7 measures we should take to recover from sickness

measures to recover from sickness earlier
measures to recover from sickness earlier

Is there any person on this earth that has never ever been sick? I don’t think so. Each and every one of us have been sick  one or the other day. The days when we don’t go to school, college or work and prefer to sit at home and rest. Everyone of us have faced such days. Calling our boss in the morning, “I am not coming today sir because I am ill ” and then all day be on the bed and taking lots and lots of medicines with that boring spiceless and oil-free food. We have to take some measures to recover from sickness at earlier stage.

1Measures to recover from sickness earlier:

The fact is we cannot be sick for more days, because lot of work just start getting piled up. The clock will not stop even if we die. I will share some of the points by which you can easily recover from your sickness.

2Take a leave:

Whether you are at school, college or work. Just take a break. A break can be really a boon to you. If you will continue working with the same illness, you will be more likely to get more sick then you were before. It is just one full day of rest and who knows with the new sun your illness is also gone away. A prevention is always better then a cure and by taking 1 day off you can prevent yourself from getting some severe disease.

3Mind-it what you eat:

Do not grab on a packet of chips and start eating. These packaged products have so many complex carbohydrates that are not easily digestible by the bodies. Think about it you are sick, you do not have the energy to stand properly and you are eating chips, if all the energy is wasted in digesting such complex carbohydrates, then do you think any energy will be left for your recovery? No. Did I guess right? So avoid these packaged foods and try eating some healthier options like fruits and vegetable that will not only give you simple carbohydrates but also the vitamins and minerals that you will require for your recovery process. So think before what you are eating.

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4Get enough sleep:

When you sick ,why always the doctor says take enough rest? The reason is the sleep helps to recover. The more you sleep the more your body will recover. The medicine that you take will only show its complete effect when you will take proper rest. What happens is when you sleep is, your body is goes in to the repairing or rejuvenation mode that means that it has start repairing itself. That is why doctors recommend 7 to 9 hours of deep sleep for the adults and when you are not fit or ill, then you should take at least double the sleep that you take in your normal days so you can recover fast.


Water, it’s chemical formula is H2O, that means it has oxygen in it. Each and every cell of our body needs oxygen and without which we are dead. Try to take at 8 to 9 glasses of water. So the lot more the water you will intake the more oxygen you will intake and the more are the chances of you to recover soon.

6Take an appointment :

It is better not to be a doctor and let the professionals do their own work. So do not take any medicine without the doctor’s recommendation. Go to the doctor tell them your problem, listen to them carefully, what steps they are asking for you to perform in order to recover fast. Then Buy the medicines accordingly. Do not care about the money at that particular time because “health is wealth” . Buy all the medicines from the store that doctor and prescribed you. Some of us try to save our money by not visiting the doctors when they are sick and ultimately leading to more severe sickness. So try not to give preference to the money at this point.

7Intake hot liquids:

Try not to drink the packaged soups and try to stick to some home-made light soups that will be healthy for you and make you feel better than before. If you are having a danger cold, then this will open your nasal passage and you will be able to breathe. You can also try some ginger cinnamon tea or even you can go for a green tea. These tea will not only help you in your cold, their medicinal properties will also increase your immune system so in long term you are not prone to getting such diseases. Also you can take steam if you are having cold. That will be very beneficial for your nose.

8Always take a hot shower:

Imagine you are having fever and you showered with cold water your temperature will break the thermometer. Do not even skip your shower, that is important part of the daily routine. Some people don’t take bath when they are sick. Prefer taking a hot bath. So your body is not affected by other germs that generally attack us when do not wash our hands properly or when we don’t take shower. So in all, taking a hot shower is good and is healthy for your body. Rest you can also take advice from your doctor who will guide you better.


So, always there is one or the other person who is falling sick. So by following these points above like taking rest, taking off from your work, eating healthy food, properly hydrating yourself, getting proper sleep , by having hot medicinal drinks or soups, avoiding colder water shower and lastly the most important visiting a doctor and following his advice and taking proper medicine that will help you recover fast from your illness. I wish you may find this helpful so next time when you will fall sick, you can easily recover from your illness as you are ready with the above measures.

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