What to Eat After Tooth Extraction?

What to eat after Tooth Extraction?

What to eat after Tooth Extraction?, Before we discuss that what we should eat after the extraction of tooth, it is important to know that what extraction of tooth is? If tooth is broken or damaged because of the problem like decay then your dentist or surgeon will try to fix it with the Crown or feeling or other treatment of dental. But in any case if the damage has been caused in a huge manner then it requires the repairing like extraction or removed from the bone socket. There are two procedures of tooth removal which should be followed by an individual after the problem is encountered:

  • The first procedure of tooth removal is simple extraction and in this procedure includes the tooth which can be easily seen. In this type of extraction the dentist includes the loosening of tooth with the instrument referred as elevator. After this is done the surgeon makes use of the forceps for removing the tooth.
  • The second one is known as the surgical extraction and the complex one. It is an intricate process because it is associated with the tooth which may have broken of at the line of gum or has not erupted in the mouth. The doctor includes making of the small incision into your gum so that the broken tooth can be removed easily.

Basically the extraction of tooth is identified as the tooth removal from its socket in the bone. There are number of reasons for which you need the extraction of tooth and if you want to know the reason then keep following the discussion:

  • One of the main reasons for tooth extraction is when it is badly damaged from trauma or decay; this is the time when you need the repair.
  • Another main reason of pulling teeth is crowded mouth. In any case if a tooth cannot break through the gun because there is no room in the mouth for it then is the time when you are doctor may suggest you to pull it.
  • Infection is the main reason of tooth extraction as if the tooth is decade or damaged leads to the extension of the pulp containing the blood vessels and nerves that causes bacteria in the mouth and enters the pulp which leads to infection. This is a point where you are suggested for the Root Canal Therapy and if the infection is severe then the extraction of tooth is recommended so that the infection spreading can be prevented.

What to Expect with the Extraction of Tooth?

Dentist and the oral surgeons are accountable for the extraction of tooth and before extracting the tooth they always give the injection of local anaesthesia so that the area is numb as it is helpful in extracting the tooth easily. In any case if more than one tooth is to be extracted then most probably your doctor will be giving you the strong general anaesthesia. This will be helpful in preventing the pain throughout your body and making you sleep through out the process. Once the whole process is completed it is very important for you to know that what you can eat and what you cannot as otherwise it can leads to the failure of tooth extraction. You are required to follow certain food items for the eating purpose so that it does not affect your tooth.

What to Eat :

Here are some of the food items that you can eat after the extraction of tooth but you have to make sure that you are including the items in your routine so that you don’t have to face the issue again:

Ice Cream :

After the surgery is done then you can spoil yourself a bit because eating ice cream is one of the best things and flavours after wisdom tooth is extracted. It is recommended that you should be avoiding the ice creams which are hard to eat and requires your teeth. You should be eating the ice creams which are soft and very gentle for the eating purpose. If you will eat the ice creams that are hard then it will require strength from your teeth which means it will be leading to the failure of tooth extraction.

 Mashed Potatoes :

Mashed potatoes are another recommendation that you should be including after the surgery is done.  The best part of eating this food item is that it contains a lot of fibre and is considered as the Great item after the tooth is extracted. You have to make sure that the potatoes are whipped in the consistency that is smooth and you have created the meal that is delicious and super easy to eat.

What to eat after Tooth Extraction

Yoghurt :

This is again one of the best and healthy food items you can include after the tooth is extracted. The consistency of this food item is light and smooth which is why this is an ideal food for the patients who are recovering from the tooth surgery. You need to make sure that the yoghurt with granola are avoided and also there should not be any ingredient which requires chewing. You should eat yoghurt that is creamy light and can include the flavours like lemon or strawberry which is beneficial in providing you the nutrition and making it easier for you to take the medications prescribed by the doctor for pain or discomfort.

Smoothies or Milk Shakes :

This is also recommended by the doctors after the extraction of tooth as most of the times milkshake so smooth is does not require chewing and you can also love the taste of it. You can include the flavours like strawberry, Bananas, mango etc. But here again you have to keep in mind that there is no ingredient which needs chewing as it can leads to the severe pain in tooth or even the failure of surgery.

Therefore, these are some of the major recommendations for the eating purpose that you can include without any kind of doubt after the extraction of tooth is initiated.

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