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We are heartily thankful to you for visiting our website We appreciate you reading all the content that we provide on our website. We are highly committed and also we pay a high interest when it comes to protecting the private information that our users provide us on our website. However, we would like to inform you that we are not responsible for protecting any of the information you provide on the websites linked to

Please read the privacy policies of carefully and give us the acknowledgment that you accept the privacy policies while going to our website.

What comes under the privacy policy?

Our privacy policies cover how we manage your personal information that is shared with us when you use our website. It also covers how we take care of your private information when you are using our website. This privacy policy is not applicable to any other party other than the

What is the personal information that our website collect? collects all the information you provide during your registration on our website. It may include the email address, name, date of birth, phone number that you may share on our website during using it. You can also skip this part and directly use our website. It is all your wish.


When you register on our website, you will get the benefits of all our promotions, newsletters and other communication sources that we release from time to time. This is the advantage that is given only to the registered user. Also, it is all up to you if you want to subscribe to the newsletters or any other third party promotion or not. You can totally skip this steps as well.

The policy of commenting:

I would like to make you aware that if you are posting any comment on our website that is totally at your own risk. We do not guarantee that no other unauthorized user can view your comment. You must be aware of this that the copy of any of the information that you post on our website is not only on our website but they are also in available the cached or archived pages. There might be a case in which other users have saved your information. In that case, we are not responsible.

If a comment is made public, it cannot be removed on any request. If we find that comment is offensive to any race or religion, is spam, is violating any of the website policy or is hurting someone’s sentiments, then we have the right to delete the same. Being a user, you are responsible for all the communications and effects of your postings.

Information Recording:

We, capture some of the information each time you interact with our websites. We automatically track the IP address, server logs from the browser you are using and the cookies. The information that is to check the number of visitors or frequency of the visitors on our websites. We record them for checking any server and system related information. Also, for the analysis of home the users are using the data on the website, so we can give you better information and content on our website in the coming days. We also use the information in conducting the researchers, advertisement customization and also for the marketing purpose.

Log files:

We can also use the log files like the date and time, the number of clicks, exit pages and referring pages, IP addresses, duration of visit, track users movements, platform type. This is just to analyze the user movements and to get the demographic information out of it. This is not for obtaining any personal information of the user. However, this is to provide better and more interesting content for the future. Again this information is not for the personal identification.

About the cookies:

Whenever you use our website, our website places cookies on your computer’s hard drive this will help us to know whenever you visit our website. The concept of cookies is simply introduced in order to make your experience more delightful each time you visit our website.

It is totally your wish if you want to enable or disable the cookies by simply modifying the browser’s settings. But we personally recommend that you should not deactivate them. Because doing so will deprive you of our latest features and services.

The cookies on our website are also used by our advertisers. These cookies allow the advertisers to take information from the users and deliver information according to the audience or user’s interest. The cookies will also gather the information of your computer and will get the information of all the users using your computer. The access of the advertiser’s cookies is not in our hands and also the use of these cookies is not in our privacy policy.

The third party cookies of the advertising companies can also be used by us. This is simply to gather the information about your visit to the website.


We strictly follow the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 and also the FTC regulations. We will never want any children below 15 years to provide his or her information on our website.

Privacy policy changes:

If the privacy policy will change we will update the information on this page. Because we want to be very clear with our users about how we collect their information and how we use it.

Contact us:

If you have any query you can email us at

The last modification date of this privacy policy is 4th January 2018