Vitamin D rich Foods

Vitamin D rich foods

Thinking about starting a healthy lifestyle. If yes, then this article is definitely for you. We are going to discuss Vitamin D rich Foods. Vitamin D is required by the body to absorb calcium in the body. It helps in the growth of the bones. It is also helpful in your overall body immunity. Vitamin D decreases the heart disease risk. It is also helpful in preventing the body from the unwanted flu. There are also other benefits of Vitamin D. Let me firstly discuss them.


According to the studies, it has been proved that the people who intake less of the vitamin D in their daily life are more likely to get into the depression. In another research, it was found that the people that are vitamin D deficient are likely to suffer from the diseases like anxiety and depression. So Vitamin D rich Foods help you to cheer up the mood and in turn will help you to reduce the risk of depression.

2Weight loss:

This is another benefit of vitamin D. The people that have the high intake of vitamin D are mostly slimmer as compared to the people that are vitamin D deficit. Vitamin D rich Foods promotes weight loss.

Immune system:Many of us are more prone to the diseases because of our weak immune system so vitamin D helps in making the immune system better. With age, our immunity to fight against disease become less as the time passes. So we should start the habit of increasing the intake of Vitamin D from now onwards.
These were some of the benefits of taking vitamin D.

3What will happen to our body if we lack vitamin D in our body?

4Brittle bones:

Vitamin D deficiency will make your bones weak. Because vitamin d is the substance that will help you absorb the calcium into the bones. The lack of calcium in the bones will make them weak. This will lead to the pain in the bones and the muscles. Also, it can lead to the breakage of the bones.

5Cancer risk:

The lack of vitamin d in the muscle can lead to the increased risk of cancer in a person. This can lead to blood cancer, jaw cancer and many other severe diseases like that.

6Hair growth:

The poor growth is also the sign of vitamin D deficiency. If you want your hair to grow really long and strong, then you do not need to change the shampoo or oil you are using. You have to make the major changes in your diet. By incorporating vitamin D into your diet, you can help accelerate the growth of your hair.
These were some of the severe effects your body can have if you are vitamin D deficient. Let us now see what are is the natural thing that provides vitamin D to your body for free. Sunshine is the only source of providing your body with vitamin D. Also, there are many factors that are not letting you get this sunshine.

  1. Use of sunscreen is also bad. Yes, you read that right. Vitamin D is blocked by the usage of sunscreen. I know the UV rays coming from the sunrays can burn your skin but the sun starts giving the UV rays in the late morning. In the early morning we should not use any sunscreen because this will lead to blocking on the vitamin D supply into the skin.
  2. Spending more time indoor will also deprive you of taking the vitamin D.
  3. Living in a highly polluted area is another factor that is making you vitamin D deficient.
    And there are many more such factors that you are unwillingly being exposed to.

Let us now discuss our major topic that is the foods and fruits that provide vitamin D in high ratio.


Just like our sun provides vitamin D to our body, in the same way it also provide vitamin D to the mushroom as well. If you will place the mushroom under the sunlight for 20 to 30 minutes then this will boost the vitamin D level in the mushroom. 1 cup of mushroom has 190% of vitamin D. The intake of mushroom will also lead to the fat loss in your body. This is one of the foods that provide vitamin D in high ratio.


Tofu or soy cheese is one of the best vegan high protein diets. Also, it has a lot of vitamin D in it. 1 cup of tofu has approximately 40% of vitamin D in it.


Another food that has vitamin D in high ratio is yogurt. In one cup of Yogurt, there is 22% of vitamin D.

10Milk substitutes:

One of the great milk substitutes is soy milk. It has 19% of vitamin D in it. Another milk substitutes are almond milk it has 17% vitamin D in it. One more milk substitute is coconut milk, it has 16% vitamin D in it.


This is one of the fruits that have vitamin D in a very high ratio in it. It has 17% vitamin in its one cup juice.

12Breakfast cereals:

Cereals also have vitamin D in it. The percentage is 18% in one cup. Try not to skip the first meal of the day in a hurry.

13Salmon Fish:

This is one of non-vegetarian food that contains 238% of vitamin D in its one can.
Above is the list of the foods and the fruits that provide vitamin D in high ratio. Also, I have shared the benefits of taking vitamin D in your diet. Also, I have shared that the lack of vitamin D can cause so many bad effects on the body like hair fall, cancer, brittle bones, depression and many other bad effects like these. If you will take the above foods in your daily diet then you can surely overcome the deficiency of the vitamin D in your body.

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