11 Mistakes You are Making to Attract an Unhealthy Life


We all make small and big mistakes in our daily lives. Some Mistakes to Attract an Unhealthy Life we commonly do. These mistakes can be anything like from eating unhealthy to not exercising at all, from being less active to eating very less nutritional food and taking improper sleep. This is making us sick day by day.

111 Mistakes You are Making to Attract an Unhealthy Life

The more you are making these mistakes the more unhealthy you are and the more you will be getting severe diseases. Believe it or not we all have done this one day or the other day. This is making your life unhealthy. I am going to share 11 Mistakes that you are making to attract an unhealthy life.

2Early riser:

You must have heard that “early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. When we sleep late at night and wake up late in the morning, the chances increase that we will be unhealthy or physically unfit in the coming time. So to wake up early in the morning and going to bed at around 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm will be is a good habit and we should try to be an early riser, rather than a late sleeper.

3Saying no to exercise:

Learn to say yes to the exercises. Whether it is running, dancing, performing some strength moves, some HIIT(High Intensity Interval training), cardio exercises or it is simple walking. You can perform any one of these exercises and you will stay fit for life. As you perform this exercise your heart rate start increasing and the blood flow is increased, more of the oxygen is flowing in your blood. This will definitely make you active and if you will incorporate this in your daily schedule then you will be happy, active and healthy for your entire life.


In our youth, most people are addicted to alcohol. The parties are not complete without drinks and wines. why can’t we just drink juices that are very healthy for you. The minerals and the vitamins they provide are not found in the alcohols. Don’t do these type of mistakes that are making you unhealthy. The alcohols damage the liver and can cause such danger diseases that you might lose your life. So it is better to say no to alcohols that may become the reason of your death.


Whether it is smoking or drinking all are really injurious to health. Now even the movies don’t start without the message that smoking is injurious to health. This can take your life. Smoking can cause lung cancer. You are not only making your lunges at risk but also the people that will smell the smoke will also be at a risk. This also has a very bad effect on your heart. Do you want to die fast? Don’t you want to live a long and happy and healthy life . Then try to avoid this mistake that will lead to an unhealthy life.

6Food full of empty carbohydrates:

The packaged food or the street food that we enjoy eating have a lots and lots of empty carbs that will make you unhealthy again and try avoiding these type of foods. These food contain so much of complex carbohydrates that are very difficult to digest by our bodies. Try to introduce some simple carbohydrates to your life in the form of fruits and vegetables. These empty carbs will make you feel bloated and will also lead to weight gain, that is not liked by anyone of us.


Water is the most important part for our bodies. As more than half of the world is made up of water bodies , so is our body. Our body needs lots and lots of water we should at least drink 2 to 3 liters of water. The more water will take the more we will have the oxygen that is present in it as its chemical formula describes H2O, the more oxygen flows in to our blood the more is our heart healthy . The more the heart is healthy, the more healthy we are. So try to as much water you can throughout the day.

8Beauty sleep:

Sleep plays a very important part in our lives. This will not only make you more beautiful but will also help your body to be repaired after the long stressful day. Try to take proper 8 to 9 hours of sleep. If you don’t have that much time at least you should take 7 hours of break-free sleep. Do not forget to take your sleep because this is also a mistake you are doing that will lead to your unhealthy life.

9Proper nutrient balance:

Try not to just eat an apple and run to your office. Try to take a proper meal in which you will have fibers, proteins, minerals, and vitamins. You can get the fiber from the wheat flour, daliya, apple, banana, oranges, strawberries and many more. Proteins you can get from dals, fish, meat, guava, kiwi, avocado, apricots, nuts and much more like these. You can get vitamin A in apple, spinach, kale, and any other dark leafy vegetable. So in this way you can save yourself from being unhealthy by taking proper minerals and nutrients in your meal and by not skipping the meals.

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10Wash your bed sheet often:

By not washing your bedsheets often you are again doing a mistake that will lead to an unhealthy life. Our skin will repair at night and will definitely shed some of the dead cells on the bed sheets and also many germs and bacteria comes on it when we do not wash it often. So it is very important, not to be lazy and send our bed sheets to the laundry weekly.

11Sleeping with make up on:

Sleep with the make-up that you had throughout the day. Is it good for your health think about it? No it is not. The make-up that we put on our faces is made up of chemicals and the chemicals the make-up next day will be on our pillows. Have you thought that this can even go in to your mouth? If it will go in to your mouth, this will lead to some of the hormonal imbalance and will lead to severe diseases as well. So think about the future before you sleep with your makeup on your face, this is also a mistake that we lazy ladies do.

12Take a shower properly:

Do not rush when you bath. Relax in your bathroom and take a nice shower, till you feel yourself clean. Our bodies often release some oils that should be washed properly. So try to properly was yourself in shower.


If you will keep the above points in mind, I bet you that you will lead a very healthy life. These are the little points that we humans just skip in our busy lives. And, if we start remembering and following the above points in our day to day lives then we will surely lead a healthy, prosperous and happy life. So try to avoid these 11 mistakes that are attracting an unhealthy life.

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