Tips for creating an unforgettable Presentation

Tips for creating an unforgettable Presentation
Tips for creating an unforgettable Presentation

Presentations play a crucial role in shaping the future of businesses. From pitching your services at a sales call to addressing business conferences, presentations portray the  soul, vision and mission of the company. A well-designed presentation inculcated with right animation, effects, features and fonts could potentially sell your product to a wide array of customers. To give an unforgettable presentation follow these tips.

The content in the presentation carries as much importance as the voice delivering it since the medium has a strong influence on how the message is perceived by the audience.

Building presentations that are effective and that leave a lasting impression on the audience are not an easy task. Presentations with blunders fails to engage the audience while also lowering the company’s reputation.

Believe it or not, well designed presentations prove to be an immense source of revenue generation for the businesses since presentations have the power to showcase company’s vision and services and engage customers from all spheres of life.

Through this post, we will familiarize you with some tips for creating a memorable and heart winning presentation for your business.

Tips for Creating Unforgettable Presentation

Let us now go through some tips and techniques for designing a memorable and impressive presentation for your business services:

1Be Consistent with Font Size and Font Type

The first thing to be kept in mind while preparing presentations is to select appropriate font size and font style that showcases professionalism and promotes readability. You need to chose a ‘big enough’ font size to ensure visibility of content in the presentation since the audience will be at a very far distance from the screen during the presentation.

Further, font style is another big factor as far as readability is concerned. Avoid using any fonts with serifs or any fonts resembling papyrus. Avoid using more than two fonts to showcase a sense of unity in presentation – use one font for titles and headings and other for content. You must use a font style and font size that is readable 15-20 feet away from the screen.

2Focus on Design Elements

Presentation packages offer different features to insert visual flash into the presentation such as swipes, flashing text, fades, etc. that add cheesy effects to the presentation. Instead, you must try to keep your presentation as simple as possible.

Further, you must pay attention on certain design elements such as contrast between text and background like using a light background with dark text, proper alignment of text and objects like keeping them left or right aligned, using decorative fonts for slide headers only if they ensure readability, avoiding clutter by using few bullet points, etc.  Make sure to use proper line spacing since readability is affected tremendously by line spacing.

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3Embed Multimedia/Use High Quality Videos, Audios and Images

Visual and audio effects have the power to depict the idea more clearly and assure better comprehension and add superiority to the presentation. Visual elements assure better information retention. Unforgettable Presentation packages provide variety of multimedia that can be inserted to the presentation such as images, videos, audios, etc. You must make sure to use these sparingly and must not add too many of them since this will only lower your presentation quality. Make sure that videos, audios and images you add have good quality and are not blurred.

4Avoid using ‘Too long’ Paragraphs/Use Bullets and Numbering wherever possible

A common mistake that leads to presentation becoming ineffective in conveying your idea clearly to the audience is inserting text in the form of lengthy paragraphs. You must try to insert text in the form of statements and not lengthy paragraphs. Make use of bullet points and numbering wherever applicable that ensures better readability.

5Be Consistent with Backgrounds or Slide Themes/Use Custom Themes

Using different background themes in a presentation completely lowers the presentation quality. Use backgrounds that ameliorate presentation content. Using different themes throughout the presentation breaks the flow of the presentation and distracts the audience from it. Using a consistent theme adds quality to presentation while also keeping it simple. You can also use custom themes either from the Internet directly or creating by yourself using picture, two or more colors and a font. Make sure to use a theme that goes consistent with your idea. This will surely make it an unforgettable presentation.

6Make use of Charts and Shapes

Charts are very effective means of conveying clear ideas and ensuring comprehension. You can utilize charts if your idea contains something statistical. Presentation packages offer a variety of charts such as pie, bar, line, column, area, etc. Use charts and shapes sparingly wherever applicable.

7Make your presentation convey a consistent story

This is one of the most essential aspects when creating a presentation. You must maintain a flow of ideas and let your presentation convey a consistent story. A presentation without a flow leading to audience distraction and fails to convey the idea effectively. A presentation conveying a consistent story keeps the audience hooked and generates curiosity among them about what’s coming next. 

8Create an Outline/Organize your presentation in an order

The most important aspect while designing a presentation is the manner in which you should showcase content. You must organize your presentation into ‘Intro’, ‘Body’ and ‘End’ sections. ‘Intro’ section should contain what the presentation is all about and what is its significance to the community. ‘Body’ must include your core message and major ‘sub-messages’ supported with relevant facts. ‘End’ section should include what you seek from the audience such as purchasing a service, making a decision, etc.

9Avoid Excess Content

It is important to include only key phrases and essential content without over-loading the presentation with excessive content.

We hope that this presentation will familiarize you with best tips for preparing an unforgettable presentation.

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