Why youngsters are no longer willing to do job?

youngsters are no longer willing to do job
Youngsters no longer willing to do job

In this technology-driven and modern era, children are taught from a very young age. To cautiously make their career decisions. Opt careers offering excellent future scope and growth. The conventional assumption of a single career for life in a stable workforce holds false in today’s technology-driven. And flexible economy era wherein professions are getting altered. New professions are coming into existence and automation is replacing many conventional jobs. So, let us discuss about why youngsters are no longer willing to do job?

Why youngsters are no longer willing to do job?

Recent research and statistics reveal that unemployed youth in India are no longer looking for jobs or no longer willing to take up jobs. This is a really shocking revelation since youth these days are highly career-oriented and hold good educational qualifications.

The reasons for Indian youth no longer willing to take up jobs can be manifold since youth of this era have different priorities as opposed to older generations. Youth these days are more concerned about flexible working schedules,  better work-life balance. Hold big ambitions that they believe cannot be achieved through jobs.

Through this blog, we will familiarize with some of the top reasons as to why Indian youth is no longer willing to take up jobs.

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Top Reasons Why Youngsters are No Longer Willing to Do Jobs

We will now bring forth the Top reasons as to why youngsters in India are no longer willing to take up jobs:

1Hectic Work Schedules and Stressful Environment affecting Work-Life Balance:

Private sector jobs are highly demanding and stressful in terms of work and performance. High-designation jobs or high-paying private sector jobs are accompanied by highly hectic work schedules wherein people have to work in extremely long shifts. To achieve work targets and deliver good performance.

Hectic and long work schedules and stressful work environment leave potentially no time for personal life and thereby compromises work-life balance. Youth these days are highly concerned about maintaining a good work-life balance. This makes youth no longer willing to take up highly-demanding and stressful private sector jobs that compromise their work-life balance. 

2Low Salaries and Payouts for Long Work Hours Compromising their Value and Worth:

Youth these days hold very high educational qualifications and seek well- paying and lucrative jobs. Grabbing a lucrative and highly rewarding job in private sector emerges with its own set of hurdles due to fierce competition in every sector.

With less number of highly rewarding jobs and a large number of job-seekers. Further, filling up of high designation jobs through biased means and references also creates hurdles for job seekers leaving a large proportion of qualified youth jobless.

Talented youth of this era are highly aware of their earning potential and adopt means that can bring instant success and richness rather than joining jobs that offer low returns. Youth holding good educational qualifications believe that settling down with low-paying or less rewarding jobs will compromise their value, worth and qualifications.

It will also be wasting their valuable time. They hold the perception that they can earn much higher by investing their valuable time in any self-initiated businesses rather than spending long hours on jobs offering low returns.

3Focus on Government Job Preparation:

The craze for government jobs among youth is tremendous since it offers numerous benefits. Such as job security, lucrative salary, less demanding, high esteem, flexible working hours, enormous allowances, good growth opportunities, flexible leave policy, etc.

This prompts youngsters to devote the majority of their time and energy to government job preparation to grab a lucrative job. Youngsters also hold the perception that they will either grab a government job or run their own businesses for earning enormously. Rather than devoting their precious time to less-rewarding private jobs.

4Entrepreneurial Ambitions:

With the government encouraging entrepreneurship through several recently launched schemes, the ecosystem of startups has witnessed an immense revolution with new startups sprouting in every day across the nation. Talented youth of these days have highly ambitious. And want to emerge billionaires and millionaires in their lives. Personal ambitions prompt them to work for themselves rather than working for someone else.

They like to be their own bosses rather than serving someone else and crave to earn the entire revenue rather than sharing only a part of it. This encourages the youth to take on entrepreneurship to fulfill their career ambitions. And lead a luxurious lifestyle since entrepreneurship offers a good scope of earning immensely in a short time span. As opposed to low-rewarding private sector jobs. Where one cannot earn immensely over the entire life.

5A Desire to lead Luxurious and Grand Lifestyle prompts them to think beyond regular jobs:

The rapid evolution of innumerable national as well as international brands over the past decade has tremendously revolutionized the lifestyle of youth. The rapid evolution of new brands in almost every industry these days has captivated the attention of youth and encouraged them to lead a luxurious and grand lifestyle.

The youth of this era have become immensely brand centered in all life aspects including merchandise, accessories, food, etc. Their desire to lead a lavish and grand lifestyle is tremendously increasing day by day.

The youth of this era have become highly accustomed to lead a rich and luxurious lifestyle in every single aspect and are not ready to compromise with it irrespective of a dearth of money.

Youth these days are not street smart and follow big brands for almost every little thing. Branded lifestyle comes with immense expenses in this era of high inflation. The desire to lead a grand and lavish lifestyle has made youth highly career-oriented and ambitious. The youth of this era aspire to be billionaires and millionaires in their lives to be able to lead a lavish lifestyle.

Youth are aware that they cannot sustain a lavish and grand lifestyle with low rewarding private jobs. The desire to lead a lavish lifestyle prompts youth to not take up jobs and look for other means to attain instant richness.

6Big Ambitions:

The talented youth of this era are highly career oriented and aspire to gain instant success to be able to lead a grand lifestyle. Youth crave to achieve something grand in their lives and are aware that they cannot emerge big with jobs that are highly demanding in terms of work and time while returning low revenues. Youth crave for emerging highly successful and rich in a short time span and big ambitions prompt them to not take up jobs.

7High Living Costs/Rising Inflation:

Inflation has reached its peak these days with prices of almost every commodity rising tremendously almost every day. One cannot afford to sustain with meager wages in this era of high inflation. High living costs and ever rising inflation prompts youth to look for alternatives that assure immense profits and returns in exchange for precious time prompting them to not take up less rewarding jobs.

8Bad Organizational Norms:

Private firms are highly stringent in terms of rules, regulations and employee policies. Some Private jobs demand extensive work and long shifts while returning only meager amounts. Private firms extract the maximum output and productivity at the minimum of wages. Organizational culture is another factors when it comes to joining the private sector.

9Un-friendly Organizational Norms and Policies:

Organizational policies are not employee-friendly and flexible in terms of working hours, pay structure, leave policy and work. People generally do not get enough leaves and holidays in private sector jobs as per their conveniences. Private jobs usually do not offer long holidays and may provide long duration leaves at the expense of salary deductions. Employees in private firms have to compromise on several issues. Such as leaves, working hours, work demands and pay structure.

10Bad Behavior of Bosses and High Designation People/Compromise on Self-Respect:

Private jobs place a huge compromise on self-respect of employees. Employees in private sector have to face harsh and humiliating behavior of their bosses. And higher authority persons sometimes for no fault at all. Authorities in private jobs usually do not respect employees and are ever ready to humiliate employees. Bosses and higher authorities leave no opportunity to insult their employees. And emphasize most of the time on finding faults in their employees’ work and demean and humiliate them.

Employees have to listen to a lot of stuff and cannot react back in the same tone. Private jobs prompt one to forget their self-respect and work like slaves who have no say. Talented youth of this era have high self-respect and ego and cannot compromise their self-respect for earning meager wages. High self-respect, egoistic attitude, and unwillingness to bear harsh and humiliating treatment. From authorities make youth unwilling to take up private jobs.

11No Say in Organization:

You must have heard the famous notion that boss is always right. This holds true in private firms where one cannot argue with high authorities even in cases. When one is not at fault at all. Employees in private firms have to compromise on every issue and cannot respond back to biased and unfair policies. Employees in private firms usually have ‘no-say’ and cannot work as per their conveniences.

They have to perform what they are asked to within the said deadlines. They cannot work in jobs as per their mind and usually enjoy no independence in any aspect. Youth who crave for independence and wish to work as per their conveniences and habits cannot sustain in jobs. Where one usually has ‘no-say’ and is expected to deliver the said productivity in the expected deadlines.

12The Existence of Numerous Alternative Earning Options:

Internet and web have tremendously revolutionized human lifestyle and people no longer have to rely on government and private jobs to earn a livelihood. With the existence of numerous online as well as offline. Earning methods in this digital era, the craze for office jobs has dropped substantially. Youth are aware that they can earn much higher through means other than full-time jobs. Innumerable online, as well as offline earning techniques exist these days that prompt the youth to not take up jobs.

Some of the most profitable earning methods that youth adopt are as follows:

13Youth adopt Tutoring and Coaching:

Tutoring and coaching have emerged as one of the most profitable businesses these days. That offer the scope to earn tremendously by investing limited time. Talented youth take up coaching and tutoring business to earn immensely while investing small hours. Youth stick to tutoring at the school level, competitive exams preparation. And college level tutoring and earn enormously by investing limited time. Earning enormous revenue in short time span through this means makes youth unwilling to take up jobs. And take up tutoring to attain instant richness.

14Youth go for Freelancing:

Internet evolution has opened up several means of earning through the web. Youth these days are earning immensely as freelancers that makes them unwilling to take up full-time jobs. Though, Youth earn immensely by providing different services on freelancer portals. Youth are aware that they can attain an instant richness and earn tremendous profits and revenue by offering different services via the freelance portals. Rather than investing long hours on jobs with low returns.

So, Youth get captivated by immense profits and instant success they can earn by investing limited time per project on freelance portals. That prompts them to give up the idea of doing jobs.

15Youth follow Unconventional Means such as Online Earning opportunities, YouTube and Social Media Channels:

Youth these days are very smart and stick to unconventional earning methods. Social media and YouTube channel have emerged highly popular means of earning in the recent years. Youth advertise their services via the social media channels to engage an audience and earn immense profits in short time span.

Some Youth’s also use YouTube channel for earning enormously by uploading videos on content having high market demands. Immense return on investment offered by these mediums encourages youth to not take up jobs. That offer low returns on high time investments.

16Youth take up other businesses:

Youth are aware of the potential businesses have for earning immense revenue. And start their own businesses to become successful.


We hope that going through this blog will definitely familiarize you with the reasons. As to why youth these days are no longer willing to do jobs.

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