TOP 20 abs workout. If you have been planning for abs workout and haven’t initiated it yet then don’t extend the plan because it not only helps you in getting the flat stomach but also helps in strengthening the muscles. Getting the flat stomach and a strong abdominal is not that easy as it requires a lot of hard work and determination. Without determination, it is improbable to accomplish the desired abs.

Abs nowadays have become a major trend among the youth. But what they misunderstood is the real way of doing it so it is important that the abs workout should be done in an appropriate manner. Abs workout should be done accurately otherwise then it can cause serious health problems associated with bones, muscles etc. Thus, for sculpting a stronger, you require the best abs workout.

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We will be discussing the top 20 abs workout that can be opted by you for achieving the desired abs. One important factor that should be followed is to follow the instructions appropriately so that any sort of complexities is not there. Abs workout is useful in getting the flat stomach and healthy body.

With regular abs workout, you can enjoy your life to the fullest. Abs workout allows you to participate in any sort of regular activities and also proves to be beneficial in enhancing the mental capabilities through improving the thinking abilities. So, for obtaining the benefits of abs workout it is important that you should have an appropriate understanding of the top 20 abs workout. Let’s quickly get in to the article.

Top 20 Abs Exercises
Top 20 Abs Exercises


1Top 20 abs workout : Prone plate switch:

This is one of the top 20 abs workouts which is helpful in strengthening your abs, stabilizing the spine and preventing any sort of pain linked to the lower back. This abs workout can get boring sometimes but then you can go for the super hard version of abs workout. This workout can be adapted as the abdominal exercises as well by a person. For staying in a perfect stable plank position, it is important that the core should be fighting against the rotation because plates travel in front of the body.

2360 ABS:

Crunches are one of the famous exercises in top 20 abs workout as most of the people can do it and is also considered as one of the amazing abdominal exercises. But that doesn’t reflect that it is the finest exercise for training the middle. Crunches are helpful in flexing the trunk, another reason for recommending the 360 ABS so that the stability of core can be improved and for sculpting the stomach. In a pushup position, it is important to keep the torso in a still position because the legs create circles that are sweeping in altered directions.

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3Reverse pushup:

Regular pushups are useful for working your core but reverse pushups are helpful in hardening the abs and that leads to forming a labor union. When the legs of a person fire the body in a forwarding direction then the core has to put a lot of hard work for decelerating the body. Thus, this abs workout is helpful in working out for shoulders and arms also gives the workout that is killer core simultaneously.

4Elevated bird dog:

For scoring a six pack abs, you are not required to crunch because elevated bird dog has come to the rescue. This is again one of the top 20 abs workouts because it forces an individual for keeping the core stiff. In this exercise, you are required to lift up the knees which make the whole exercise challenging. This is one of the abdominal exercises as well and helps in stabilizing the spine.

5Rocky ABS:

Again top 20 abs workout which is useful in hardening the muscles, accelerating the gains etc. This is one of the abdominal exercises as well which helps in stimulating it efficiently. This exercise allows your body to handle weight on the eccentric and lowering the lift phase.

6Running man:

Once the rocky abs are mastered by you then next step can take is running man for hitting your abs and picking up the pace in a new manner. The running man is one of the the best abdominal exercises as it works in the rectus abdominis which is known as six-pack muscles. It quickly pumps up the legs and arms and is helpful in building the coordination and explosiveness.

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7Archer row:

This abdominal exercises are also identified as the best one among the top 20 abs workout. It is useful in building the string back and sculpting the rock-solid middle in one shot with archer row. This exercise includes the side plank and dumbbell row as well. This exercise is also helpful in spine stability through moving the load up and down which leads to fighting with the resist rotation.

8Single arm wall push:

This abdominal exercises can be done anywhere and anytime because the only main requirement is the wall. You should include this exercise in your routine because this is identified as another top 20 abs workout. The single wall is enough for this exercise and it works on the glutes, hips, calves, biceps, triceps, and lats. When your body goes through the anti-rotation that’s the point where abdominal muscles keep from turning. This exercise is helpful in sculpting a six pack and protecting the lower back.

9Figure 8:

This exercise is again one of the craziest ones and among the top 20 abs workout because it proves to be a nice payoff for the core. As the challenger is required to move in a figure 8 posture so that leads to hardening the core muscles from every angle. This exercise is also useful in challenging the shoulders and thighs. With this exercise, you can easily build the healthier body.

10Stir the pot:

Specialist of the spine, Stuart McGill stated that this exercise is among the top 20 abs workout though this is hard but instant results can be experienced. There are two elements associated with this abs workout which are movement that is dynamic and instability. These elements consent for working on the abdominals and all of the muscles that are useful in stabilizing the spine from each direction.

11Lateral wall-run:

This top 20 abs workout should be tried out from altered angles for maximizing the impact. This exercise is helpful to build the mid-section that is solid and strong core muscles. With this exercise, you will learn to react faster and stronger and also you can prevent the spine from any sort of twists that are unwanted while doing sports. The result of the exercise includes flexibility, coordination, and better balance.

12Goblet reverse lunge:

Obesity and fat have become the major problem nowadays and this is why people are joining gyms so that they can lose weight. But they actually don’t have to worry because goblet reverse lunge is useful in burning the fat quickly and also it has a great influence on the market.

13Bear crunch:

This is also one of the abdominal exercises which doesn’t let the abs hibernate in any case. Moves in this exercise stabilize the core through challenging it. In this exercise, the actual abs burn comes only when a person brings their knees towards their elbow with every repetition. The main target of the exercise is six-pack muscles so that they can be strengthened.

14Hot potato squat:

Another one of the best abdominal exercises for the abdomen. It is also considered as the top 20 abs workout because this cut out the fat from your body very rapidly. The moves of this exercise begin with a squat which is useful in activating the large muscles such as glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps and burning a lot of calories in every repetition.

15Inchworm slide:

This exercise most of the times are performed by the men and they prefer it for the warm-up exercise. The moves in this exercise are associated with the stretching of calves, thighs, calves and preparing the muscles for any sort of activity. Throwing the towel under the feel leads to turning into the grueling core from inchworm which is referred as the inchworm slide. This exercise ends up in making a person feel stronger and loose.


This exercise consents an individual for stabilizing the spine while doing pushups, walk up stairs, shovel snow and following the regular activities of life. This exercise also falls under the top 20 abs workout. This is the best exercise for abdomen because it doesn’t flex the spine and keep it straight. The exercise is mainly helpful in enhancing the control that is rotation and helps in managing the stability as well.


A person who is looking for sculpting his/her abs then this exercise is the best option.  Because, it is not only one of the abdominal exercises but also is among the top 20 abs workout. The surface that is soft and unstable forces you to work for your core and benefits in enhancing the balance and association. This exercise involves the midsection which entails six-pack muscles, obliques, lower back, hip flexors and lower abs.


This exercise is for individuals who are looking for things to notch. A person has to move their feet from side to side across their body while performing the breakdancer. It is important that an individual should keep in mind about the fact linked to maintaining the rigid, straight torso which has to be followed in plank as well.

This exercise adds up a level of complexity so that the core can fight against the legs motion that is fast-paced. This exercise doesn’t only result in having a chiseled torso and also in having a move to show that is impressive on the dance floor.

19Single-arm overhead press:

The main target of this exercise is the shoulder, arm muscles, and upper back. This exercise can be modified also by slightly hammering the abs. There is a modest tweak associated with this exercise that is removing one dumbbell. The aim of this exercise is staying upright perfectly so that glutes can be squeezed middle can be braced.

20Rotational side plank:

In this exercise, you are required to hold the side plank. And, then rotating your torso through reaching under the ribs and behind you through your arm. Most of the people avoid the obliques while preferring the six-pack muscles which is a mistake. Obliques are helpful in supporting the spine and helping the abs to work in collaboration with the use of hips and muscles and lower back for rotating the torso. This exercise allows an individual to lift the heavy weight in each workout and this is why it is the top 20 abs workout.

21Mogul jump:

The motivation for this exercise has come from the skiing. And, is an efficient way for preparing the midsection for different sports such as golf, softball, and tennis. This exercise is not only useful in training the abs, hips and lower back. But, also is helpful in rotating the body from side to side. When a person is able to rotate powerfully then swinging and throwing also becomes faster automatically.

22Farmer’s weak:

This is also considered as the top 20 abs workout. Because, it is not only simplest to start but also is identified as one of the underutilized workouts. With this exercise, you can easily strengthen your back. Also, to grip and can challenge yourself for stabilizing the load shifts with every step.


Thus, these are the top 20 abs workout exercise that can be adapted by you for cutting out the fat. Also, for strengthening the muscles or for any sort of associated abs exercise. Working out regularly has become very important these days now because of the increased advancements that are going on. People are becoming lazy due to which they have to face severe problems like obesity, fat issues and what not. Hence, you can easily follow the above-discussed abs workout exercises as part of your routine.



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