsapp and Facebook have the section to post a story on the status form. So, this is another one of latest trend digital marketing trends of 2018 that is a hot fire topic.


We have shared almost six different latest digital marketing trends of 2018 that included the hot topics mobiles, chatbots, stories, media content, videos and reviews. I hope you will adopt one of the technique and get going with your business.



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