Ten Signs Your Relationship Isn’t Working

Ten Signs Your Relationship Isn't Working
Ten Signs Your Relationship Isn't Working

Ten Signs Your Relationship Isn’t Working. It is very difficult to accept that the relationship is not working for anyone. When you love someone, you always fear of losing them. This fear never lets you admit that you are actually going through a lot of struggle every day. Being in a relationship is something which is very beautiful.

But this beauty starts fading away when there is the fear of loss and this is the trigger point you need to catch. You always think that it is going to work out but if you notice then again everything is the same. You ignore the signs that your relationship is not working out only in the hope that someday everything is going to be normal. Things are normal and everything is the same are the words that you keep on saying to calm yourself.

It’s not only the case of single individual every human existence on this earth is like this. We never admit the failure of our relationships because we are sacred. This fear sometimes is ok but if you are ignoring it every time then trust me you are only running away from things. You need to understand small signs that are telling you the failure of the relationship. It definitely is heartbroken but then bearing it for whole life is not a solution.

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According to psychology, it takes only around 21 days to forget someone. So, don’t worry and take that bravest step for spending your life joyfully. It is always good to be single than being in a relationship that is going through a struggle every single day. Let’s discuss ten signs your relationship isn’t working:

1Ten Signs Your Relationship Isn’t Working: You feel something is not right:

This is one the common signs among ten signs your relationship isn’t working and the complex one as well. It is a red flag that most of the times you ignore in a relationship. This habit of ignoring in a relationship may end up on a big regret in future. Never ignore this sign because then again it is only going to disturb you. It is important for every human that they should listen to their gut feeling. It never lies to you and helps you out in coming out from deep struggles. The only thing we all need is to listen to it and take an appropriate decision. If this feeling in you is from a long time then it’s high time that you should call it off.

2You don’t discuss your future anymore:

One of the ten signs your relationship isn’t working that you need to understand. We always crave for the long-term commitment in a relationship. But if you are not getting from your partner either you go and discuss it or go for a breakup. While being in a relationship, discussing future is the most important thing but if it’s not there then don’t continue it. If you are not able to explain your relationship after five years there is no point of being together.

3Opposite financial habits:

If you are someone who likes to spend a lot but your partner doesn’t let you do this then it is also a sign. Finances in a relationship are also one of the ten signs your relationship isn’t working. Financial issues can ruin the relationship in a very bad manner. Hence, such issues should set aside because spending money is every individual’s choice. No one has the right to tell you how to spend it. Future savings are necessary and if another partner is ok with that then there should not be the raising of such issues.

4Lack of respect:

Another important sign of all the ten signs your relationship isn’t working. If you cannot respect each other than staying in a relationship is stupidity. Lack of respect in a relationship makes it like a toxic and you both keep on suffering. If your partner is emotional, verbally and physically abusive then it depicts that you must come out of it. Abusiveness in a relationship is not at all acceptable as it is the sign of disrespecting. If you are going through such situation, it’s time to leave.

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5You never say sorry:

The key to last your love forever is to say sorry when you are guilty. But when you and your partner both are not sorry for their misdeeds then it’s one of the signs among ten signs your relationship isn’t working. When you about your mistakes and you still don’t admit them so that you don’t have to say sorry that’s the time when you should walk off. Saying sorry always help in sorting things out. But when this word hurt your ego it represents that your relationship is weak and you should move on.

6You want to change your partner:

If you want to change your partner according to you then it is again one of the ten signs your relationship isn’t working. We love a person the way he/she is but when we start finding flaws in them then it’s time to walk out of the relationship. When you both know that there are problems that cannot be ignored so in such case it is better to move on. It is important to end a relationship because then continuing it ultimately is going to hurt both of you.  Look for someone who is perfectly your match rather than changing a person who is not your type.

7You both don’t support each other in hard times:

The most important role of a partner in life is to support in difficult times. When this aspect lacks in a relationship then it should be taken as ten signs your relationship isn’t working. Bad times can appear anytime and the person who can handle you is your partner. Both of you should help each other through the difficult times and should understand the problems that are there. If you cannot support each other than it is better that you leave out of the relationship.

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8Your requirements are not being fulfilled:

Another important sign among ten signs your relationship isn’t working. If you expect that your partner should behave the way you want then sorry it’s not going to work at all. Yes, it is true that you and your partner should understand the requirements of one another. But if they are not being fulfilled then it doesn’t mean that the other person is not in love with you. You need to figure out the requirements of each other and should try to fulfill them. You also need to understand that if they are unfulfilled then there can be other reasons. Try to understand them and discuss with your partners. If you both are not able to discuss so it’s better to go for a breakup.

9There’s no trust:

One of the most important signs of ten signs your relationship isn’t working. If you cannot trust your partner then there is no point in stretching the relationship just because you are scared. Trust is the pillar of a relationship and when it’s not there you should understand that where your future is heading. If you check each other’s Facebook account, other personal particulars it completely states that you don’t trust each other. Just take that one step and try to overcome the fear of breakup.

10You are the only one in relationship:

This sign of ten signs your relationship isn’t working is important to understand. If you are the only person who takes initiatives for almost all the things then it is relevant for you to notice it. In a relationship, it is important that both the partners should give their 100% to make it stable and everlasting. But, if one is doing everything and the other partner is not participating then you should leave this relation aside and should move on.


It is hard to be in a perfect and beautiful relationship and it is within the reach for everyone. The only thing is to find the right person and working together for making it last forever. There are arguments and fights in a relation but when they cannot be controlled its time leave. We should not ignore any signs that we are getting from a longer period of time.

Though we can try to solve them but cannot run away from them. Hence, even after trying to solve the issues things are not working out you should come out of such relation. Stretching a relationship makes the life tough for you and for the other person as well.

So, there is no point of being together when we constantly notice signs that relationship is not working. In a nutshell, if you are experiencing the above discussed, ten signs your relationship isn’t working then call it off on a positive note discussing it with the partner. Sit and talk to each other but if you don’t reach to any conclusion or solution then it is completely a huge sign that you both should part ways so that it doesn’t get more worse.


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