Top 20 oblique workouts

Top 20 oblique workouts
Top 20 oblique workouts

Exercise nowadays is very important because people are not concerned about their health and due to which they have to face a lot of issues. It is important to follow some workout routine every day so that the fitness can be ensured to live a healthy life. Fat in the wrong places of the body can never look graceful and if you want to lose weight then initiate it from the right area. If your body is in right shape then automatically it is helpful for you to look appealing.

There are different cardio exercises that can help in losing weight from the wrong places. But then, again the problem is that they don’t focus on the angles muscles which result in clumsy stomach cushions. There can be several causes if your body is looking tiff and the role of posture is very important in it.

Most of the people who exercise on regular basis don’t know the actual way and always ignore angles muscles. Angles muscles basically are those which are located at the stomach edges of your divider of the stomach. Hence, it is important to focus on the angles muscles that are oblique to strengthen the muscles and losing weight in real. But before going for the exercise, just make sure that have an appropriate idea about oblique exercises or workouts.

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The obliques are the two muscles which include internal and external obliques. They are situated on the abdominal sides which are known as six-pack muscles. They run from the hips to the rib cage. Firstly, conversing about the internal oblique’s are placed under the external ones whereas the muscle fibers run perpendicularly to one another. Now, we are going to illustrate about the oblique’s exercises or oblique’s workout for the enhanced understanding:

1Top 20 oblique workouts: Oblique Crunches

The manner of initiating this oblique exercise is associated with the placing of hands around the neck. Once the hands are placed around the neck, the next step is to raise you above from the floor. You need to make sure that you are not raising your neck and you need to focus on bending so that it can touch your chest. This oblique workout requires you to fold the legs and keep the other one on the folded leg to do this exercise.

You should ensure that you are maintaining the appropriate distance while doing this exercise so that your abs can be contracted. If you are doing it in an appropriate manner then you will feel the stress on your abs not on your neck. The perks of this oblique exercise are that it is helpful in squeezing the sides. It is one of the best oblique workouts and is effective than the traditional exercises.


The main focus of this oblique exercise is on the upper back, center, midsection, sides, and hips. Your start from the board with legs and you need to be extensive in the exercise than the width of the hip. You should be lifting arm outside after raising the right leg from corner to corner. This oblique workout should be done for at least 30 minutes and later on, the time period can be increased. The benefit of this oblique exercise is that it is beneficial in reducing the lower back pain. Secondly, it enhances the endurance of muscle in the lower back. With this oblique workout, an individual can easily make out about the endurance of their core through identifying the duration of staying in the same pose.

3 Windshield wipers:

For this oblique exercise, you need to lie down on your back with the arms through extending both the sides by associating with the shoulders. Secondly, you should be twisting your legs and lifting them so that stress can be experienced. This oblique workout is very simple for the beginners as they have the freedom of adjusting the turn to the level of solace. This oblique exercise doesn’t harm any part of the body and is very modest on the joints.  It is also useful in enhancing the movement scope around the hips and the center.

4Side Crunches:

This oblique workout includes lying down on the back with the knees that are twisted and putting the level of feet on the floor. You must make sure for pivoting the hips to the right so that the knees can lie down on the floor. This oblique exercise is identified as one of the oblique workouts and among the sideways activities as well. This exercise offers the decent crunch and finest activities for side diagonal. It doesn’t put any sort of stress on the joints and helps in reinforcing the shoulders.

5Bicycle Crunch:

For this oblique workout, you need to lie down on the floor and placing the arms near to you. Once the hands are placed, you need to place them behind the heads. After that make sure that you are raising the head & your right knee. To do this oblique exercise, you just have to confirm that you are bicycling through lying down on the floor. This exercise is useful because it works as the muscles host in the core and is very intensive. It entails so many benefits of different crunches in just single repetition. It is very useful for getting a rise from the paunch of the lower abdomen.

6Russian Twist with Medicine Ball:

This oblique exercise sitting on the floor with the bowing of knees and the feet shouldn’t be moving and the ball of prescription should be in the middle of palms. Before mid-sectioning make sure that the elbows are bowed. This exercise is helpful as an oblique workout as it works on the upper core because of the motion that is twisted. This is helpful in improving the performance of sports for instance swimming. Balance and stability are easily manageable with this exercise.

7Oblique Reach:

To initiate this exercise, you should sit through bending your knees on the floor and the feet should be flat whereas arms must be by your side. After that, you will be straightening your legs and the position must not be changed to point out the right leg toes in an upward direction. This oblique exercise is great for stretching the leg at home while giving the less influence squeezing to the torso. This workout is very effective in developing the posture and balance.

8Side balancing crunch:

This oblique exercise is very amazing for women. You need to get into the position that is a side plank and the body must be supported by the left forearm on the floor. If you are trying for toning the oblique’s that are interior and exterior then this is one of the best oblique workouts. It is also one of the core workouts and is very beneficial for the people who participate in sports.

9Leg Raise:

You need to lie on the floor for this oblique exercise and then you should place your left arm on the floor and the palm should be facing down. After that place, your right hand on the floor against your chest and the legs must be straight. The leg should be bent at the 90 degrees angle and the right leg must be extended over it. With this oblique workout, one can easily strengthen their thighs and can become leaner is also easy with this exercise. It offers the nice stretch to the hips and sides. Obliques can be squeezed harder and can be lifted higher for the effective workout.

10Standing leg raise:

This oblique workout requires you to stand out with the feet shoulder and arms by your side keeping the back straight. The weight must be lifted as per the repetitions like if you are doing with the left leg then the weight should be on right leg. This oblique exercise can be done anywhere and anytime as it mainly is helpful in strengthening the legs.

11Twisted box pushups:

This oblique exercise is for the abs and you should be keeping your feet together once you stand in line with the box and the distance must be little away from it. Put your hand on the back and then let your torso turning thinking that you are resting on the outer side of the left foot. Keep the legs stacked simultaneously and then repeat it for 8-10 times. Repeat the similar steps for another side. This exercise is very useful for the abs and lessening the unwanted fat.

12Lean back:

The main target of this oblique exercise is transverse abdominis and the inner thighs. Sit on the mat and then bent your knees between the thighs in a yoga block form. Keep the rolled towel around your butt and then keep your hands on your head. Stretch your legs diagonally and do this repeatedly for at least 25 times.


For doing this, the oblique exercise you need to be in a pushup position and once you are in that position you need to put all of the body weight onto your arms. You should see that the body is making T- position and the face are on sideways. This is beneficial for strengthening the arms muscles.


This is also one of the beneficial oblique exercises among the other ones. You need to lie down on the floor and you need be straight with lifting your face up. At the same time, you must be lifting the upper torso and the legs for forming a V-shape with the body through both upper and lower. The position for the exercise should be for 3-4 seconds and must be repeated for 8 to 10 times.

15Hanging Oblique Raise:

To do this oblique exercise, you should be performing he raise that is hanging oblique from a pull-up bar. Once you are in a position, lift your legs diagonally forming the 90-degree angle with the lower legs and the thighs. This exercise is really tough and you need to ensure that you are doing it under the expert supervision so that any sort of injury can be avoided.

16Offset dumbbell squat:

This oblique workout is useful in developing the muscles of the lower body and modifies them so that the upper torso can be benefited in an extensive manner. For this exercise, you are required to pick the dumbbell which is a medium weight. You must be raising the arms and placing the dumbbell once the elbow is bent. Upper body can be strengthened easily with this exercise.

17Single Arm Overhead Press:

This oblique exercise includes the picking of the medium weight and then holding onto the hands. You need to raise the hands and push it in an upward direction so that the elbow is bent easily and dumbbell must be raised over your head. This oblique workout is useful to tome the muscles of side oblique.

18Side Plank:

This oblique exercise is the alteration of the plan and for this one, you are required to balance the body with the use of one arm and led to developing the slanted line. With this exercise, you can easily balance your body and cover the huge range of muscles becomes modest.

19Single Arm Reverse Lunge Press:

This oblique workout entails the pushing of one leg and bending the body in a direction that is down so that the 90-degree angle can be made. This workout is the alteration of the basic lunges. You are required to hold the dumbbell with one hand so that the palm is facing inward with the dumbbell at the level of your shoulder. With the help of this exercise, you can easily ensure the development and strengthening of the core muscles.

20Wood Choppers:

This oblique exercise targets the oblique’s of body and is very great for firing up the glutes and quads. You need to stand with feet and shoulder holding the dumbbell in both the hands. Ensure that the weight is held by both the hands that extending in front of the left leg and bending the knees slightly. This oblique workout should be done for at least 8-15 times in a repetition and repeat it on the other side.


To conclude, I have shared the Top 20 oblique workouts that will help you to get those v- cuts around your stomach. I hope you have enjoyed the above article.







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