What is a relationship?

What is a relationship?
What is a relationship?

What is a relationship? A very small question with deep answer. A relationship in a simple language is a connection between people. It can either be blood relations or non-blood. What are these blood and non-blood relations? The relationships with your mother, father, brother, sister and all other your relatives are your blood relatives. It means you didn’t choose your parents or anyone of them, you are born with this reality.

The non-blood relationships are the friends that you make in your life whether they are from your school, college or even from your office. You have full rights to choose them. So you can make a wise decision. You do not have to hurry in this kind of situations. As you have to make your decisions slowly and at the same time mindfully.

You can develop a relationship not only with a human but also with pets. Nowadays, people love to keep pets in their houses and treat them as their own kids. This what we can as an act of humanity.

1What is a Relationship ?

People like this break the boundaries of discrimination and accept these small lives in form of a pet by giving them the unconditional love and affection. So what is a relationship according to them ? So a relationship is not the one that is the connection between two individuals but it is also a relationship with your pets. I am going to list some of the relationships below in points and also describe them briefly

2Romantic relationship:

Good Relationship

3Relationship with parents:

This is the trust and the purest relationship in the world. This is the bond or the connection you build with your parents right away from the time of your birth. So it is the strongest and the longest relationship that you build from the time when you came to this world. And the relationship that you share with your mother is the longest bond that you had with anybody in this world. Because you were attached to her nine months prior to when you were born. In this type of relationship:

  1. Parents are always worried about the good of their children.
  2. No matter you are close to your parents or away, your parents will always love you. The distance is not that matters.
  3. Your mother will prepare food for you. No matter, you had a fight with her in the morning.
  4. Your dad will not stop making money for you and your family if you have also had a fight with him.
  5. In this relationship, they will not expect anything from you but respect and love in returns.

This is the relationship that you will get only once in your lifetime.  Nobody will get their parents again if once they are no more. So we should learn to respect this kind of relationships.

4Relationship with your friends:

This is the relationship that you will develop as the time passes. As people come into your lives and you start interacting with them. In these people, you often come across a person with which you can develop a healthy relationship and which you called as a friend.  Many friends are for the lifetime, that you don’t want to lose at any cost. The team that suits such friends is called “a best friend“. In this type of relationship:

  1. People often share a strong bond in these relationships that if you are in school or college, you will like to sit with them. If you are in an office, you will always prefer sitting on a desk that is closer to your friend.
  2. They often love to hang out together, if we talk of the girls, they like to go shopping together. And, if we talk of boys they will want to play games or roam around the town with their friend.
  3. They often share their lunch when they are at their workplaces and enjoy each other’s company.

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These are the behaviors shown in this category of people.

5Relationship with your kids:

As your parents share a strong relationship with you so as you share with your kids. You have the same love and affection for your own kids like your parents have for you. No matter what the situation is, no matter how far your kid is from you. Nothing in this world matter to you, the thing that matter is your own child. For example, if your kid is hungry, you will forget about how hungry you are you will feed him first.

In front of your kids, you forget yourself as well. This bond that you share with your kids, is totally unconditional. Next time when your kids fight with you, try to remember what your parents must have felt when you had a fight with them. If your parents ever scolded you that was for your own good because no parent will ever want to scold his or her kid to which they have given birth.

Above, are some of the relationships that we come across in our lives. “As the coin has two sides, so has the relationship”. Further, we are going to discuss two type of relationships that are good and bad relationships.

In order to identify that you are in good or in a bad relationship, we have some tips for you. Firstly, let’s just talk about good one first:

6You speak what you want too :

Relationship advice for men

7 Having your own space:

When you are with your friends, he or she does not have a second thought in their mind. They do not have any doubt about you. As they will not call you again and again and disturb you. They will neither ask silly questions like, “Where you have been this long?” or “Why you are picking my call?” or “Where were you so busy?”. In a good and healthy relationship, your partner will blind trust you without any second thought in their minds. This is the best thing that each one of us wants in their relationship.

8 Fights:

Fighting is the part of a healthy relationship. If you are not fighting in your relationship it simply means you are not expressing your feeling or you are simply holding your frustrations back. It is not bad at all to fight. You just have to apologize for your mistakes when it is your fault. It is always good to learn from your mistakes and try not to repeat the same again. The secret of a successful and healthy relationship is that you make mistakes and fight as well but you do not forget to say the magical word, “I am sorry”.

9Liking your partner:

You accept your partner the way they are and do not force them to change to make you happy. A good relationship is that in which we know each other’s weaknesses and at which things they lag behind but you still accept them as such which makes your relationship more wonderful.

10You make joint decisions:

Another sign of a good relationship is that in which you and your partner always make a joint decision. For example, you will together decide on the next movie you are going to see to how much children you are going to have. You will sit together and discuss each other’s need and desires. You will be concerned about each other’s feelings and you will make the decision accordingly.

11Finding Joy:

A relationship that is healthy is that in which you will find joy in every little thing like from making dinner together to watching a movie together and to cracking jokes while sitting together. You are always happy with one another no matter what the situations are.

12There is balance in your life:

Sometimes it happens that your husband is working for so long in the office and you are just free at home watching television episodes and cooking. On the other hands, there are also situations when you are busy devoting your time to the elderly parents where your husband is just playing games. This is the part of the life, the important part is at you are having balance in your life.


You never lag to show your love, affection, respect, and kindness to another person. If you are giving respect more to the person that you hardly know then mind it that you have to change your priorities. The person that is going to stay in your life for long and will stand by you no matter what the situation is,  is the one to whom you should give more respect than any other person. This small act will make your relationship much better than before.


relationship trust broken

15Tell your partner what you actually feel:

Your partner irritates you, what you will do in return? You will irritate him back. The most important you have to keep here in mind is how you deal with all that stuff. If you do not like your partner’s behavior, let them know how you feel, rather than behaving the same manner and irritating them in return. This will make your relationship worse if you will hide your feelings. Try to express yourself openly in front of your partner.

16Your safe place is your relationship:

The relationship should be the safe place where you can come and feel safe after the end of a long tiring day. It doesn’t mean you cannot fight. You can. It is the part of a healthy relationship. It just means that when the things around you are not going well.  You just try to fix everything up with your partner’s help rather than discussing that with your colleagues in the lunch breaks. This will also help you to have a healthy and good relationship.

17Try to talk with your partner first:

It is not good to share everything with your Facebook friends, or post if you are sad. It simply means that try to share your personal problem with your partner. Trust me, they will guide you to their best because they will never ever want you to be surrounded by problems rather, they want to help you so things go easy for you.


You share a great bond with one another. It is not just the physical satisfaction but you also share a healthy bond in the form of great companions and best friends. You are not only physically compatible but your thought process is also the same. This is also one of the signs that shows that you are in a good relationship. Bonding is a simple solution to a most difficult question i.e. What is a relationship ?


It is often the good habit to surprise one another from time to time.  It is not primarily the duty of your spouse to impress you but also it is the duty of the wife as well to give her husband surprises so in this way you will build up a great relationship.


If you often plan a trip and enjoy each other’s company when you are together. You do not require any other person to complete your vacation. You two are equally excited when you are close to one another. There is a feeling of completion when you are with one another. This is also a sign of a good relationship.

21Future planning:

If you are already thinking about what will going to happen in months or years time with the same person with which you are in a relationship. Then this is a good sign of a loyal relationship.

If your partner sees the future with you then there are fewer chances that they will change in the future, because they have already decided to live the rest of the life with you. If the guy or the girl sees the future with you then there are chances that the guy or the girl will not leave you alone at any point in time. This is a sign of a healthy or good relationship.

22A similarity in goals:

It is the hard work that will help you achieve your goals. If you have similarity in goals, it is the hard work that will help to take your relationship to the next level. It is not like that, you want to get married or you want to have children, these are not the only goals. Goals can be beyond this like what type of career you both see in your future irrespective of your personal and family goals.

These are some of the above points that show the signs of a good relationship that includes different factors like, similar goals, surprises, future planning, trust, telling your partner your feelings, bonding, fights, having your own space and many more. Now further we are going to discuss the points that will show the signs of a bad relationship that no one ever wants in their lives. Let’s start discussing the points one by one.

23Lack  of emotional support:

You do not go to each other for the emotional support rather you would prefer to go to another person or even your friend for discussing the problems that you are having. You feel that people from outside can help you but your own partner cannot. This is one of the sign that you in a bad relationship.

24You do not have your own space:

relationship advice for women

25They think you are a fool:

Your partner often feels that you are a fool and you are not smart enough like they are. And always show their superiority over you. They always stop you from learning a new thing because according to them you cannot learn a new thing because probably you will not be able to understand it.

26They will never respect what you say:

If you do not want your partner to do anything or if you want them to do a particular thing and your partner won’t understand. Rather they would prefer what they really want to do at that particular time.


If your partner only wants money or only likes you because of your looks or maybe some other benefit. Then this is another sign that you are not in a very good relationship.

28You haven’t learned anything:

You are unable to identify a way in which you have influenced one another. Either you have learned something positive from him or have taught something good to him. In a good relationship, we always have something positive that we can learn from our partners. Not is the case with the bad relationship where you have nothing to learn or teach from one another.

29You have learned bad thing:

You have learned the bad habits of smoking drinking and laziness from your partners, rather than any good habit. A good relationship will always teach you something good, not bad.

30They make you feel bad about yourself:

They will always point out your looks. “How your hairs are falling off?” , “Your belly fat and your not so good physique”. You partners always make you feel bad about your body.


There is no sense of commitment between you two. You both have no security that how long your relationship will work. Or you might have already broken up numerous times. This is not a good sign of a relationship.


You are not proud of what your partner is rather you are ashamed of when he is by you. If you are in a healthy relationship your partner will not feel so good about you and will feel uncomfortable while introducing you to his friends.

33Unethical activities:

This is the case when your partner will force you to lie on some official papers that you are signing. This is also not a good sign of a relationship.

34You have become worst:

There are few or very less good qualities that are left within you. You are lesser confident then what you were before and more of the bad qualities are developed in you. Your relationship has given you nothing but some bad qualities that will not help you become a better person but will, in turn, lead you to a bad lifestyle.

35You don’t get their attention:

For example, if you want to discuss something important that happened today but your partner is not interested in listening to what you are saying rather they are busy with their personal stuff. If your partner must have truly loved you then he would have given full attention even if you are talking meaningless or that conversation which has no point. It does not care what you are talking then my friend you are not with the right kind of person. This will lead you to a bad relationship in turn.

36Makes fun of you:

He will not praise you, rather will like making fun of you about your facial expressions and how your body looks and how your voice sounds. Your partner is among the hater and not the one that is your true love. Mind your steps now only. This is the time to take back your step from such a relationship because this, in turn, will make you sad in future and you will not be able to enjoy a happy life with such partner. As he is not the one you have been searching for. If you will look out of the window you will get several better options than this.

37They are not concerned with your success:

For example, if you share that you have got employee of the month award today and they are very little or not happy with your success. They are only concerned about their own success and failures and give no interest in your successes. They do not appreciate you for your success so you can do better than this in future. This is not the sign of a good relationship so try to keep away from such kind of relations.


Let us do a quick recap about what we read about “What is a relationship?” till now, firstly I have discussed the types of the relationship in which I have discussed the relationship with the parents, your kids, your friends and your loved ones. Then I have discussed the signs of the good and the bad relationships. I would personally suggest you to not go with a person that has good looks or that is physically very strong try to choose a person wisely, by judging the inner beauty. Because this is the point of life that will decide what your coming future would be.

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