51 Qualities Of A Good Wife You Should Look For

Qualities of a good wife
Qualities of a good wife

Don’t you think every man should have a good wife who can accompany him on his life-long journey? I think, yes you should have the best wife of your dreams. Take this decision of choosing your wife very wisely who must possess Qualities of a good wife in her. Because this will decide what your future will be. You must have heard an old saying that “Secret of a man’s success is his lady-love”. Don’t you? I think that you have the right to get a beautiful wife that is not beautiful at outwards but also at the inwards.

A wife is the true mate of your soul because without her your life is totally incomplete. You can buy a new house but who will make it a home-sweet-home. It is your wife. Besides having some basic quality she also should have some special qualities as well. You can get your soul-mate at the first sight or maybe you have to search for it. So, Boys, I am going to list Top 51 Qualities of a good wife you should look for. Yes, you read it right it’s “51”. This list will ease your search if you are looking for the best soul-mate.

1Real beauty:

She should be beautiful not from the outside but also from the inside. Because beauty is not that is shown outwards, but it is what the person is deep inside the heart. So try to figure out who the real beauty is by not just judging the looks but also the soul. For fun in life and enjoyment you can also hire high class Delhi Escorts

2Lifetime friend:

Your idealwifes should not only be your love but also should be your friend for life. He should also have all the quality of friend with whom you can talk about anything or everything. Like, “what happened in your office?” , “Why you are upset?”, “Did you had a fight today?”, and much more like this.

3Secret Keeper:

She should be a secret keeper, not a tell-tale. For example, you told your wife about what happened in your office and she told this to your entire family. So try to figure out if she is not a tell-tale because this is mostly for many ladies. Your future wife should not have such bad quality and should be a secret keeper on the positive side.


Idealwifes should be more communicable. Like if you share your darkest side with her, she should also share her darkest secret. Because we should not hide things from one another. There is this saying, ” The more the base of a building is strong the more it will last”.

5Best friend:

Qualities of a good husband

6Making you a better in person:

I have seen many cases in which a person is not good before he has met her soulmate. Finally, when he meets her, he becomes a man person. Very different from the personality that he originally had. So she should have the Qualities of a good wife or idealwifes to make better in person.

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7Demanding, Nah!:

She should not be demanding. For example, I need this, I need that, “I need a ring”, “I need a car”, “I need iPhone”. If she is demanding then it is totally a big “NO”. Because the person who demands is not the one you should be looking for.

8Organizing your home:

Would you like a messy girl, who can’t keep her surroundings clean? Try finding the one who is well organized. Like who can keep your home neat and clean by organizing it properly. The more clean home will be the more will it will uplift your mood.

9Give you space:

She should not be uncomfortable about you. For example, you are not calling her because you are in an important meeting and she starts calling you again and again and starts asking the questions like: “where are you?”, “what are you doing?”, “why are you late?”. I just want to make you understand that she should have a complete faith in you and should give you some space so you can live your own life as well.


She should also have the quality of an artist. For example, if she is quite creative then it is really good for you. Because, this the quality that should be there in your lady love as she will make your house “a beautiful home of your dreams” with her creativeness.

11A gamer:

Idealwifes should not be boring and should have interest in playing games. If she is your partner in your video games then she will definitely prove to be a great partner in your real life. And who does not want to have a wife like this who will be a gamer just like you are?

12If you are foody this is definitely for you!:

Idealwifes should definitely know how to cook because the secret of a man’s heart is his stomach. And who does not love food? Everybody loves it. Not only you this quality will impress your parents as well. So try to look for a wife who can make the best food for you or I can say the food like your mommy, so can give all your love to your wonder-chef.

13Pays attention:

She should pay attention to what you are saying rather than start doing her own stuff. She should show a keen interest in what you are talking about. So you know that you have somebody to listen to you.

14Give you a surprise:

It is only not the duty of a man to impress women with gifts and surprises. But also is the responsibility of women to make her guy feel that “he is the only one in the world”. These are among one of the important qualities of a good wife which any husband should look for.

15Make you feel special:

It is the prime responsibility of a women too to make his man feel special like the man do to make their love happy. She should also plan dinner dates for you to make you feel special.

16I can’t predict her, she is so amazing! :

This is the thing that will come in your mind when your lady love will surprise you with a surprise birthday party when you are not expecting one for her. So being unpredictable is a good quality.


She is honest about her love towards you and share what she do in the whole day honestly. Shares every small or big part of her life. This habit of her will make you feel that she is just yours.


This is the key to build up a long-lasting relationship. If your partner forgives you when you have a fight despite of thinking whose mistake it was, she just forgives you. Think how beautiful your life would be.


She should appreciate you on every achievement of yours, whether it is small or big. Getting appreciation time to time is important for achieving something big in life especially if that is from your loved ones. To be a best wife these are the qualities of a good wife you should possess.

20High moral values:

A good wife or idealwifes should have high moral values. These are the things to which society, religion you belong or what kind of person you are. The person with high moral values will become a perfect fit in a society.


She can easily adjust in any kind of environment. Like whether it is nuclear family or it is joint family she is willing to adjust in any.


She should be take proper care of her hygiene and the place that surrounds her. This is the must to have quality. Because this will only tell you that how she will keep her future home.

23Love Children:

She should have love for children. Because this is the quality that will show you how she will behave or treats his children when you will have your own.

24Hard worker:

She should not be lazy rather she should be a hard worker. In this way you will easily be able to judge that your future home will be in such hands. As if she will be a working wife, then she can easily take care of both her house and her office work.

25Physically active:

Qualities of a good woman


She should be well qualified. This is one of the important quality a wife should have because this what she’s going to pass to your children.

27A knowledgeable person:

Idealwifes should be a knowledgeable person who has knowledge of the current affairs , about politics , science and many other things. So you can also learn some things from her now and then.


She should enjoy going to adventurous trips and tours . So you can both enjoy each other’s company if you plan for such trips in your future. A good Wife should be adventurous.

29Animal friendly:

If you really love animals and want to keep one in your home after marriage then this point is for you. She should enjoy the company of animals and love to feed them, play with them. In this way, if you have already planned to keep a dog in the future then there will be no fight between you too.


This is the quality that you should definitely look in your future wife. She should understand that how much you are earning and what are her limits to spend so in this way you can easily spend your life happily ever after.


She should be kind towards the children, elders and poor people. In this way you will easily get to know how she will treat your parents and children after marriage which will further help you live a happy life. This is also a quality that she should have.

32Loving and caring:

Who doesn’t want a wife that will love you to the MOON and back? Everyone wants, am I right? And if idealwifes also care for you that will be cherry on top of the cake. So try to find a girl that will love and care you for the rest of your life.


This is the major quality that a girl should have. Idealwifes should be polite with her juniors as well. This is the quality that will help you judge how she will behave with your parents and your family.


She should be passionate about her career . Because in this way if she gets success at some point of life that will be good not only for her but it will be for the good of your family too. So this is a must to have quality of a good wife.


To have ambition in your life is good with that if you will work in the right direction towards your goal that will ultimately leads to success. And if your wife is ambitious that will be so good for you. This will also boost you to be ambitious too. That is also a key to a happy life and these are the qualities of a good wife you should look for in your soulmates.

36Too busy:

She should not be over busy and should have ample time for you. Idealwifes should not make you realize that she does not care for you. She should always make you feel very special by giving you some time , even if she is busy she can just drop you a message that she will call you later when she is free, this will also make you feel happy.


She should be of versatile nature. For example, with kids she is just like kids and with elder she become mature. In an office, she is a professional, in-home she is a wife, a mother, a homemaker. So she should be versatile to adapt such roles accordingly.


Romance plays an important role in a couple’s life. So a good wife should definitely have this quality, so she can give you some romantic surprises now and then and your life become more exciting and happy.

39Never be a boss:

Idealwifes should never behave like if she is a boss to you. I have seen ladies giving order to their husbands or boyfriends. “Do this”, “Do that”, “I do not like your shoes, change them” and many more statements like this. She should be your partner not your boss.

40You are proud of her:

Search a girl of who you are proud of. You are not ashamed of her. When she stands by your side you feel yourself so proud to have such a partner in your life.

41Devotes her life to God:

How to be a good wife

42She should be a healthy eater :

She should not be a person that always dig on a packet of chips when she is hungry. Hence, she should be able to make healthy choices. In this way when she will go to the market after your marriage she will prefer buying healthy rather than packet of chips or some unhealthy snacks.


She should be of protective nature which means she can fight with anyone when it comes to her husband, her children and her family.


She should be a real motivation to you and your family. By doing some healthy exercise in the morning to making food, from doing the housework to going to her office. By doing these tasks , idealwifes will really be a motivation to the entire family.


She should encourage you every time you are depressed, every time you are feeling low. For example, you didn’t had a good day in the office so she should be encourage you or cheer you up.


This is the ideal behavior that each man will look in his wife and if he founds that then I think he will be the luckiest person of the earth. For example, if your husband does not want you to wear a particular dress and you immediately change that . This is what I am talking about obedience. Isn’t this quality amazing to be in your future wife.


She should not be always sad and angry which in turn will also spoil your mood. But , she should be joyful and happy all the time . In this way she will spread her positive vibes to others as well. In turn , all the other members of the family will be happy too.


She should be energetic throughout the day which in turn will also inspire you to be energetic. She will also be an inspiration to your family when they will see how she performs the duties of a wife, a mother, a homemaker, a daughter and an office worker. Which is further a good sign of an ideal wife and who possess all the qualities of a good wife.


She should have the quality of patience in her. She should not be like “I want this today and today means today”. Imagine , if you don’t have enough money to buy her a diamond ring that she is asking as an anniversary gift. If you have the wife that is patient she will understand and might be she postpone her gift to the next anniversary. You should look for this kind of quality in your future wife.

50Look Good:

She takes cares of herself as well. Many ladies do one mistake that they ignore their bodies after marriage and put on so many extra kilos that are very hard to shed afterwards. The looks will keep your husband attracted to you and in turn less chances of an extra-marital affair that is nowadays a very common trend. If she will keep herself healthy she will keep herself healthy she will definitely look good as well. Good looks in turn also boost up the self-confidence, self-esteemed this will make her look more beautiful and attractive in front of you and the society. So, this is one of the quality of a good wife that you should look for.

51Should accept your friends:

She should accept that you have your own friends circle and you also have to spend time with them as well. It might be a game or it might be a cricket match that you want to play with your friends. Idealwifes should put some extra efforts to get to know your friends and she should be smart enough to know that your friends have a special place in your heart. I have seen women who keep their husbands away from their friends. So try to search a women that will not detach or separate you from your friends. So these are the qualities of a good wife you should look for.


So, I have finished all of the above 51 points that contains the qualities of a good wife you should look for. I don’t say remember them all but at least try to remember a few so that in future if you go out to look for your soul-mate you have an idea.  I assure you that this can definitely improve your search in finding your true soul-mate that will not only be a perfect wife for you but also a perfect daughter for your parents and a perfect mother to your children as well.

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