12 Signs She is Hiding Her Feelings for You Though She Likes You

she likes you

Relationships have the biggest impact on your life. They are like heaven or hell on Earth. A good relationship can really change the whole scenario of your life, otherwise maintaining a relation with crappy people can make you suffer down in misery. So you must always see a positive phase in every relationship. If anything goes upside down in your life, then it is only your soul mate who stands beside you at every moment of your life. Life comes to an end if your girlfriend doesn’t console you in your hard times. A fight with your parents, a single critique from your boss or a friend who is not attending your calls can spoil your day. On the other hand, sharing these instances with your girlfriend can bring up a lot of solutions to your problem. Seeking love of your girlfriend can make your life priceless. Everyone wants to maintain a healthy relationship with their girlfriend and everyone desire the love with the same intensity by which you are generating on them. Sometimes, it becomes a challenging task for you to understand the feelings of your girlfriend fully as women of this century are really challenging to read. It becomes difficult to understand that whether she is hiding her feelings or she is no more interested in you. When a girl is attracted to a boy, then it becomes a delicate issue. As a girl never expresses herself fully. Guys have to glance at their body language signs to detect whether she likes you or not. Guys have to pay attention to notice them because many of them aren’t very clear. The toughest thing for boys is to figure out whether a girl really feels attracted to them or not. Sometimes your friend tries to be polite as she doesn’t want to break your heart. So it’s better to know the truth rather than thinking so far. The following proven tips will certainly help to figure out whether a woman secretly likes you or not.

  1. If She makes an eye contact for a long duration of time:- If a woman is making an eye contact with you for a long duration of time then it is surely a clear indication that she likes you. During a long hour conversation if she is continuously peeping into your eyes then it means you are in a safe zone. The risk becomes higher if she is always looking at her phone while talking to you. This act tells you that she is not only trying to avoid conversation with you but she is also not interested in you.
  2. Smiling Lavishly:- If a girl is smiling with you then it means that she is trying to become friendly with you. The intense feelings of your girlfriend can be seen in her eyes. If the smile is genuine, she will smile with her eyes.
  3. She Asks you a Favor:- Your girlfriend may call or message you asking for a favor. If she is not interested then she wouldn’t ask you a favor. A girl always asks a favor to have an interaction with you. To make the interaction appealing and comfortable a girl always smiles while lifting her eyebrows in a swift, jerky motion and opens her eyes wide to gaze at you.
  4. She’s Constantly Talking About You:- If your girlfriend is continuously talking about you that it means that you have occupied her mind and soul in one way or another. If someone is really not interested in you then she wouldn’t be thinking about you all the time.
  5. She Teases and Taunts you:- Girls also pull the legs of guys the same way guys used to do. If a girl falls for you, she may taunt you and would like to do funny and thrilling acts with you.
  6. Blushes when someone says she has a crush on you:- Blushing is one of those things that no one cant hide. It is a sign which convey boys that a girl has feelings for you. It is a sign which can catch her red-handed.
  7. Body Language:- Girls are damn good at hiding their emotions but a girl cannot hide her body language. Body language is a non verbal communication which can tell a boy that a girl really feels something for him. Sometimes things are done without even thinking so she will smile around you a lot, she will sit near you, she will touch you when you make a joke. And all these things wouldn’t have been performed by her if she didn’t like you.
  8. She’s Apologetic:- She will care for your needs. If any uncertain happens between you both then she will really feel guilty for making such an act. She will apologize for the uncertain act and no one will apologize as much as she does. She will feel insecure and will not like to screw things up. She will feel nervous and will say sorry for the minute things.
  9. Jealous of Another Women:- Everyone feels jealous when something they want has the chance of being lost. So it doesn’t matter if you are shy or loud, tall or short, if a cute girl will flirt with you then you should catch a glimpse of jealousy from her. She will be nervous as hell around you.
  1. She goes out with you:- your friend will like to hang out with you. If you will ask her to roam out, without any hesitation, she will definitely go out with you. She will feel super excited to go out with you because she likes you.
  1. She follows you on Social Media:- Technology has become a part of our life if your friend is hiding her feelings but internally she really likes you then she will love to follow you on social media. She will watch your Instagram stories and will like to comment on your photos.
  2. Feels Uncomfortable in Front of Others:- A girl will feel uncomfortable if you two are around other people. This is a sign which depict her bubbling feelings. In order to make her comfortable you can discuss something lighthearted or silly.

You might be surprised while probing these signs to find out whether she’s more into you or not. So, if you think she likes you, then don’t waste time just make a move!



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