How to Make Money on YouTube Without Million Followers

How to make money on You Tube
How to make money on You Tube

How to Make Money on YouTube ? In today’s world, you tubers are the self-made celeb. However, they have not achieved this stardom overnight. Some dedication and your little steps towards the start can definitely help you to achieve the ultimate goals of your life.

You know that $4 million is 26 crores and earning only 1 percent of that amount can be such amazing experience. And, you can absolutely do that by strong subscribers base on youtube. And the strong fan following will not build up overnight, you have to wait and work hard with patience.

I will not promise that you will make this money in few days. But, you can absolutely start making money within months. In this article, we will be showing you the steps on how to make money on youtube. Also, I will be showing the tools and procedure to make money.

Don’t think that you cannot earn money from youtube because you are Indian then that is wrong.  You tubers like Sanam, Kanan Gill and Sanjay Thumma have given us lots of inspiration. So, it doesn’t matter to which locality, religion or region you belong you can make money through YouTube through efforts.

Without much talking let’s get started:

1How to Make Money on YouTube : Create a channel:

You can start off his journey to start creating your youtube channel.  To start a youtube channel you will require a Gmail account first.

Once you are logged in to the Gmail account, open Then go to the left side panel and there you will find an My Channels option. Click on that option. then you will get a pop up of ‘ Set Up your Channel On YouTube ‘ will appear and then you have to put your own details theirs. And tada!!! It’s created.

Now to make your channel more visible do not just use the default URL. Instead, create a custom URL. In this way, you will get more of the visibility in the organic search result on YouTube.

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2Find a niche in which you will create your videos:

You will have to first find out the passion or the things that you find interesting to do.  Do you have a passion for singing in the bathroom? Then go and tell the world about your passion by opening a YouTube singing channel.

Do you sleep a lot? It’s also a kind of way you can make money. There are these people that are suffering from sleep disorders. tell them how you fell asleep by living all the stress behind.

Do you have a great fashion sense? Go and tell the people about that. There is a world struggling around just because they do not know what to wear or what will actually look good on them.

Have love for your cat or Dog? Go and make some of their funny videos and put that on the internet. You can also make money by these things.

I am really serious when I say that you can make money on YouTube. You can actually make that.

3Pick up a crowd of people:

Building a crowd of people is critical to expanding your adaptation. You require individuals to watch your promotions keeping in mind the end goal to profit off of them. There is no mystery to getting more audience, simply influence the best substance that you can and they will come to you.

Continue transferring substance and attempt to get individuals snared. Send your video out on Twitter and Facebook. Offer it to individuals. Disperse it somewhere else on the web. The audience is fundamental to turning into subscribers.

Connect with your watchers by reacting to remarks and making intermittent recordings specifically identified with watcher remarks and inquiries. Associating with your group will bring more individuals into that group.

4Monetizing Your videos:

In order to earn money from the videos. You will have to put ads in your videos. This is the way with which you are going to be earning money from your YouTube Videos.

You have to monetize the video by clicking on the Monetization Tab. And, then you will get the option ‘Monetize with ads’.

In order to monetize an ad after uploading the video, you will have to open the Video manager. Then click the $ sign that is next to the video that you want to monetize. Then Check the “Monetize with ads box”.

5Set up Google AdSense:

How to make money on You Tube

6Check out the Google analytics:

When you have a few recordings on the web, adapted, and being seen, you can look at the investigation on them to perceive how they are performing. Tap the Analytics alternative in your Channel menu. Here you can see evaluated profit, promotion execution, video perspectives, socioeconomics, demographics and much more.

Utilize these devices to perceive how your substance is performing in the crowd of people. You can change your substance or your content in case you’re finding that you aren’t drawing in the audience that you need to.

7Marketing your videos:

And the last and the most important step on how to make money on YouTube. You can create a website where you can put in your videos and start marketing them. You can do SEO on the website and get higher ranking on the organic search result. this way you will not only get traffic to your website but also you will get more traffic to your YouTube video. This is one of the great ways to increase the visibility of your video around the globe.


In this article, you will get the idea about How to Make Money on YouTube. I hope you will find this article beneficial.




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