4 Signs you are in a relationship with psychopath

signs you are dating a psychopath

Relationships are one of the beautiful chapters in human life because loving someone and getting love from your special one always make you special. For every boy and a girl, his/her relationship is unique. In their mind, they have a perception that they have a perfect relationship anybody can ever have. There is no doubt that every relationship has its own uniqueness and there is no point of comparing the relationships with one another. Initially, we fall in a relationship that is something very close and special to our heart. We all try to give our best in a relationship so that it can last forever and ever. Those promises, gifts, care, love, trust and adore each other in the beginning period of a relationship make us believe that we have got the best partner in this world.

Love, this is the word we all crave for but have you ever try to think in literary terms that what actually love is? If your answer is going to be a no, don’t worry I am going to make you familiar with one of the famous definitions that were given by Stendhal, a French writer. In his treatise on love, he reflected that “Love is like a fever and it comes or goes quite independently of the will…there are no limits to love. So, as per the Stendhal, there is no limit to love and limit is the word that needs to be focused. When your partner takes this word limit serious in a relationship this can be a major hit.  Are you satisfied with your current relationship? Do you know that relationships can be toxic also? Handling this toxic not only makes your partner mad but also makes you feel frustrated for the love that you have been giving till you actually experience the toxicity. All I mean to say here is that do you have any idea that you are in a relationship with a psychopath? There are many instances that are very famous till now because of the toxicity of a relationship. Let me give you an example of Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester. Mr. Rochester used to manipulate his lady love so smartly that she could never make out that he was already married. To understand more about the story, you will have to go through the entire novel. As here will be discussing the signs that should not be ignored to understand that reflects that you are dating a psychopath.

4He is flattery

Psychopaths have this tendency of moving extremely rapidly. If you notice then on your first date he will start telling you that you are amazingly pretty, beautiful and intelligent. He will try to play his best into each fantasy and insecurity you are having. In any case, if you think that you are fat or something else then also he will try to tell you that he likes your body. On the other hand, if you think you are a shy person then he will tell you that you are very funny. All of these activities are called “love bombing” and is the phase of idealization so that he can trap you and once he shuts off the relationship that is something very ugly. Hence, try to find out all of these signs so that you can save yourself from this kind of relationship.

3Blames you for his failures

This is one of the major signs because psychopaths are individuals who always need someone to blame for their failures. They cannot accept the fact it was their inabilities that they couldn’t achieve something in life. It becomes one of the traits in the personality whatever the surroundings are he will blame you only. It is only because of their psychopath nature that they don’t let you go because it is again a failure for them and whenever it is convenient for them, they tell you that they shut it off because of you. All in all, you again become the victim. Basically, whatever in life is happening or happens the only reason is and he will blame you only for this so it’s better that you move out of the relationship.

2Unconditional love, term is different for them

This is again an important trait to be noticed in the psychopath. They make you believe that you are the only girl in his life but the truth is something else. He keeps on talking with other girls and will compare you with them. The term of unconditional love is something different for him. He would want you to be there with 24*7 which is not possible and if you cannot fulfill this then he starts blaming you and will tell you that your love is fake and all of this stuff. He wants you that day and night, all the time he should be your priority, not your family or friends. In any case, if you tell him to settle down then one thing he will reflect is that you are materialistic and all you want is money. This sign should be an alarm for you and you should understand that he is a psychopath. It’s better if you move out of such kind of relationship if you don’t want any toxicity in your life.

1Silent treatment

This is also one of the principal signs to be noted about a psychopath. It is observed that most of the psychopaths treat their partner silently once they get into a relationship. Initially, they treat you like a princess but once he knows that you cannot live without him that’s the trigger point and he will not treat you like before. Now is the time when you say something to him, the reaction comes from him is completely silent. He behaves like as if he doesn’t know anything that you said. Thus, going through all of this it is better for you to break up from this person as soon as possible.

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