Soulmate Signs: 9 Hints That You Have Met The One

Soulmate Signs
Soulmate Signs

Have you ever gone through the situation in which you feel that this is the person with which I can spend rest of my life? Have you ever felt some butterflies in your stomach while meeting a person? The feeling that only comes when you have exactly met the person of your choice. This only happens when you are in deep love with someone and when finally you have found that one person. How you will get to now that you are with your soulmate i.e your “soulmate signs”.

1Soulmate Signs:

Some people don’t realize at their love at the first sight that we usually call as “love at first sight”, but as the time slowly and steadily pass away, we realize that is the one with which I can spend the rest of my life. I have some tips for you with which you can find that you have exactly found your love or I may call it  “dream boy” or “dream girl”. Let’s check that out one by one.

2Real you:

You can be the real you in front of the person you really love. For example you can openly say that you haven’t bathed for 4 days . Can you speak this thing in front of others? Just think about it. You can feel yourself that as if you are with your family, who know your dirty habits. With your soul-mate you too feel home-like.

You can openly say anything and everything. There is no need to hide anything from him or her , who knows they like that quality of yours, you just not be ashamed of anything. You can also show your hidden talents in front of them that you are afraid of showing in crowd like if you like dancing you will not be afraid of showing your dance moves in front of them, that which you may find difficult to show in front of the crowd.

3Remembering small things:

The person that will love you or has the quality of becoming your soul-mate will remember each and everything about you whether it is a color that you like or that is the favorite food that you have ordered in the restaurant on your first date. He or she will remember that. For example, you are in a new relationship and you both have decided to go somewhere like a mall and you find a dress very pretty and you don’t allow him to buy that for you as that is only your first date, he will remember the shop and the dress and who knows he has a surprise for you.

This was one example, other may be that you are in a restaurant and you have ordered a thing and you say that you like this the most so the person will remember that as well and the next time to go to a restaurant he will order that for you before your ordering it as he already knows you like this thing and from that particular restaurant. They will also remember the dates when you first met and the dates of many special moments of yours.

4That lucky feeling:

You will feel that if you are the most lucky person in this whole world to get such a person in your life as your soul-mate. The posts on the social networking sites are most likely to start with “#solucky or #soblessed”. You will find your so grateful to God that you both are together and so happy and also thinking about your future together. This is the feeling that only comes when you have met the one.

5Commitment :

You are not afraid of showing your love and commitment publicly as you know that this is the person with which you can spend your life. You will not be afraid of introducing that person to your parents as you are not ashamed of him you are simply proud to have such a life partner.

Also, you are not afraid to show your relation on social network sites, as in many cases if a person is cheating on you he will not show his or her love in public because he has not found a soul-mate in you. So please keep this tip in mind and try to figure out who your true soul-mate is.

6Similar dreams and fantasies:

Getting a soul-mate is good but a person that has same dreams, choices, fantasies and even who is from your profession is cherry on top of a cake. For example, like you dream of the same place for your destination wedding and also for your honeymoon. You have the same fantasies to go to a particular place for a holiday.

Even if you have similar planning for getting married and having children after that. Also, if you are from similar profession and working in the same companies , think you can be together not even at the home as well as at work and also you will get similar holidays so you can go to your dream trip together. Isn’t that sound great to you?

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7Excitement can be anything:

You can find any place exciting you do not have to visit to a Disneyland, fun parks or the dates at the best restaurants or hotels to feel excited. Anyplace is exciting for you when you both are together. Imagine sitting with your soul-mate at late night, drinking coffee in the cold and talking, even that is his or your place. That really does not matter what place you are at the thing that matters the most to you is that you should be together, no matter at what place you are, you feel excited in each others company.

8You are mad about each other:

You always want to be with him or her and when you are together the time flies, you want to sit with him or her for long but you have to return to your home as well as it’s quite a night and your parents will be worried. This madness is genuine but there is lot more than this. Love does not only means that you have to be with each other all the time it is that each of you are working as a support to your partner. There should respect given to each other and also there should be this feel of fulfillment that you both should have.

9Will try to pull the best out of you:

Your partner will be satisfied with what you look who you are and what are your goals in your life. He or she will accept you the way you are. But after all they also think good about you and want you to be the best.

So they will try that you look the best and will also encourage you to show your hidden talents in front of the crowd so the people will also know what you have hidden inside you and you get appreciated for what you have in you. They will not be jealous if you are in the same office and performing better than them they will still want you to show your skills to the best.

10You are their priority:

This is the last yet important point to keep in mind. If you are a the love of a person, no matter what the condition or the situation is around him, he will never forget you. He will call you even if that person in their office, they will find time for you. For example, if the person has moved to some other location and is quite busy in his or her new office.

Trust me, the person will still have time for you no matter what is happening in his office or how busy he is at that time he will find the time for you and will give you time by calling you now or then, even if he’s not calling he will drop a text for you that he is little busy and will call you after sometime when his free. This is only the time to have an idea if he really is the one for you or not. At last, nobody is actually too busy in their life if you are their priority then trust me they will definitely find less or more time for you. That is all about the priority.


So let’s just have a quick recap, The person that loves you, that is your true soul-mate will make you feel yourself will remember what you like and what you don’t. You feel lucky to have them in your life. They are not shy to show your commitment to the public. You are always excited when you are together. Your fantasies are the same.

You are truly, deeply, madly in love with each other. They will always try that you perform the best and give your best all the time and you are their priority no matter what the situation is. Nothing matters, the thing that matters the most to them is only “YOU”.

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