Top 5 leg workouts

Top 5 Leg Workouts
Top 5 Leg Workouts

Top 5 leg workouts. Are you an upside down avocado shaped? Do you want to get bulky at the bottom? We are here to give the solution to this topic. Legs are the most important part of the body, they hold the entire mass of the body. So, they need to be strong. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 5 leg workouts. The muscles in the legs comprise of hamstrings, glutes, quads, carves. Many people get bulky at the top and not at the bottom of the body.

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As working your abs and core is important. Similarly, working your legs is important. Let me quickly share the top 5 leg workouts that will help you to gain that muscles in the lower body.

1Top 5 leg workouts: Squats:

Top 5 Leg exercises


Lunges are a great way to gain that extra mass on the legs. This can be done with weights or without weights. You can perform this exercise in two ways in the reverse direction and in the forward direction. This will help you get the muscles in the hamstrings and quads area.

How to perform this?

You can perform this when your legs are pre-fatigued. Also, the moderate weights will work well on your legs. Put your one feet far away from the other feet, so you can go straight down without leaning. This exercise can be performed in two ways either you can do forward lunges or backward lunges. In forward lunges, you have to put your one feet forward and then go straight down. Whereas, in reverse lunges, you have to put your one feet backwards and then go straight down. You have to perform this exercise with both the legs. This is a great among the various leg exercises.

You can start this exercise with only body weight. Once, you are comfortable with the body weight then you can add on weights to the exercise to increase the difficulty level. Further, you can also increase the repetitions and sets to really challenge yourself.

3Barbell squat:

This is another great leg workout that lies on the list of top 5 leg exercises. This exercise is done by the barbell. In the rest position, the barbell is supported on top of the trap. Then slowly as you bend downward your hips should go backwards and your knees should go forward. Your back should be straight while your hips curling down. All the weight should be on the front of the heels. Then you have to slowly reverse the motion and stand up. You can do this exercise 8 to 10 times with 4 sets. This is a great exercise for the quads muscles.  It mainly has a great effect on the hips, middle portion of the legs and the knees.

4Leg extensions:

Top 5 Leg exercises

5Barbell lunges:

This is an exercise is a great way to target the hamstrings. You have to do this exercise in the same as I have discussed the normal lunges. the only difference is that you have to do the barbell lunges with the barbell weight. this is great to target the quads and the hamstrings muscles.

In this exercise, you have to inhale when you move from the starting position and then exhale when you come back to the rest position. Most of the weight should be on the heels as you move from one position to another. This exercise is forth on the list of top 5 leg workouts.

6Lying leg curls:

This is a great strength training workout. It mostly targets the hamstring muscles. You have to lie on the bench with your stomach resting on the bench. Your legs should be under the pads that you are going to lift with your legs. This will target the hamstrings when you will contract your leg muscles. you can adjust the weight according to your strength. This can also be performed with the dumbbells if you do not have this machine available in your gym. Later on, you can increase the weights and the repetitions according to your strength. This is last on the list of top 5 leg exercises.


To conclude, I have shared the top 5 leg workouts that will target the leg muscles. As the legs are the part of the body that holds the weight of the entire body. So we need to build them in order to hold the entire body. I hope you will find this article helpful.

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