51 Qualities Of a Good Husband

Qualities of a good husband
Qualities of a good husband

Wow, what a topic to write and read. To be honest there is no husband who fulfills this urn fee’s exportation complete without, wife forcing them. But still, these are some husbands who we complete marriage Malarial and one of them I have found one. I am extremely feeling entitled to pen down the Qualities of a good husband. Here are same Qualities of a good husband which I feel are Qualities which one dream husband should name.

1Pamper You:

Who doesn’t like to get pampered. This is the one of the most important Quality on wife expects from her husband who pamper their wife entry now and then we the happiest couple ever

2Financially Strong:

Every girl wants her husband to be the richest person. So that he can fulfill her all wants as every girl want qualities of a good husband in her guy.

3Good in Kitchen:

What an amazing thing it is, if our husband looks for us. A romantic dinner or weekend breakfast or special dishes prepared for us. This is among one of the prime qualities of a good husband which every girl desires.

4Good Sense of Humor:

Of course, we never expert our Husbands to be Bose carats. It becomes so exciting if he racks some jokes or comets the serious situation or upset mood into laughing and happy moment.

5Sharing Habits Together:

It becomes so much fun and excitement if the hob tries of the couples are same. It becomes so much fun to sum together, to play sports together and to do the hobby activities together we don’t need any extra friends.


This is very important Quality in once life, in everyone’s life. The whole life a person depends on it. So, to be faithful are among the must Qualities in a good husband.


Whole life will go smoothly and happily if there is a great level of understanding believing the couple Its not only, that husbands should understand but spires timeously wife should be also good supports and understanding.

8No Ego Problems:

It’s a well-known first that if there is an Ego problem god thing becomes worst, and male Ego is a well-known fact, so husband without an Ego problem is best.

9Supporting in dimension:

An ideal husband should always support his wife. If She is confused or not able to make a decision he should help her in understanding the situation and support, her in the best.

10Good Communication:

Proper Communication also plays a big role in a relationship. It’s not only between a couple but within the family also. If we have the good heart and clean communication there is less chance of misunderstanding and fight. Good communication are among the must qualities in a good husband that are essential for good future of a husband and wife.


A good husband is willing to accept responsibilities for his mistake and doesn’t see, too wore for who to blame. A best husband must have good qualities of a person which  always completes his responsibilities telly and thoroughly.


Every girl wants her husband to be trustworthy. Trust is the main factor in every on-life girl is not afraid of her husband violating that trust or using against you.

13Forgiving nature:

We are hussars and we tend to make mistakes. But to make one’s Mistake understand it us and to forgive us is a bold thing. Forgiving nature of a husband worries a lot in the relationship and is one of the bold and strong Qualities of a good husband.

14Discussing Up’s and Dons of life:

Life is unpredictable we can’t say what can come one way. As there are clouds of happiness so sometimes there are clouds of sadness as well. But discussing and helping each other and making a way out of it is a good parent. Seeking and consulting from the wife on all major issues will be on some page.

15Carries Guidance:

If a husband is well Qualified that he can obligately help his wife in building her earlier. A good husband always wants his wife to be smart at work and creatives to be will part all his efforts to build his wife curries.

16Appreciating to wife:

Frequently telling your wife what you like about her, appreciate her for her goral work, beauty her style maintaining relation in family masks wife happy and responsible, this makes a couple, bond to each other and keep love between them.

17Be a good Listener:

Being a good listener is among Qualities of a Good Husband because everyone wants to argue on their point there is less person who listens and understands us. So, if a husband is a person is a good listener and understand us what good than that.

18Has Sensitive Side:

Fewer men are sensitive men’s never show off their and point and is any men understand the pain and tears of women the person is a sense live person. A husband should have a sensitive Quality in him to understand his wife better for smooth relation. A sensitive husband is among the qualities of a good husband that are very essential to stay in a relationship.

19Love Animals:

I myself is an animal lover and I always wanted my better half to be the same. One who can understand and love some of another kind what can we ask more for from God. A person who loves and understands animals is the best person a plant because of can bond with another kind than it becomes easy to bond with human,

20Loves Children:

In India said that kind heart stays god. So, the best husband is who loves kids and children because children are sense good people and that they become friends with them. A person who loves kids is always good person by heart.

21Has Morals:

A person with moral, always has a good place in society. We can learn so many things from such person. And to have such person in life is like a gift. Husband will morals gives us a good space in society.

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An ideal husband is always full of good thoughts and a good mind. He is always open for opportunities and good work husband with an open mind always are the backbone and support of their wives.

23Good Hygiene:

I believe this is a quality which every girl wants in her husband. Actively everyone should be hygiene conscious. Because their we husband to like to take bath late on don’t bath on holidays, don’t keep themselves and house which is a brag no no from me. A person with good by always has hygiene in thoughts.

24Has Patience:

Many men all impatience, they want everything in chick of fingers. A man with patients are very rare and choose is a difficult task. But we can understand such person in the first meeting. If the person is good listener and understanding that means he is a person of patients.


To give attentive to partner is a very important thing. Thus, wow a woman. All women need attention and when we get the attention we are happier, with attentive he should be attentive also. These are the Qualities of a good husband which a girl should look before marrying any guy.

26Hard Working:

Who won’t like a person of hard working not only, but her parents also want their daughter’s partner to be hardworking. Hardworking always keeps man fit and progressive.

27Sportily Active:

Sportily doesn’t mean that husband should be a sports person. He should be active and participate in all family activities and take all the thoughts and talks of the family and his partner sportingly and actively.


Of course every girl wants her husband to be folded. He Should be able to protect her and to face all the difficulties with boldness. Then are less difficulties if the husband is bold.


Well to have will Qualified is not enough but our partner should be Knowledgeable with more one’s things. He should have a knowledge about all the ongoing affairs besides him and country, He should be well updated with all new things.


To be social is an important and among best Qualities of a good husband because of his socialism he will be well known in the family and friends Allain partner functions to know people and be kind with them helps in relationships.


A well-organized person is respected by everyone organized arts leads to good productive work. The organized person is efficient to face any status in life. They are well focused on life.


To be secure in life is an important aspect of life. Secure in sense of finance, relationship, work etc., To have security leads to good and healthy life and relationship.


A person who gives more them you expect in your life is lucky to have. A generous husband is honest and patients. What can we ask more for?


To be creative and realize new world for wife’s less Quality in a husband but creative quality husband always tries new ways to get liveliness in life. A creative person is dept. in thinking and producing new and value able thoughts.

35Respect Elders:

Yes, this one of the most important quality every girl expects from her partner. Respective elders are the must thing not only in the family but also outside the family. He should be well mannered which will give him respect automatically in society.

36Loves Adventures:

Wow what a feeling and happiness to have adventures trip after a long working month. If both the partners are working couple. It is compulsory to hone a veneration for reallocation. To have adventures trip is a best sheds buster.

37Has close Friend:

Husband should have a close friend because friend space in life is not explainable and incomparable. There are some felling and emotions that are best to be shared among friends.

38Help Others:

A husband should not only self-forced and self-centered. He Should kind naught to help people when someone needs him. Helping others will always give him the respectable position in a group.

39Enjoys the outdoor:

Whenever there is holidays or family outing picnics he should be active energy to join the outing and enjoy with full. He should be also active in outdoor not just relaxing in bedroom on holidays.

40Has Hobbies:

A people with hobbies are good in research. Whenever free he can fulfill his desire for hobbies. Collecting thing and to know the history and knowledge about is one of the intelligent characters in a person

41Lifetime friend:

Your husband should not only love you but also should be your friend for life. He should be the one which whom you can share anything or everything. You no longer require a girlfriend for shopping, he is your partner in shopping as well.

42Give you space:

Not only boys but girls should also have their own space. He should not interfere when you are on an outing with your girl’s gang. He should understand that you also need your own space and he should not interfere in between.


He should take a proper care of himself and the place that surrounds him. Who wants to live with a messy husband for his future life? The answer is obviously no one.


He should maintain his looks after you get married because in this way you will not be attracted towards other man and the chances of your extramarital affair become zero. So he should try to look good after your marriage as well.


He should be healthy so by performing some exercises and jogging. He will definitely motivate you as well. In turn, you both will be healthy and happy throughout the rest of your life.


He should always try to stay happy no matter what the situation is in this way he will spread the positive vibes in your home as well. This way not only you and your husband but also everyone will remain happy.

47Inner beauty:

He should not only be handsome and smart from the outside but he should also be kind at heart as well. So don’t forget to look into the soul while searching for a handsome hunk.

48Accept your friend circle:

He should put some effort in knowing your friends and try not to separate you from them. Because sometimes all we need is our friends with whom we can go on an outing. And he should accept that you have a soft corner in your heart for your friends as well.


A women would be very lucky if she finds an obedient husband. Every women’s dream is that he find an obedient husband, who will do whatever she will like him to do. So these are the must Qualities of a Good Husband.


He should be very encouraged and should encourage you in your career so not only he but you can also achieve what you want to be. These are the important qualities a good husband which a good person must have.


He should make you feel like if you are surrounded by a shield and should give you a feel of protection. You can feel the warmth of his love in his act of protection. So he should be protective and should care about you a lot.


These are the points that will help you find the man of your choice, the man with whom you can spend the rest of the life happily without any fear or tears.  Try to remember these points when you will look for Qualities of a Good Husband in your dream boy. Maybe, not all but few.

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